How can I copy and paste a page in the same DC Adobe .pdf?

How can I copy and paste a page in the same DC Adobe .pdf?

Open the Page thumbnails. You can select the pages and then drag the pages. When you hold down the CTRL key you can copy pages.

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  • How can I copy and paste a connector on the sheet without changing name?

    Any way to do it?

    If this isn't the case, it would be very interesting to add functionality.


    Thanks for giving us an easy one this time...  The function exists (even if it is not the default).   Copy the link on Page (Ctrl + C) and instead of a straight paste (Ctrl + V), you can make a (Ctrl + Shift + V) - or go for change-> paste special-> paste without renaming on the connectors Page to accomplish the same thing.   This redundant with the link of the Page On and also copy the intelligence network as well.

    I advised R & D if users copy an existing on the Page that the default behavior should be changed to allow the same Connector/Net copy to be placed in multiple locations (without rename it to a new connector on the Page).  If you also think that this should be the default case, let us know!   R & D a "play it safe" to eliminate the possibility that a double connection would be made unintensionally.

    Kind regards


  • How can I copy and paste iCloud Notes on the site to iCloud for Word on Windows?

    I looked at the instructions on Apple's site on how to copy / paste of Notes iCloud in document programs, but I had no success. When I right click and drag to select what I want to copy, and then right-click, there is no option to 'Copy' (there are options to 'Copy image' and 'Save image', which do not translate in a Word document). I would like to consolidate some of the Notes I will be no more editing in the document files and you'd be acknowledging the possibility of a solution to this problem I encounter.

    The following works for me: select the text, and then use the Ctrl-C key combination (or the copy of the browsers Edit menu command). Then paste into Word.

  • How can I copy and paste an email before I can answer, they said don't not to click on answer before I copied and pasted because they do not open the e-mail with an attachment

    How can I copy and paste an email before I answer it, I asked to copy and paste as they will not open emails with attachments for security reasons

    Use CTRL + A to select all the contents of the message.  Then use Ctrl + C to copy the content, and then use Ctrl + V to paste.


  • How can I copy and paste the URL into the browser?

    How can I copy and paste the URL into the browser?

    Hey laquettak2368033,

    It is enough to select the URL by dragging your mouse over it & then use the keys Ctrl + C to copy & then paste it using Ctrl + V keys.

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  • How can I copy and paste a pdf form on my Clipboard Mavericks. I see that word wrapped text.

    How can I copy and paste a pdf file in my Clipboard Mavericks. I see that word wrapped text.

    If the form is saved in PDF format, can not you just place the PDF file in the other application?

  • Copy and paste multiple fields at the same time?

    Is it possible to copy and paste several fields at the same time as in the employment history section or reference to an employment application?

    Hello Glenn,.

    You can right click on the domain and select 'Copy field' and can then slide it into position suitable in the document so that in the preview page.

    Let me know if that helps!

    Kind regards



    I use acrobat X and formed froms to fill out and send an email to customers so they can examine different real estate property and I want past a link at the bottom of the form. When I receive a warning on a new property There is a hyperlink in the emailand is one I'd like to copy and past on the PDF form described above. I don't want to nake a permanent link on the form that the info will change with each email I receive. If I copy the hyperlink in a text boc happens only as text. I can't believe it's so hard to do. If I copy the link in word or excel, and then save the file in pdf format the link will work, but then I can't use the form. OMG please help!

    How about, create a field additional text on the form, which would allow that you paste the link text? This would allow you to save the updated form and the user can easily copy and paste if necessary.

  • How can I copy and paste a local variable in a custom type?

    I have a variable container that I want to copy and paste into a custom data type. So I opened the window Type of TestStand, expand the Custom Data Types and then right-click on and Paste in my context menu is disabled. How can I get my exact data type it?


    A work around:

    Create a container type in the custom data types.

    Under which I could copy the container.

    It will be useful.


  • How can I copy and paste to an employment application that has no 'attachments '.

    I know how to copy and paste to add a RESUME for a job application that does not have the 'attachments' option.  Y at - it a simple explanation on how to copy and paste to an online employment application.


    It is a very good tutorial step by step for you to copy and paste.

    «How to copy, cut and paste in Windows»

    How to highlight text in a document

    Before you copy, cut or paste text data, that you need to be able to highlight, or select, the text that you want to run the action. This is called putting in value and allows you to select information in a document or parts thereof. Once the text is highlighted you can then copy or cut the information according to your needs. An example of this highlighted text looks like below:

    Figure 1: Example of highlighted text

    And you can use Ctrl + C to copy, and then Ctrl + V to paste.

    See you soon.

  • How can I copy and paste a list of email addresses in Mail App for Windows 8?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. "How to copy and paste a list of email addresses in the Mail for Windows 8 App?"  I would like to send an e-mail message to a group.  It seems that I should be able to copy and paste a previous e-mail email addresses to this group to compose a new message.   I am able to select text in the body of an email to copy and paste, but can not select one of the e-mail addresses.  It will only allow me to save each email to my contacts address individually.  No idea how to copy and paste in bulk?


    The format of the email addresses can be different from the email you received.   You can export and import from MS Office (in comma-delimited format) for the DESKTOP e-mail client but not the mail app 8 victory.  As I know there is no way to make a straight copy. / Paste for victory 8 app.

    You can always create a group in the people application, and then add the users manually.  For future emails you would just type the name of the group.

  • How can I copy and paste text in a PDF document?

    I'm new to this kind of things Adobe Acrobat, and I wonder what I have to do, to be able to simply copy and paste from a PDF file to any ordinary document old.

    Hi don GST.

    Provided that the PDF is not secure or protected, you can simply drag your cursor over the text you want to copy, and then choose Edition > copy to copy text to the Clipboard. Then, you can change which application you want to paste in, then choose Edition > paste.

    You cannot select the text if the document was obtained by its creator. You can tell by looking for "Secure" in the title bar of the PDF file.

    Let us know how it goes.



  • How can I copy and paste images without size reduction?

    I'm working on a project where I want to include several jpeg images that are saved on my computer on a new 8.5 x 11 single page in Photoshop. Although the percentages are the same on the images and Photoshop page, when I copy and paste the images on the page, the size of the images are significantly reduced (from 5 "to 1")  I would appreciate any instructions on how to copy images and paste them on a page of Photoshop without the reduction in the size of the image. I have done this task before and I have not had any problems. Is there a setting that I am ignorant of what I need to change in order to continue the project as planned? Thank you for your time.

    You should check that the resolution in the "image size" is the same on the original documents and the newly created document. Pay special notice-if your units are the same in the two - or pixels/inch or pixels/cm.

  • How can I copy and paste from Google "Keep"? Every time I try, the copied text is not copied to the Clipboard in Firefox, it allows to copy my clipboard 'by default'.

    I can't get the Firefox Clipboard appears when I try to copy the Dungeon of Google. Please help, thanks.

    Hi again LvScience:

    (tips from jsoulless40 (thanks js40!) to try the site office in Firefox when using the web application in Dungeon is very good, but I think you are using the right to keep the App, not web app version right?)

    Thanks for the info of the unit: 'Android OS's on a Samsung Rugby Pro 4.1.2 I do not have this tablet but I have two tablets from samsung android under 4.x

    I should have asked before:

    What exact steps where you next when you've copied and pasted into a 'newly opened document.

    My steps were (on my Samsung Tab S 10 4.4.2 running):

    1. in Firefox selected, then copied text
    2. past in app Google Dungeon
    3. successfully pasted the text in Dungeon in the 'add a quick note', also tapped the new note icon and pasted the text into a new note
  • How can I copy and paste?

    I need to know how to cut copy / paste on my computer. I'm putting something and it says to copy and paste.

    What should I do? It is windows 7

    Thanks Jonathan

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    Original title: 7 premian House of widows

    Text, for example. Place the cursor at one end of the text. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the text to highlight. Right-click on the highlighted text and left click on the copy. Place the cursor where you want the text to go and right click and paste.

Maybe you are looking for

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