How can I connect video recorder to Satellite P105-S6064 via tuner USB

Can someone can guide me how can I connect the VCR to laptop model Satellite P105-S6064. Now I connected the TV via USB. Is it necessary that I have to redo my settings to view the VCR.

The statement on the USB tuner is not unclear.
I assumed that if I connect the VCR output via USB in component. I'm not able to view.

Which USB TV tuner you use? Are there branches in port?

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    have you tried connecting your phone via bluetooth toshiba Device Manager?
    Device Manager is operating the BT device automatically then maybe the pc suite does not work.

    Welcome them

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    Well, check in the settings sounds and Audio--> Audio devices.
    In the section sound recording press the volume key. Check if the Microphone is selected.
    Check the advanced settings. In this section, the internal microphone must be marked.

    Good bye

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    In my opinion there are not a lot of discus. Check IN the ports that you have and you can use them to watch television. In your case, you can try to find any adapter between the SCART and ports available on your device.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Michael,

    You must create a connection switched to solve the problem:

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    Contact the wireless service provider for more information on how to connect to the internet using mobile phone on PC.

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  • How can I connect to AD with my Recon planner via the main method?


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    I gave you a few lines of code in your other post. He made the connection with AD. Now, you can use the ctx and make your query which will fetch users etc. of pub for you.

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    Firefox can not be used to import files from a USB, card SD or other external storage device. Firefox is a Web browser for viewing and downloading content on the web.

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    You can change the two files of sony multicam sequence and the first Canon file to add in the second file from canon.  Click with the right button on the multicam sequence in the bin and choose open in the editing. This allows the access to the multicam to change any part you need. Double click does not, by default, it opens in the source window.

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    When connecting the Kindle to the computer via USB, the computer sees the Kindle as it does with a flash drive.  This allows you to copy things and from the Kindle.  For example if you have a lot of MP3 files, you can use the connection to copy them into the folder of music on the Kindle.  If you have downloaded things from sites other than Amazon, you can use this connection to back up your computer.  Of course everything that you download on Amazon, you don't have to save because Amazon their backs until their cloud automatically.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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    I have searched here but can't find the exact answer that I'm looking. I have a switch and a router cisco 1760 2950. The router has an added ethernet wic card so I have two ethernet connections available. I would like to connect the cable modem gateway the router through one of the connections on the router, then the switch ethernet. I can't get this configuration to work. There are several different ways, I saw displayed to accomlish. DHCP, without dhcp, creating a separate network and giving the e0/0 cable an ip address in the range of addresses network gateways. None of this has worked. Can someone after the commands that must be entered on the router to make this possible?

    Hello, I'm assuming that your ISP is to give addresses via DHCP...

    And I suppose also we want to implement our router DHCP in our local network to give our PCs and laptops etc...

    So what we need to do is:

    conf t


    interface e0/0

    Description # INTERNET #.

    IP access-group MY_WAN in

    DHCP IP address

    NAT outside IP

    No tap


    interface e0/1

    # MY LAN description #.


    IP nat inside


    IP access-list standard MY_LAN



    MY_WAN extended IP access list

    allow tcp any a Workbench

    refuse TCP a whole

    allow an ip


    IP nat inside source list MY_LAN interface e0/0 overload


    IP dhcp excluded-address


    dhcp MY_LAN IP pool


    default router

    Server DNS

    In this configuration, I applied an ACL for a protection to my router and my network to allow only established connections that Ive from my LAN to return to me. Anyone who tries to open a connection to your router will be refused. Everything is allowed. But you can change this option to be more specific rather than wide.

    On your switch, if you leave all ports in the vlan 1 and have as access ports, it should work.

    Hope this helps

    Please note the useful messages and don't forget to mark resolved all questions answers. Thank you.

  • How can I connect burner for windows media player

    How can I connect burner for windows media player, my i tunes CD of burnes and nero, but I am using windows media player

    Hi Tureignjames,
    -What version of Media Player do you use?
    If the Media Player 11 that you use, follow the steps listed here:
    Additional reference on:
  • How can I transfer video from my ipad on my mac

    How can I transfer video from my ipad on my mac

    Hi, looking for iPhone Transfer for Mac, a wonderful tool of RecoveryAdnroid especially for iOS devices. You can run the program on the computer and connect your iPhone and then it will detect the phone data and show you a preview. Simply choose the videos and transfer videos from iPhone to computer.

    Hope this will help you.

  • How can I connect my hp b314 20 PC to a TV?

    How can I connect my HP b314 20 computer to TV HDMI if the computer does not have the HDMI port?

    HDMI converter USB-adapters are now widespread. You can find in any store that sells computer supplies. You can even set up more than an additional monitor or a TV with some models.

    The United States, try to Wal-Mart, Best buy, Radio Shack. You can order online from, Amazon, etc.

    It will come with a disk containing the software to install the first. Follow its instructions, then you are running.

    Sewell Direct is one of these online companies that specializes in the adapter cables and has a video (scroll down for video) on how the process works.

    It will be useful.

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    It is based on the expected results.  A VGA splitter will give you two monitors but they will display the same image.  If the expected result is two different pictures, maybe something like this will do;


    Some will also do DVI: & ie = UTF8 & qid = 1345919878 & sr = 1-1 & keywords = usb + to + DVI

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    should be pretty simple.  Acorrding to Apple, you have a Thunderbolt port video that supports MiniDisplayPort, so you would need a MiniDP to VGA, then a VGA cable, and then turn on the mirror in the display preferences, under the Big Apple icon at the top left of your screen, then go to System Preferences and there you go.

    John B

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