How can I change the color of the clipping path in CS5

Just installed Photoshop CS5 I use the pen to create a clipping for insulation path. In CS4, the line always in contrast with the background, I was working on. In CS5 is just grey so I can't work on gray background pictures as I do not see the path. How can I change to multi color as CS4?

In CS4 I could change between gray and color by activating or deactivating the drawing OpenGL from Edit-> Preferences-> Performance. This does not work for me in CS5. I really need the color that I isolate a dark grey bike againsr a lighter gray wall. I keep losing the curved handles against the wall.

That means that the wall is not gray neutral, there a lot of color in it. In any case, it is not the question. In CS5, they changed the way they display paths when OpenGL is off (probably changed to an another API backstage) that caused these problems. As I understand it, this isn't a bug in itself, it's just a limitation of the API they use now (lack of blend modes, or something like).

If you want the old way back, then you can try to do a story of request/bug here:

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