How can I configure wep for the mn500 wireless router

I have the router to the goodwill, need to set security

Contact support on the Web site of the manufacturer of the router you purchased.

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    I want to choose a photo of some to show in front of a folder.  Without the record showing mode portrait.  I want to see as well as possible image and the display of the ICON is on a slope.

    Under XP, I could choose to view thumbnail and select the file that I wanted to represent the file.

    Hi Helpemmy,

    You can follow the steps below and check if it helps you to see the pictures in thumbnail stored in the folder.

    a. Click Start.

    b. go to control panel and open Folder Options.

    c. click on the view tab

    d. uncheck the option "always show icons, never thumbnails".

    e. you can also check to see that there is a check mark in the box "Display file on the photos" and then click on apply and then click Ok.

    Now you should be able to see the thumbnail images in the folder.

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

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    The Officejet 4500 with analog fax capability and does not support the eFax.

    Only models listed below support the feature of eFax:


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    On Windows, right-click on any PDF file, select Properties

    Next to "Open with" select "replace".

    Then select Adobe Reader

    Make sure that "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is selected.

    For a Mac:

    Right click on a PDF file, select Get Info:

    Then in the section titled 'open with' select Adobe Reader and then click on modify.

    Accept the prompt and you're good to go.

  • Hi, I bought a windows xp disk Professional Microsoft a few years ago but never used it how can I cd key for the disc

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    If you bought a copy the retail of Windows key should be included in the box.

    How to get a replacement product key

    Retail Windows:
    If you have lost a product key for the software you purchased separately from your computer, or if your product key does not work, call Microsoft. To locate the phone number, visit the following Microsoft Web site:; CNTACTMS

    A fee may apply for lost keys.

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    How can I contact Sandisk for the support of my device warranty refurbishing Fuze e280? It came without a manual or an other such info...

    I called SanDisk to 866-726-3475.  They gave me a case # and took me through the steps to retrieve and format the e280.  They did not go to any purchase information.  After following the instructions, the e280 worked like new.

    Thank you
    E C Yarter

  • How can I block others access to my wireless router?

    I have performance slow and even lose connections.  I have Comcast and they have suggested that it is 'noisy' of what they see on their end.  The technology said that he receives many complaints from users of wireless router.


    Quote: "How can I block others access to my wireless router?

    By setting up the wireless router security encryption.

    Of the weaker for wireless security, more strong capacity is.

    No security
    Switch Off SSID (even has No Security. SSID can be sniffed easily even if it is turned off)
    MAC Filtering___ (Band Aid if nothing else is available, MAC number can be easily Spoofed).
    WEP64___ (Easy, "Break" by knowledgeable people).
    WEP128___ (a little more difficult to activate, but "Piraté" too).

    The three above are not considered safe.
    Safe starts here at WPA.

    WPA-PSK__(Very Hard to Break).

    WPA-AES__(Not functionally Breakable)

    WPA2___ (not functionally breakable).

    Note 1: WPA - AES the current interpretation level entry of WPA2.

    Note 2: If you use WinXP SP3 bellows and not updated, you need to download
    the WPA2 Microsoft's fix.

    Documentation of your devices (router wireless and computer wireless card) must indicate the type of security that is available with your wireless hardware.

    All devices MUST be set to the same level of security using the same password.
    Therefore, security must be set according to what is the best possible one of the wireless devices.

    I.e. even if most of your system may be able to be configured to the maximum with WPA2, but a device is able to be configured for maximum of the WEP Protocol, to the whole system must be configured to WEP.

    If you need more security and a device (such as a wireless card that can only do WEP) is now better security for the entire network, replace with a better device.

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    I can only imagine that you are using Vista Movie Maker 6?

    VOB is a file copied from a DVD-video... He will probably need
    to convert to WMV prior to that will work in Movie Maker.

    One thing you might try is to rename the file from. VOB. MI/GAL.

    If it works... do dragging to the timeline and immediately publish (Save)
    in the. Format WMV or DV - AVI to a folder on your hard drive, then
    Re-import the file converted for editing.

    Windows Vista - publish a movie in Windows Movie Maker

    Movie Maker Vista - Edition

    The following chart shows where the DV - AVI option.

  • How can I request upgrades for the game hearts on msn

    A game loved by thousands of people is to be spoiled by a few brainless who find it easy to stall, swearing, obscene suggestions, etc.. So under mining the majority who want to just get on with the game... All this when the laws of the game that these vermin respondent will be void of the game after a reasonable period of time. Second, I noticed that it is well behaved that are actually penalized by that regulation.

    I also think it would be good to know how the real score is determined as at the moment you don't really know when 100 is reached, how your score was set.

    Can somebody tell me how to reduce my guard score when I'm not acutally play I'll never reach 2,500 at this rate.

    Hi zakorian 1,


    You can contact MSN support for assistance on the issue. Refer to the link below and check-


    I hope this helps.

  • How can I find Instructions for the use of Ctrl + F in Windows 7?

    I use Ctrl + F all the time, but lately, I'm having a problem in that the box 'Whole word' only does not appear so I can't check.  I couldn't find any kind of guide for the Ctrl + F function.  How can I locate it?

    I posted a request on their Support Forum.

  • How can I find drivers for the support of the program now

    I have this program called media now that allows me to burn DVDs but everytime I have try this the screen flashes for a second and you see a Bluescreen for about two seconds and then the program will stop and shuff turned off. And the computer will be re-housing starts, so if it's because I'm missing the drivers for this program to run?

    Hi Craig,.

    -You receive blue screen only when you access media now application?

    I think that this problem is caused due to the media now the application, as a work around I suggest to uninstall and reinstall the application Media now in compatibility mode and check if it makes a difference.

    As an alternative, you can use built-in Windows application to burn cd/dvd, see the link:

    Check the event viewer for the exact error code and the cause of the problem. See the following article from Microsoft to verify in Event Viewer.

    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?

    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.

  • our company had Adobe CS 3, we ship adobe creative cloud member of more than 2 years now. How can I get credit for the existing customer.

    our company had Adobe CS 3, we ship adobe creative cloud member of more than 2 years now. But we must all credit for the existing customer.

    There is no current discount for loyal customers.  You must have missed the opportunity to get a discount at the end of May.  Before that if you were an owner of Creative Suite, you can get the first year at a reduced rate.

  • How can I get data for the retrun OperationBinding object?

    Hi all
    I am new to the ADF and jdeveloper version use. Now, I work in an application where my steps are,

    (1) service of Web created by stored procedure
    (2) control of data created by a web service
    (3) page .jspx created using data control

    In control data I have a method "addUpdMbrLevelDetails" that store a record in the database raise WebService and stored procedure and return id of the recording. Here is my code.

    public String commandButton1_action() {}

    BindingContainer links = getBindings();
    OperationBinding operationBinding = bindings.getOperationBinding("addUpdMbrLevelDetails");
    Object result = operationBinding.execute ();

    If (! operationBinding.getErrors () .isEmpty ()) {}
    Returns a null value.
    Returns a null value.

    Here result return type is XMLHandler$ DataCollection

    My question is how can I object return data form.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.


    @Rodrigs, you can't cast datacollection $ xmlhandler to FacesCntrlRangeBinding

    @User, you can convert the output to eaisly java.util.AbstractCollection
    you need to google a bit of how to work with AbstractCollection in java is to say hw to retrieve content, once you have completed your problem is resolved...

    Kind regards.

  • How can I configure custom in the Premiere Pro 5.5 sequence image size.

    I need to set a custom in Premiere Pro 5.5 image size.

    I can't edit a preset, so how can I create my own?

    Not to my editing now machine, but something like

    file / new seqence / settings / change mode / custom

    PS welcome to the forum

  • How can I create CSS for the editable regions in the documents based on templates?

    I created a template in Dreamweaver CS4 by using their set of 3 columns, header and Footer option available. The model works fine in the browser. I inserted an editable region in the empty middle of the model column. I created a new page based on this template and want to be able to format the text that I entered in the editable using CSS. Any time, I try to create a new CSS rule I get the following dialog:

    "This change should change the code which is locked by a model or a translator. The changes will be rejected. »

    Is it possible to create new CSS, which will apply to the information entered in the regions be modified of a document based on a template? Simple step by step instructions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading

    Do not know what is the 'id' of the middle column, but you must target the text inside that




    color: #639;

    do-size: 12px;


    It is better if the text in the middle column is paragraphs and target you them as as follows:

    #whatever p {}

    color: #639;

    do-size: 12px;

    padding: 0 15px 15px 0 / * top, bottom, right, left * /.


    You must make sure that you include the above in the editable page css region and HE MUST come after any link to the style sheet css main.

    If in doubt post the code for the page here and say what you want to be purple and I'll have a look.

    The tip is stop created with the css dialog box in DW, it's a load of bollocks and started writing some simple css directly in the page itself. It is easier and gives you more control than any interface automated half cooked in the oven.

    Start learning some simple css. There is absolutey zillions of resources on the net. A couple of hours well spent and your miles further. If you keep pressing DW to do everything for you, then I'm afraid you'll just be going around in circles.

    Enter the code and don't be afraid of him, take it apart and see how it works. Slowly step by step and little by little you will realize how simple structures are and how simple css really is.

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