How can I check if DIAdem a 32 or 64 bit version?

Hi all

How can I save a DIAdem script if a version of 32 or 64 bit? Is there a variable or a function?

I need this show to avoid loading COM 32-bit objects.

Thank you



The variable you are looking for is APPLICATIONBITNESS. The variable is available in 2014 tiara but without documentation. This documentation will be available in 2015 tiara. The variable is read-only and returns an integer (32 or 64)

Hope that helps


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    LabVIEW 2014 32-bit, he will find-> design of digital filters signal processing.

    In Labview 2014 64-bit, I can find it or the other. I know that some tools are not supported in LV 64-bit.  I couldn't find documentation on the system requirements for this toolkit so I could not say it, maybe you can change at LV 32 bits?

    Good luck


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