How can I connect macbook to ethernet to the United Kingdom

How can I connect my new macbook to ethernet?

Can not buy adapter in apple store

Please advise me

Apple and others sell the adopter


Call the Apple store first to see if they have that I stock

For the future, n note you posted Mac Pro desktop computer forum

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    How long you will be in the United States? To use the US store, you must be physically located in the United States, have issued US credit card and billing address in the United States on this credit card. Without it, you won't be able to change for the US store. And, you can only change stores every 90 days.

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    No, except if you travel in the country and provide the iTunes Store with a credit card valid in it.


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    bhasmaj wrote:
    Oh I c, you say the BB plan has not been activated? But at least the SIM card should be registered?

    Yes and yes it should be... but:

    This carrier of storm is unlocked for use on one medium other than that in which he is the brand?

    To determine whether your BlackBerry is already "unlocked":
    1. on your BlackBerry, go to Options > Advanced Options > Sim Card.
    2. in this screen type MEPD (see note below) on your keyboard. A new menu will appear.
    * If your BlackBerry has a keyboard SureType (71xx, 81xx, 91xx devices) you will need to double-click the P keys real entries become M E P P D.
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    4. If your device is "unlocked", we should have disabled or inactive. If it says active, it is still blocked by this carrier.

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    I started the load downwards and then it stops and the message sayes I have to log on as an administrator.  It is a private residence and not network computer.

    If you are NOT Admin, you cannot 'connect' as one, and you can not download programs.
    Talk to the person who is the administrator.


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    Not the right forum to do this, but I will try to follow if/when it is moved.  You can also try

    If it is an Xbox 360 with NXE (dashboard updated):

    -When you go to the "chain of the system" (extreme-right under "my Xbox" on the dashboard), go to network, and then test the network connection.  See if any of the suggestions here correspond to the you receive the error message:

    Nu - video game Fanblogging

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  • How can I connect a cisco router to the internet via a cable modem / router gateway

    I have searched here but can't find the exact answer that I'm looking. I have a switch and a router cisco 1760 2950. The router has an added ethernet wic card so I have two ethernet connections available. I would like to connect the cable modem gateway the router through one of the connections on the router, then the switch ethernet. I can't get this configuration to work. There are several different ways, I saw displayed to accomlish. DHCP, without dhcp, creating a separate network and giving the e0/0 cable an ip address in the range of addresses network gateways. None of this has worked. Can someone after the commands that must be entered on the router to make this possible?

    Hello, I'm assuming that your ISP is to give addresses via DHCP...

    And I suppose also we want to implement our router DHCP in our local network to give our PCs and laptops etc...

    So what we need to do is:

    conf t


    interface e0/0

    Description # INTERNET #.

    IP access-group MY_WAN in

    DHCP IP address

    NAT outside IP

    No tap


    interface e0/1

    # MY LAN description #.


    IP nat inside


    IP access-list standard MY_LAN



    MY_WAN extended IP access list

    allow tcp any a Workbench

    refuse TCP a whole

    allow an ip


    IP nat inside source list MY_LAN interface e0/0 overload


    IP dhcp excluded-address


    dhcp MY_LAN IP pool


    default router

    Server DNS

    In this configuration, I applied an ACL for a protection to my router and my network to allow only established connections that Ive from my LAN to return to me. Anyone who tries to open a connection to your router will be refused. Everything is allowed. But you can change this option to be more specific rather than wide.

    On your switch, if you leave all ports in the vlan 1 and have as access ports, it should work.

    Hope this helps

    Please note the useful messages and don't forget to mark resolved all questions answers. Thank you.

  • How can I connect as a guest using the webcam pod?

    < rtc:AdobeHSAuthenticator

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    "" < WebCam:TouchWebCam width = "100%" height ="100%" id = "Web" sharedID ="peak" / >

    < / rtc:ConnectSessionContainer >

    Can someone tell me how to connect as a guest?

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi babo,.

    I tried the same thing as Raff has proposed, and I don't see a problem. Can you double check the URL of your room. My code in the case where you want to try it


    Thank you

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    Entry 0 third entry in the index table, not the other.

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    I want to query items from database and load it to the front end. Is there a way that muse can connect to the sql server database?

    It is not yet possible for Muse. Muse only creates .html pages. Connection to a database would require some php or other scripting to bind the data. It is beyond the scope of Muse and I don't see what is happening for a while.

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    If possible, check the model and compatibility with the graph of the LTE.

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    Windows XP

    It works with AOL or any other ISP.

Maybe you are looking for

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