How can I configure via Bluebeam PDF to preview in the preview of Windows 8 pane?

In windows 7, you can set the Preview file tree pane to preview a PDF file when you click on it once.

In windows 8, this does not work, even when you set the view organize in the preview pane and the player to the default player.

All solutions?

Bluebeam using for PDF files.

Thank you very much!


Thank you!

Your questions:

Thanks for posting the request in Microsoft Community Forums.

1. you have to any other PDF Reader installed on your computer such as Adobe Reader?

> The group uses BlueBeam, although if there is no solution to BlueBeam on Windows 8, I'll ask if Adobe Acrobat Reader is a viable alternative

2 are you able to view the icon on the right side on the preview pane?

> The file icon is there with the image of default BlueBeam on all PDF files. No image of the file as an icon is visible.

3 do you have. what Bluebeam version installed?

> Xtreme Bluebeam

4 is this problem specific to Bluebeam? Are you able to work with other programs to drive?

> Look into it and report back.

I suggest you to check if you are using the latest version of Bluebeam on the computer.

> Yes, the latest version of BlueBeam Xtreme is installed.

You can try the multiple steps that are proposed in the article provided here.

I also suggest to display the query in Bluebeam forums for more support information.

> :) Have done in the same time, I posted this Q here! (Don't know if the question was one for Windows 8 or BlueBeam, so I tried to cover my bases... :)))

Hope this information helps.

> Thank you!

I'll look in the above resource links and post an update. It would be swell if you check also come back here as if I find something relevant and I have an another Q I would love your comments!

Thank you very much!

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