How can I configure the dialog box open to show details by default?

By default, the open dialog box always opens in list view. I want that it is displayed in the details view and I want to rearrange the columns as well.

Is it possible to change the default layout of the open dialog boxes in Windows? I expected to work like the Windows Explorer, but it does not work.


It should do, in fact.  I just tested here with Notepad.

  1. Open Notepad and click file/open
  2. Change the style or the size of the icons (I put it "Extra large icons")
  3. Clicked on cancel
  4. File/open again and I have observed that the icons were always great like last time.  I changed them will be list.
  5. I closed and opened the dialog box "Open" once more and has pointed out that the icons are still in list view.

Given this test, I think that it must be based on the program that you are using.

Tags: Windows

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