How can I change the background in the tabs open; currently grey with black text difficult to read.

Can I change the background color of tabs open in FF 4.0. Currently, it is grey with black characters. A clear background would be easier to read.

Thank you, TJH

Download this addon: it allows you to change the color of tabs, as well as many other options.

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    Help TIA


    Use the direct Selection and Shift-drag a side.

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    You can do this by accessing the Option-> general tab
    Then change the address of the home page and apply or OK.

  • How can I change the tabs that appear with startup?

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    You can find the homepage here:

    • Firefox > Preferences > General > startup: Homepage

    Firefox supports several home pages separated by ' |' symbol (pipe).

    You can check for problems with the sessionstore.js file in the Firefox profile folder that stores the session data.
    When sessionstore.js is deleted, you lose App Tabs and groups of tabs and tabs open and you will have to recreate them, so possibly make a note or bookmarks.

    You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

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    New tabs are empty by default, there is no setting to change this in Firefox. If you have something other than a blank page appear now, an add-on that you have changed the default action.

    You can use this module to specify which page you want to open in a new tab.

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    With camembert fully selected, open the appearance Panel, double-click on "Content" and change the color of the outline.

  • How can I change the tab settings so that when I manually opened a new tab, my home page opens in it?

    Internet Explorer provides the following options to open a new tab:
    "When a new tab is opened, open:
    -A blank Page
    -The new tab Page
    -Your first homepage.

    On Firefox 3.6.10, the only option is the new tab page. If you click on 'Close' an empty page is displayed. There is no option for a new tab, open your homepage.

    In addition, you cannot right click the home button to 'open in a new tab '.

    Y at - it a shortcut for this, and if not, can firefox include this option in the next version?

    Middle or {Ctrl + click} Home button-click to open your home page in a new tab. Or you can add this functionality via an extension.

    New tab homepage extension:

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    Thank you.

    Ah... Yes. I assume a bit. Open the area of print production and use areas of the overview page. Off the top.of my head with my phone to answer anyway. Could be called something slightly different.

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    Press < Alt > or < F10 > to display the toolbar.
    Then Tools > Options > Applications.

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    The name of your wireless network is Setup / configured on the access point (wireless router) wireless - not in Windows.  You probably get this configuration via a web page ( or, etc..)

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    Where do you see a "black background" in iTunes?  You can include a screenshot?

    Command-shift-4 to take a screenshot of the portion of the screen showing the problem.  Then drag the files to screenshot (which appears on the desktop of your Mac) in your reply in the Safari window message.

  • How can I change the background color for the bar 'help file edit view history bookmark tools' in Firefox 29,0

    How can I change the background color for the bar 'help file edit view history bookmark tools' in Firefox 29,0

    You can add a theme of solid color to change the color of the top of the browser window, which contains the Menu bar.

  • How can I change the background color of my iPad

    How can I change the background color of my iPad 1 5.1.1

    You can change the wallpaper via settings > brightness and wallpaper

  • How can I change the background to the photos in the windows image viewer.

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    I suggest that you try to do system restore or reinstall Photoedit and check to see if it helps:

    How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

    Note: to perform the system restore, you must be running Windows as an administrator.

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    [Transferred from Internet Explorer]


    Please try the suggestion of Mark L. Ferguson in the thread below.

    Thank you


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