How can I copy CDs to an MP3 player?

I have no idea how to do to copy on mp3 player, please help


Basically, you will need to COPY the CD with MP3 as the
target format and an MP3 player as a target
Saving location.

Maybe the following article offers some ideas:

How to copy songs from a CD to an MP3 player?

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  • How can I copy music from my mp3 to my pc?



    You should be able to do by following a similar procedure to copy files from any drive of withdrawal as a Flash drive.

    Furthermore, what is the number of brand and model of your mp3 player?

    According to the model number, the manufacturer may have specific steps. However, the normal procedure is given below.

    a. plug Mp3 player.

    b. go to the computer.

    c. open the unit.

    d. open the folder on the mp3 player that has your music.

    e. you can either copy files from the drive to the destination folder that is on your computer using the drag and drop or method used to copy paste .

    That's all and you're done.

    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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  • Can I copy music FROM my MP3 player to a new playlist in Media Player?

    Original title:

    Windows media player

    Can I copy music FROM my MP3 player to a new playlist in Media Player? If the answer is 'yes' Please give me some very simple instructions on how to do it.

    Thank you

    Joe Hawkiins


    You can use Windows Media Player to copy music, videos and pictures of the Player library to a portable device, such as a compatible MP3 player or vice versa. This process is called synchronization.

    You can see the links below and check if it helps:

    I hope this helps!

  • How can I copy albums of Windows Media Player on my computer?

    1. How can I copy and record albums in my Windows Media Player library on my computer?

    Do you mean pull them up in your computer?  or do you mean copy them to media player, so you can play them elsewhere?

    If you want to say, put a CD, select the extract and select those you want to extract.
    If the latter, then go to your music folder and find the album you want.

  • How can I get music from my mp3 player in my Windows Media Player on my computer?

    I'm just trying to get the songs on my mp3 player on my computer.  I was told I could use Windows Media Player to do this. How?

    What mp3 player?

    Try this: plug in your mp3 player and when XP recognizes it open up Windows Explorer then Tools > file options > make sure Show Hidden Files etc. is checked. Your mp3 should theoretically appear in the roor on the left file pane. Then copy and paste to your PC/laptop

    The above of course depends on which mp3 player you have. Some appear as a storage device to mass media (where you can see their "hard drive") but others don't.

    See you soon,.


  • Need help... How can I open my sansa fuze mp3 player?

    Hello everyone,

    Unfortunately, I was a little awkward. I spilled orange juice on my sansa fuze mp3 player and now I could not move the small wheel more . Everything else (electronics) is OK, but now I have to clean it up.

    I would be very happy if someone could explain to me how can I open it... I tried, but so far I have not.

    Thanks in advance,


    This can help. But be warned if you open it and it goes bad later SanDisk who see and decide to not honor the warranty.

  • How can I copy CDs burned from mac to PC?

    I burned a cd in the MP3 on my mac. I can copy it on my itunes on my pc but its unrecognizable. What I would do.



    1 is that the same CD's get recognized by Windows?

    2. other CD (not burnt on MAC) is recognized by iTunes?

    iTunes for Windows doesn't recognize my audio CD:

    Additional information: iTunes for Windows: CD troubleshooting problems caused by device filters:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How can I copy CDs without additional software

    Is there a built in copy disc? If so where

    You can burn images, but cannot create an isos.  You can usually find good online, such as daemon tools lite (free).

    You could also copy the files on the disc and burn it to another.

  • How can I copy large files (> 15 GB) on several CDs or DVDs using features in Windows 7?

    How can I copy large files (> 15 GB) on several CDs or DVDs using features in Windows 7?  I tried Media Player, but simply, he stops and tells me that the file I copy is great.  I am looking for a way that will tell me to enter another dissk and continue copying until the file has copied at the end.

    You need to split the file into segments that will be adapted on the disks you are using.

    Windows has no characteristic that will do this for you. You can get a BluRay drive and disc, when you should be able to fit on a single disk file.

  • How can I copy files/sub-sub-sub-folders in Icloud on MacBook? Since the upgrade to Sierra, I see all of my folders in icloud but not on my Mac.  Thanks - David

    How can I copy files/sub-sub-sub-folders in Icloud on MacBook? Since the upgrade to Sierra, I see all of my folders (with documentation) in icloud but not on my Mac.  Thanks - David

    Turn off the power of optimized storage and copy the files to your Mac.

    1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
    2. Select has about this Mac from the menu drop down.

    3. click on the tab for storage in the system information window.

    4. click on manage the...

    5 disable the storage element optimize.

  • How can I copy n since my Mac air bleeding in a USB key? Since his 1.3 GB its impossible to send these PT by email to my friend...

    How can I copy and paste my mac air photos for a pen drive? As his total 1.3 GB, its impossible to send these fotos by electronic to my friend... Please advise.

    In Photos, select the images you want to put on the external device.

    Photos-> file-> export, and then select the external device as your destination for export.

    You can select an album (or albums) to export and the content of the album is written to the specified destination folder.

    NOTE: You can also get a account, which includes 2 GB of free storage, and then export the images you want to share in the Dropbox--> Public folder and then send a link to your friends.

  • How can I copy files from project Waveburner to another internal drive?

    How can I copy files from project Waveburner to another internal drive without losing the connection to the files audio orig.?

    Thank you for your time,

    Since no one answered my call, I sat and researched and studied WaveBurner behavior and I can myself answer my question and solve. Since there were a lot of people asking similar questions on WaveBurner files I will post what I learned.

    Whenever you drop your audio files in the list window to make your WaveBurner CD copy not copy your audio files, but relies on the original audio file, where they are located. So whenever you move the files orig. and you open WaveBurner, it can't find those and displays an error window to suggest it will search for the missing file or if you know where he is now lets you find manually. WaveBurner usually place the .wb3 project file that contains everything including your home folder.

    For this reason, I reserve now an audio file WaveBurner also folder in my home folder. In order to save themselves from WaveBurner cannot find the audio file, all audio files that I do, I put in my folder of audio files WaveBurner first, then copy them in WaveBurner from there.

    When I need to use a bigger hard drive I copy .wb3-WaveBurner projects based, but also my

    Sound folder WaveBurner for the home folder on the new hard drive.

    WaveBurner is now all audio files without problem.

    I hope that this will be a unique problem to someone else. Happy WaveBurning.


  • How can I copy the format of a sentence or paragraph on another phrase or a paragraph?

    When I copy and paste a section of an article to another, I want to change the format of the section imported to accompany the rest of the article. In Outlook or MS customer, I would use the brush for this icon. How can I copy the format of a section in Thunderbird in another section?

    Thank you very much.

    I would like to use stationery to say my favorite styles, then use 'Paste without shaped' to allow the formatting that is currently in force to apply to the text pasted, not knowing everything already set the imported text. A weakness of Thunderbird in its native form, is that it tends to forget to insert your policy chosen by default etc.. The add-on stationery that heals by making your explicit requirement.

    Messages sent by users of Thunderbird often appear ugly serif text (IMHO), what is lacking Outlook, Thunderbird forgets to say that you have chosen a sans serif font when composing.

    Without stationery, all your efforts to align your text can come were reduced to nothingness.

  • How can I copy a sentence from a Web site and paste it in another site?

    Copy-paste thing


  • How can I copy Pages and Numbers to ICloud by car?

    I just upgraded my IPhone 6 Plus and my IMac (running OS X El Capitan) the reader to ICloud.  I thought that my documents Pages and Numbers would be automatically copied in ICloud drive.  They were not.  How can I copy my documents Pages, and existing Numbers to ICloud drive?  I have read some material, and none of them explain how to copy my documents in ICloud without removing them from my computer.  Is it possible to have documents in ICloud and on my IMac (like ICloud library works)?

    Thanks to all those who can help you.

    Move them to the folders of Pages and telephone numbers in the drive in your Finder to iCloud.

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