How can I configure an iPad to iOS and boot up without any question/entry level?


recently, my greatest pain is the process of upgrading a remote iPad (Yes, for old people like my parents). So if I have an iPad set up in a specific way and there is an update to iOS, it restarts and goes through a series of Questions and comments. I don't mind (it's a lie, I DON'T MIND). For literate people no gadget, it is frustrating and therefore for someone by train - remote to help regain access. The Question is: can we have a configuration that goes through an iOS update WITHOUT asking one thing? Maybe an oke pop-up asking 'agree' with setting level and all other Q later? No PIN code of installation ask if I hadn't any prior to installation? I mean, if you please, seriously? I have install i-device in a specific way and I LIKE IT like that. Include a button in the installer to accept all license agreements or agreements after an upgrade without asking. Unless I have clear. PLEASE? I guess anyone who support parents or grandparents remotely includes part of the simple upgrade...

So, is there a way of "secret"? It will never be a?

Kind regards


Hello. Unfortunately, I do not think that lawyers in the County of Santa Clara would be happy for the prior acceptance of the new T & C. It's probably not possible.

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    You cannot use Flash video players on iPad.

    YouTube probably has finds him device and if it does not support flash plays videos in HTML5

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    How can I update my iPad to the latest iOS

    Follow the instructions in this document support. Update the software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support iOS

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    You can simply do using AirPort Utility on your iMac or iPhone, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
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    • For a Mac:
      • On the network tab, change the router Mode to: Off (bridge Mode)
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    • For an iOS device:
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    Thank you very much

    You can send music in the cloud of a device. You can delete music, and if it's purchased iTunes music you (if it is still in the store and you have not reached the country since purchasing it) may of it redownload purchased in the iTunes Store app tab. Because you own music (for example copied from CD) you'd need have subscribed to Match iTunes on your computer and downloaded the music to her computer, to show him in the cloud.

    You have all your music in your computer's iTunes library? Update of the iOS via a computer version should also require less free space on the device (but the update via a computer requires your content in the iTunes library, the update process will take up a back, wipe the iPad and install the iOS update and restore the backup, the backup contains things such as your documents photos, contacts, settings, etc, music, apps, etc. is picked up in the iTunes library)

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    First of all, nobody here can guess what e-mail program you're talking about.

    Second of all, go on the forum that takes care of this e-mail program.

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