How can I change the footer, but not the head?


I work with a 475-page document (in Adobe Acrobat X Pro) who already have a header and a footer (header describes the name of the document, page is the current page number). I added a few new pages in the middle of the document and of course to update the page numbers, but how do I do this without changing the headers of records?

Kristian, by og Landskab.


Click on the 'Page range Options' button on the dialog box.

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    Hi experts,

    After that I improved a few universal application of the theme 25-Theme (UT) everything went well except one of my process of DA.

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    Now, I would do the same thing in UT. I used the class .t-in-head-branding for her. When I change it via Firebug - looks like I need. But if I do the same process:

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    I have reproduced on too:



    Check title + CSS and you can see the error in the console.

    If I use the same for the regular page element etc everything is OK.

    The best way for me should be some create another definition of theme by theme Roller and save and change that he based on variable Department is set programmatically.




    You want to keep your background color common to all users navigation bar, or you need to change too much based on users.

    If you want the same color for all users-

    On page 0, create new HTML box, model No.

    Put the code as