How can I control selection of the most visited sites?

At present, the operation of the 'MORE VISIT' adds almost all sites to the list. I can even visit a site only once, but it remains a most visited site. Also, I noticed that some sites that I visit regularly for example. "Al Jazeera English" is not added to the list.

So how is the selection as ' most visited decided?
I hope only that the sites I make visit to stay on the list, otherwise the VISIT MORE is just a short run list of last visited websites.

You don't control it. This is a report of your consumption in the last 7 days.
Compare to the list, you see if you the following:

  1. 'Ctrl + Shift + H' (bookmarks > show all history)
  2. Select "last 7 days" in the left panel
  3. Click on the 'Number of visit' column in order to sort descending (high top number)

If you do not visit count, just right-click on any column or click on the list of the library and check mark display menu 'Number of visit'

References to the library list - history:

References for Smart Bookmarks folders

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