How can I configure mobile android password manager copy all of my passwords from firefox to my office?

How can I configure my new mobile password manager for my android phone copy all of my passwords from firefox to my office?
Right now, I noticed there is only about 8 passwords listed.
But my office saved password manager has about 50 listed.
This makes me think that the android app is to choose only to remember what I saved directly with my android. I want to capture all my saved passwords from my desktop also.
I tried recheck my firefox sync options, but only confirmed that I don't have this game automatically synchronize all my data (including passwords.)


I found that I have to press the 'Menu' (three horizontal lines in a square) in the mobile view and connect until I'm able to meet Firefox on Android.

Now that you're on your desktop: try passwords uncheck in synchronization preferences, wait a few seconds, then check again. Then on your phone, the settings of the open Android app, accounts & sync, choose your Firefox Sync account, then Menu > sync now.

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