How can I change the iTunes music player?

I cloned my hard drive for an SSD earlier, so I have 2 identical copies of my library of music on the c: / (my new SSD) and E: drive / (my old hard drive). I want to delete all my music from my SSD and iTunes play entirely from the drive hard, how can I achieve this?

I tried to delete the folder of drive C (C:\Users\X\Music) iTunes and force iTunes to load the library to drive E (by displacement of opening and choosing the new library), but it always comes back to play the files media located on C. I spent a lot of time manually organize my library, unfortunately that's not as simple as moving the iTunes Media folder since none of my music is there. I also tried, but it always ends up reading files on the C drive:

How to move your iTunes library to a new computer - Apple Support

Simply, what I want to do is change iTunes somehow to run to E: / my music and not C: / My Music. All paths are the same, it's just the drive letter, I want to change.

Thanks for any help.


See make a library of portable split. Looks like you're almost there. If your media is not in the standard support folder but up to in E:\Users\\Music which will be the reason why it did not work. You are really attached to your manual organization? It would not be acceptable to have your media to E:\iTunes\iTunes Media\?


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