How can I completely disable the history feature in the Lightroom Develop module? It causes the shift, and I just flat don't need.

I want to remove completely this and several of the supposed required applications that Adobe seems to think I should have forced on my computer to use their products. CC is a joke, but I can't seem to remove without removing lightroom either... How can I remove these things and still not use it I paid?

You can't turn off the history feature. It is a key element of the program due to the non-destructive editing of LR.

You cannot uninstall the desktop CC application. However, you can choose not to have to run.

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    Hi John,.

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    Kind regards
    Rahul Tyagi

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    Of course, I have read your message and displayed an additional option if the modules were not suitable for you.

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    Hello CPATRON144, you can disable SSL3 in firefox like this:
    enter on: config in the address bar of firefox (confirmed the message information where it appears) and search for the preference named security.tls.version.min. Double-click it and change its value to 1.

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    Have you checked the Vista power options if hibernation is disabled?

    You can find it in the control panel-> Power Options

    There is a link to the advanced settings. Select this check box.
    There should be the option to enable / disable the hibernation

    Good bye

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    any advice?

    see you soon,


    There is a checkbox when you create color swatch: "add to my library".

    Just turn it off.

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    How to disable the touchpad synaptics on a HP Pavilion permanently?

    Sorry, it has not worked for you.  We just let the computer tech and could watch what he was doing.  At the same time, we could see thelong URL I provided was twice on the scrn.  Not being sure if WE had to do something or not I asked.  He said he would change something in the BIOS.  As far as I know that is all what he did to his end on our computer worked... and I am so happy!

    Things were so easily!

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