How can I configure fax through my eptson printer all in one

I am runnig windows XP Pro service pack 3



See the article below to configure fax on your computer.
How to enable and configure the fax service in Windows XP

I hope this helps.

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  • Photosmart HP 7510: How can I configure alert of low ink for All - In - One 7510.

    See the answer to this question, but I don't seem to have the software mentioned in the response. So, I guess that a second question is can I re - install if I can't find the original install disc?

    Welcome to the HP community @SallyLR,

    I understand that you're looking to reinstall the software for your HP Photosmart 7510. I'll be happy to help you.

    Here is a link to the HP site where you can download the software and drivers for the HP Photosmart 7510 e-all-in-one printer.

    Software and driver - printer e-all-in-one HP Photosmart 7510 - C311a

    I hope this helps.

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  • How can I configure xbox 360 on windows XP, all instructions are for Media Center which I did not and asks the key code.

    Windows XP and using the Xbox 360!

    How can I configure xbox 360 on windows XP, all instructions are for Media Center which I did not and asks the key code.  I don't have media player. I received a key to the xbox code, BUT Media Player do not ask for it? My wireless works fine.  XBox works very well. Yes, I know that I should upgrade to Windows 7 but until my budget allows, is what I have.  Thank you.

    Try this link for XBox:

  • How can I reset my HP ENVY 110 e-all-in-one printer - D411a to factory settings

    How can I reset my HP ENVY 110 e-all-in-one printer - D411a to factory settings

    Hello bez002,

    To restore the factory of your printer settings:

    1. Select the key icon in the upper right of the home screen.
    2. Select Tools.
    3. Select Restore Factory Defaults and then validate
  • How can I configure mobile android password manager copy all of my passwords from firefox to my office?

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    Right now, I noticed there is only about 8 passwords listed.
    But my office saved password manager has about 50 listed.
    This makes me think that the android app is to choose only to remember what I saved directly with my android. I want to capture all my saved passwords from my desktop also.
    I tried recheck my firefox sync options, but only confirmed that I don't have this game automatically synchronize all my data (including passwords.)

    I found that I have to press the 'Menu' (three horizontal lines in a square) in the mobile view and connect until I'm able to meet Firefox on Android.

    Now that you're on your desktop: try passwords uncheck in synchronization preferences, wait a few seconds, then check again. Then on your phone, the settings of the open Android app, accounts & sync, choose your Firefox Sync account, then Menu > sync now.

  • Please how can I configure / add my hp wireless printer to my window 7

    Please how can I configure / Add
    my printer wireless hp in my window 7


    Millions and millions of printers are out there, what is your printer? You need the CD. Just put the CD in your Windows 7 computer, run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Kind regards.

  • If I create a second account (different) Zotero on the same PC, how can I configure it's empty without destroying all the records in the other account?

    I have long had a Zotero account and it works fine. I recently merged in a group with a few other people into account; We share the same set of references. Now I want to set up a personal account for different purposes, perhaps becoming a different group. When I try to set up the new user name and password, the same reference shows always. How can I start with an empty account for the new user name without clear items from the old account?

    I know Zotero and just the second jscher2000 tips - if you want to actually different accounts, you must use separate profiles of FF.

    The integrated solution for Zotero is to use groups for sharing of resources between people
    And have your own resources in a different group or in 'my library '.

  • How can I configure icloud so that the deleted messages on one device are deleted on all devices?

    How can I set up mail, (icloud) so that the deleted messages on one device are deleted on all devices?

    Use an IMAP or Exchange e-mail on her system.

  • How can I configure my laptop sony to print on my printer kodak connected to my compaq pc

    I have a kodak all in one printer connected to my compaq pc in one room. I have a sony notebook connected wireless to my belkin wireless router. How to print from my laptop to my kodak into one of that I need help do what Iam new to computing. Please help me. Claudia


    ·          What is the version of Windows installed on both computers?

    See the link below to find out how to share files and printers with other computers.

    Sharing files and printers with different versions of Windows

    File and printer sharing: frequently asked questions

  • How can I get the device driver for Dell all-in-one 944

    I got a new PC and don't have the information to use my printer.  How to get the driver from Dell for this printer info

    ... How to get the driver from Dell for this printer info

    I have moved your post in the comments to the Windows, hardware and drivers section section, but have no idea which version of Windows that you are operating on. If your printer is compatible with the version of Windows you are using, you can download the drivers and support the Dell 944 all-in-one printer from Dell heresite software.
    You mentioned that you have a new PC, so it is likely that you use one of the Windows 7 64-bit editions. If you want to check the hardware compatibility with Windows 7, you should try the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

    Edit: If you try to work around a problem of incompatibility of Windows 7, there's a solution posted in the following thread,

  • How can I convert a text scanned a C5180 all in one for use in Word?

    I recently bought a new IMAC and spin the Mountain Lion.  When I tried to scan a document using the software that came with my C5180 all in one that I received a message that I have to use the Apple software to the place.  I followed the instructions on the HP site and succeeded to the digitization of the document.  My C5180 comes with OCR software that allowed me to convert the image into a text file.  When I scan text by using the Apple software I can create a number of different output - PDF, TIFF, PNG formats - but I can't edit in Word (or something else I think).  Does anyone know a solution to this problem before you spend $199 for Adobe Pro X?

    Thank you.


    Capacity Unfortuinately OCR is more provided by the software solution provided for Mountain Lion.

    In addition, be aware that Adobe Pro will give you not directly from the scanning program - Adobe applications require compatible devices Twain, Mac OS drivers provided only with the support of the ICA-interface.

    You will need to use any 3rd party for this purpose OCR program, using Read Iris as an example will be more convinience because it support the ICA compatible devices.

    There might be additional OCR solutions, I don't personally know this.

    Kind regards


  • Help! How can I configure 8.5x5.5 custom print A2 size printer

    We recently purchased a HP Photosmart 7510 e-all-in-one printer and now my Hallmark card program does not recognize custom calibration. My OS is Windows 7 64 bit. I look forward to hear from your part, thank you.

    Since I have still not received a response to my messages, dated December 7, 2011 and January 2, 2012, I phoned again the technical support line.  Although I was on the phone today for more than 2 1/2 hours (2 calls), I finally received the necessary assistance when I spoke with the 2nd person - Chelsea.  She was WONDERFUL, PLEASANT, a GREAT ability to LISTEN and was prepared to find a SOLUTION to my problem of not being able to print formats customized to my all-in-one HP Photosmart 7510 x.  Since the 7510 does NOT support custom print sizes, she downloaded the HP9500 that supports custom print sizes.  Now, all I have to do when I print from my Hallmark Card Studio program is to choose this printer and my A2 size card prints perfectly.  Thank you, Chelsea - you are awesome!  I always think with all the technologies available that HP needs to update the driver for the 7510 (that prints great plain paper and not great with printing photos) and include formats customized option as do their previous printers.

    Congratulations go to Chelsea to the Technical Support Telephone Center

  • How can I reset my hp officejet 6500 e709n all-in-one

    Receive Fax failure, impossible to send or receive.

    Had this same problem a few months ago and HP support had me reset the printer to resolve the issue.

    Printer is no longer under warranty and I have not saved the info on how to reset the printer.

    Thank you.

    You always remember that you hold down the # and number buttons 6 on the printer to perform the reset that support the cat HP told you before?
  • How can I scan documents 6520 page muliple photosmart all-in-one

    I can only scan one page at a time.  I want to scan a complete document.  How with a 6520 photosamrt

    In fact, I discovered how to scan multiple pages.  start the computer and click the hp desktop scanner (place it in your list) on the page there are two small - hard to read the squares on the lower left.  the far left on allows several pages, but keep you will be asked if you want to replace the existing analysis.  then you get pages added.

    I just found this by trial and error.  I created a special folder for the scans so I can save on computer and check before you attach to an email.


  • How to fix a carriage jam on a printer all-in-one Officejet 6700 Premium

    Never get a carriage jam and can't get it figured out? Here is a video and a document that can help you solve the problem.

    Many times transportation jams came from a piece of paper crashes and the transport again slams the paper and cannot go completely backwards. The video shows how you can get a jam and a few steps to get to the jam and fix it.

    Another useful source might be this document below. It has the same steps, but it can also be useful.

    Hope this helps let me know if you have other questions about a carriage jam.

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