How can I check my Mac mini for spyware and other viruses

How can I check my Mac mini for software spyware and other forms of virus? Recently, I received an electronic invoice which seems to come from Apple on a purchase that I did not. Unfortunately, I answered by clicking on a link that asked me to cancel or manage this purchase that led me to a site that didn't look like an official Apple site. I am afraid that simply by doing so, I welcomed the spyware on my Mac mini hard drive.

My Mac was purchased in 2011 and runs on OS X El Capitan (version 10.11.6).

Kind regards


Receive a fraudulent e-mail for a purchase confirmation, you did not is a very common scam. Remember that you are not misled by providing personal information solicited by this e-mail.

Unfortunately, I answered by clicking on a link that asked me to cancel or manage this purchase that led me to a site that didn't look like an official Apple site. I am afraid that simply by doing so, I welcomed the spyware on my Mac mini hard drive.

No harm will come of the fact that you wrote. Fraudulent Web sites that are made to appear as legitimate those who are specially designed to convince you to reveal personal information. If you don't have that, no further action is necessary or justified. Do not install anything, no matter the source or the apparent popularity, in response to one such scam. To do this would be the first step in a path well worn to the misery.

On the other hand, if you were tricked into providing personal information (like your Apple ID and password) you will need to change your password on Apple ID. Please write back for instructions.

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    It's a scam, ignore. There is no virus affecting the Mac.

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    Thank you

    I looked up the Mini online via its serial number to get some specs on this but do not know what they mean.   Here are some details:

    Apple Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.53 (end 2009) care

    Identifiers: Late 2009 - MC239LL/A - Macmini3, 1 - A1283 - 2336

    Connectivity includes Mini-DVI and Mini DisplayPort, a Firewire port "800", five USB 2.0 ports, combined "digital audio optical and audio line in" and combined mini-prises ' audio optical digital output / helmet ", a 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet port and integrated AirPort Extreme (802.11a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

    1 mini-DVI and Mini DisplayPort 1.    Details:

    Supports simultaneous dual display - 1920 x 1200 on a screen DVI or VGA using the Mini-DVI port and 2560 x 1600 on a DVI display double bond using the Mini DisplayPort (with a Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter option). Includes a Mini-DVI to DVI.


    Get a mini displayport > adopting HDMI

    On Mini DisplayPort / HDMI - Apple Support adapters

    Note If you want to audio of the TV, you need an adopter as this audio passage

    ter-with-USB-Audio ~ MDP2HDMIUSBA

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    There must be a folder on the mail server and all associated items must have their set email client for IMAP for this account. Your email provider must support the IMAP protocol also.

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    I created 6 Swedish recovery for the operating system using the tools Toshiba had installed on the HARD drive.

    To do this 6 Swedish, I created with the Toshiba Recovery tool contain the operating system and all other preinstalled software?

    How can I create the installation media full and usable if not for the operating system and all other preinstalled software?

    I can´t find all the information on the backup software pre-installed with the exception of the BONE. Is there complete information how to do the above, in the manual of the computer, or have you missed this information?

    I would like to know how I can create media backup complete and usable for the operating system as well as for all other preinstalled software, so I can recreate all the facilities of the plant at a new disk if/when the original HARD disk crashes.

    Is there a partition hidden with pre-installed software, and if so, how can I create a backup of this partition, or all the software, so I can reinstall everything if the HARD drive fails, if it is already not with the Swedes 6 Toshiba tool created for me?

    Forward to your response and to complete your customer documentation about the complete instructions for installation and recovery media creation.

    Thank you very much!



    On this forum, you will find a lot of useful comments on the recovery image saved on the HARD drive and its operation to the facility and the creation of recovery disks.
    All this is clearly and simply.

    Front of Toshiba offer new people for laptop in software development create recovery image. This recovery image will be created for each laptop model (specific hardware configuration). Recovery image contains the operating system, all necessary drivers, tools/utilities Toshiba specific and some other software like DVD/Blu-Ray, Microsoft Office test drive and the antivirus application. With this configuration every laptop owner can begin to use the laptop without having to install important applications.

    This package is then saved on the HARD drive and can be used for the installation of HARD drive recovery - In other words, if something is wrong with HARD drive recovery facility you can reset the preinstalled operating system and reinstall recovery imae. After that make you have absolute same settings you had after purchase and first start of the laptop.
    HARD drive recovery image can not be used if:
    -HARD drive is defective
    -you have installed the version of the own BONE
    Structure of the HARD disk partitions - is changed
    Recovery image - HARD drive is deleted or moved to another partition or copied to the external device.

    To avoid all this Toshiba recommends the creation of recovery disks. Using these disks, you will be able to install the OS on the new drive HARD or in any other situation listed above.
    Please note: the use of recovery disks will remove all HARD drive, create the new recovery partition and install image recovery, so you still have the same settings.

    I hope I can help you with my explanation. If you have any other questions you are welcome.

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    I love this machine except for one thing. It takes the paper for printing from the lower drawer. So I used the top plate for single supply of envelopes. Then I'm going to copy something and it makes me put the paper in the upper tray, when the lower plate is full!

    How can I determine if just use paper in the lower tray for copying too?


    You should change the copy settings to use the 2nd tray, then you can set it as default:

    1. Click the copy on the front panel of the printer.
    2. Click settings.
    3. Click Select status bar , and then select tray 2.

    You can set the default tray by selecting set as new defaults in the settings menu even.


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    You should check with the manufacturers of hardware and program

    and use the Vista Compatibility Center

    and read the vista system requirements


    But Microsoft sells more than Vista.

    They switched to Windows 7

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    Thank you

    Does anyone know how to get rid of this warning with success?

    Ignore the warnings. Check the script to pre-upgrade Utlu111i.Sql statistical reports stale sys - 803774.1 from Metalink.

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    You won't need to do anything more here Muse generates a sitemap for the site that contains all the information for Tablet and mobile version, Google knows that office pages are canonical.

    You can find more details here: Google groups

    Thank you


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    It's alright if this value is not writable by the script (we can just pop up an alert informing the user that they need to change it), but I can't find where to read this setting! We are currently working on Macs, with JavaScript, but no helping hand in the right direction would be great.

    Thank you!

    He appears only in the PDF and HAVE options record and only as a Boolean value true or false. It doesn't seem to be available to scripts.

Maybe you are looking for