How can I change the background image along the top of the page format?

at the same time, it gave me the opportunity to open a session on Firefox to choose a background image that appears at the top. I would change it and can not find a menu item to take me to this option.

He is a character. Go here:

To narrow the field down a little, choose a category from the left menu.

If you already have some of them, click on the Firefox button, go to add-ons, then the menu appearance.

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    How can I change the page size of a pdf document so that I can check on my iphone more clearly?

    This is way beyond what can be done with PDF, except by copying the text and make a new document in Word or something.

    That said, Adobe Reader on Windows may display the text AS IF the PDF file has been divided. It's the text reformatting. It may be possible in Reader for iPhone, you can try the player for ios forum.

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    1. What is the format of the picture taken from the e-mail?

    2. in what format you want to convert the image?

    Follow the steps from the link below and check if that helps.

    Convert music, videos and photos from one format to another

    It will be useful.

  • How can I change the data format of the digital display of the digital meter?

    I created a screen that uses digital counters to display data.  Each meter has its visible digital display so that the user can see the level accurately.  I have changed the format of the data from the meter to 2 digits of precision and want to display to have the same format, but there seems to be no way to do it.  The digital display is locked to 6 significant figures, which will be confusing for my users.  I know that this was possible in previous versions of LabVIEW, but was somehow lost to 8.6.1 and 2009.

    I am aware that I could do some "work-arounds" with channels or replacing the digital screens with digital indicators, but it is not acceptable.  How can I change the properties of digital signage?

    Hi AEI_JR,

    on the Properties dialog box, when you set the display format of the counter, you will find a switch to choose between 'Digital' (the default) and "digital display"...

  • How can I change the page so that my Firefox restarts?

    This isn't a question on the Firefox start page - when I start my Firefox, all right, he goes to the page I want.

    However, because I have installed as an add-on Leechblock (it blocks all the distractions), I have to restart Firefox on a regular basis (every time I want to enable or disable Leechblock). Whenever I restart Firefox, it goes to this guardian web page which shows a boring video. How can I change this?

    Hey cor - el, thank you for your detailed answer!

    I solved it another way. I changed the setting of the story of Firefox to "never remember history" and the problem was solved. I don't know if simply delete all history would solve the problem the same way, but for now everything seems good.

  • How can I change the page orientation?

    I will combine several PDF files to new that must be printed in A4 landscape.

    Some of the pages is in portrait mode. How to rotate the page orientation? If this is possible.

    Rotation butten turn everything, including the content that is not an option... Maybe I need to go back to word and export.

    Thanks for any help

    A PDF file is in a lot of 'virtual' printed sense, kind of pages do not dynamically adapt to changes in the size of paper as they would in Word, InDesign, etc. - you can rotate a page including all the content, but can not change the orientation of the paper without re - export the document (or pages) of the original application.

  • How can I change the default formatting on the content placeholder?

    Captivate 7. I'm reworking a copy of an existing theme, and I was able to change all the styles and the default settings easily... except host on the object of the content placeholder. I manually change the information Format and character for each of them. I can't find a matching entry in the Style of the object manager. What Miss me? Thanks for the help!


    I think the problem here is that a placeholder is NOT expected to be used in the final result.  He will be replaced by a sort of object that it represents.  For example if it is a placeholder text box so the style of the object will eventually be applied to a text box, NOT the placeholder.

  • How can we change the page background?

    It will be useful if in Adobe Reader the color of the background of the page could be modified, where possible (as in other PDF readers). There are people like me who find highlighting, for the eyes, a white background.

    Look at accessibility in Adobe Reader preferences.

  • How can I change the page layout in a horizontal orientation project


    I created a horizontal application, but could not go beyond the image of intro (at my home collection). I looked at the default layout and it seems that it is the portrait, even setting the app is horizontal. (See below). I can't know how to adapt to a horizontal provision. Did I miss an option somewhere?

    Thank you


    Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.36.57 PM.png

    Hi Leo,

    You don't miss any options. The parameter for establishing the horizontal application is in the actual application settings - you guessed right.

    For now, the preview does not react to these parameters. The preview is a rough indication of the works of the grid. The same grid will be sensitive (stretching / tilt) to accommodate different devices & guidelines, while maintaining the (AR) proportion of cells (the main unit of page browse).

    If you post any content/layout in your application, the page browse will make as expected (horizontally), despite this quick overview is shown in portrait only.

  • How can I change the Date format column


    How do I change a column to the format of the DATE where that particular column is seen text currently

    Can someone suggest me please...

    ASY allows you table1 with x varchar2 field and you want to convert it to this day

    1 alter table table1 add y.

    2 update table1 set y = to_date(x,'dd-Mon-yyyy'); the format in which date you stored hav collar x

    3. change the table1 table: remove the x column;

    4. change the table1 table rename column y to x;

    Alexander gelin

  • Windows Movie Maker-how can I change the file format?

    It's my first time using Movie Maker, and I edited a song from my iTunes library. I want to save it in mp3 format, but when I saved it, it wouldn't let me choose the file format. I went to the post, and he published automatically as a video. I just want the audio.

    How can I save it in mp3 format?

    Also, how can I open with iTunes? I managed to do save as just audio and click Open with > iTunes. But he comes to open iTunes. The song won't play.

    Transfer your music to the music and its Forum question.

    PS Movie Maker is not for the recording of the songs, conversion of songs, etc. It is open with application.

    For files of music itumes, here are the choices...
    1. you need Quicktime or Real player to open and play.
    2. you can google for a free audio converter and convert your itumes songs in wma, mp3 or wav formats. Then, you can use Windows Media Player (NOT movie Maker) to play the songs.
    3. install a free media player called VLC. He plays almost all formats.
    Download link of VLC:

    You give you the exact instructions forum music and sounds.


  • How can I change the page to a Master Page siz?

    How do I do that? The context menu offers no option. The main menu Option provides only superficial changes, such as the name of the master.

    Use the page tool.

  • How can I change the date format in Thunderbird for the list of received messages?

    Through 19/02/2015 12:28, I received my email with this format. Since that time, all the date Watch column is the time, the date does not show. How to get back to the default time and date format?

    The default is to show all the time on messages from today, with the date and time on all the other messages.

  • How can I change the page that appears when I open a new tab? He now brings to the top search engine Bing.

    I am running Win 7 Pro 64 on a laptop HP 4530. My desktop unit (home built) opens a new tab with a blank page. I would like to open each with a specific search engine.

    I guess that the order should be amended, so that the keyword. URL
    and setting the home page in Firefox are last. After resolving all all Bing and StartNow
    things. You may need to restart the system after you complete these Panel
    changes and restart Firefox after (sometimes necessary configuration changes
    If most are effective immediately or in a new window).

  • How can I change the page size of an existing PDF?

    I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro on my Mac under 10.6.

    How to resize an existing .pdf document which is 20 "x 40" up to 4 "x 8"?

    Thank you!


    Print to a PDF file with this page size...

  • How can I change the margins of page on the HP 4620?

    On my HP 4620 all-in-One default page margins are too narrow. The top and bottom of the lines on the printed page are cut off. How can I change the page pargins by default at least 0.25 inches at the top and bottom of the page? I use standard paper in the print bed. I searched through manuals and online and am coming up with nothing. I use a MAC with the latest OSX computer. Thank you.

    Thanks for your reply. I'll do some checking double and let you know what happens. I just printed page 36 of the User Guide, and it printed fine. The other document that did not print correctly was a form which I had filled out on the internet and then print a copy of what I had filled out. I'll try to print a page or two of my Mac Pages document and see if that print very well. I appreciate your comments. Thanks again.

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