How can I combine all pages of the site to a new page of the site?


I use Dreamweaver cs4 on a windows pc. I have 12 pages of my site with a spry vertical navigation bar. Whenever I create a new page I then add that to the spry navigation bar. All other pages do not show this new page in the navigation bar. Thus, the spry NAV. must be site wide update. Is it possible to update the spry navigation bar site wide in a few clicks? Is there an easy way of all the other page a link to this new page? I have a rendering template, but all pages on my site are now detached from this model. Whenever I saved the template in an html file to create a new page in the navigation bar was the word inside template, so I just deleted it out of the code. As you can probably I'm pretty new to dreamweaver so any help will be greatly appreciated to say the least. I checked everywhere wherever I can think of for the answer

Thank you for taking the time to help, dluthier


Is it possible to update the spry navigation bar site wide in a few clicks? Is there an easy way of all the other page a link to this new page?

Yes, there are ways to have all the pages to be updated when you make changes to a navigation bar.  However, the way you describe the situation you currently do it all manually.

The easiest way to update a navigation bar:

1. the use of serverside includes: this is a basic tutorial explaining what is a SSI and how it's done.

2. the other is the use of models - that you tried.

I have a rendering template, but all pages on my site are now detached from this model. Whenever I saved the template to a file html to create a new page in the navigation bar was the word inside template, so I just deleted it out of the code

That's where you went wrong, you save the template with a new name, and save it as an html file.  You must use: Create New > model.  This way, you create a new page of the master model and save it in the root of your site - and this is what is called a "page of the child".

Using DW templates:

The differences between the use of SSIs and DWTs (template file):

With a SSI file, you make changes to the file and all the pages, the inclusion of which will update automatically and you need only download a SSI whenever you make a page.

If you use a model, whenever you make a change, once again all children pages are updated, but you need to download * all * changed pages.

I hope this helps.



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    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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    Best of all,

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