How can I create my own DVD for first Elements 7 menu templates

I'm a software developer. I say this because I want to establish that I am completely able to program the software to a level well beyond the normal "user". I would like to develop my own models of DVD menu for use with first Elements 7. What tools do I need to do?

More important still, why the PE7 does not support this capability? I ask because the other movie making software I tested provide ways to create DVD menus customized from scratch. (and have more than one default template to customize) I don't mention the name of the competitor for fear of censorship of this entire thread.

Well, as I said, the amazing DVD Architect Studio is only $39. And you can create almost any kind of DVD menu with it!

As for the other models of DVD for Premiere Elements, you can download additional content from the same place, you downloaded the trial.

The frequently asked Questions to the right of this forum offers more information.

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    Thank you.

    I have betieve you need to install the x 86 32-bit version on your PC too, and build an installer that.

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

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    Hi Thomas,

    What you can do is, manually import the custom icons that image of Muse and link them to your pages.

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