How can I correct "processor not valid update firmware" I have a compaq dc7600 cmt C2C6260Q93

My m/c is a HP Compaq dc7600 CMT (C2C6260Q93).

I replaced the processor 2.8 with intel (R) pentium (R) D CPU 3.00 GHZ / 4 M, during startup, it gives the message "missing or not valid processor microcode update.

My motherboard is HP (C) 2005HPDC can you help me solve this problem?

Thank you...


You are the very welcome.

Please read this guide to make a USB flash drive bootable.

You must download and install the HP USB format by the link tool there is on the Web page.

Use the tool to format and do a usb flash drive bootable.


Then, you will need to download Windows 98 DOS files from the link there is on the Web page.

Then, you copy and paste the files BACK of Windows 98 in the bootable flash drive.

Then you download and run the update of the firmware from this link.

You will now see an instruction page after you run the update of the firmware.

Under the section titled USB Flash Media Micro Code flashing in the BACK, select BACK Flash happy folder view.

Copy all the files on your USB drive bootable.

So, to summarize...

1. you have a bootable USB key with the HP format tool

2. you copied files BACK of Windows 98 in the bootable flash drive

3. you have copied the contents of the flash HP firmware BACK on the bootable flash drive folder.

You are now ready to update the firmware.

Insert the flash drive into a USB port.  Turn on the PC and at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, press the F9 key to get the start time menu.

Select the boot from USB drive option and press the Enter key and the PC should boot from the flash drive on.

Now you need to know a few basic DOS commands.

You should be at the command prompt.

At the command prompt, type the FLASHBIN.exe command and press the Enter key.

Then follow the instructions on the screen to update the firmware.

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