How can I create something like the huggies commercial

I was wondering how can I create something in the style of the huggies commercial.

This concept has a name? Can it be created with Adobe products?

Please let me know or point me where I can go to learn.

Thank you


Sometimes called Bullet Time. The key to its type of production is planning and shooting, not the post. While the post is important, if you don't have the right kind of images you can not accomplish the task.

Here's the right way to do the trick.

Do a Google search for Bullet Time effect and you will see other ways to kind of fake it without dozens or even hundreds of cameras.

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    It is easier to do in other programs (such as DVD Architect Studio), but it is possible to do with Premiere Elements.

    Put the clips of 'extras' after your main movie on your timeline. Then, at the end of your main movie, add a marker to stop.

    At the beginning of your 'extras' clips add a main Menu brand. Make sure the disc menu template you have chosen then has a link between the page from the main menu and extras. (Some models are - this is why most people do this type of discs in another program.)

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    lablovr (at)

    Your options are

    (1) you can use a service provider which converts your PDFS into flippage magazine as in your example, most of them are commercial. Usually, you pay some question of costs/published or that there may be some monthly payments so... They place your magazine in their own special server and give you a link to your Web site.

    (2) you can create your flippage magazine out of InDesign CS4 as mentioned Scot. If you do it directly from InDesign, it s very easy to produce, but there is no element of navigation such as zoom, go to the next/previous page etc.. You can do some of these elements of InDesign layout the buttons and links hypertext, but that s of your time.

    You can also view an add-on for InDesign called eDocWorkflow. It automatically brings a user interface to your SWF files after exported them from InDesign CS4:

    West trial to test...

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    Thank you Sarah.

    Hi Sarah,.

    You would not be able to realize exactly what only Muse. You can achieve something similar by using the Panel tabs widget and add each category in a different tab.

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    There is no information on the forums and youtube on this subject, and it drives me crazy.


    Please try following steps to make it work for you.

    1. place the codes marked in page design mode and preview in the browser.

    2. right click on the selection rectangle in the Navigator and select "Inspect element" (Google Chrome)

    3. Once you do this, you will be able to see that well-known codes are placed in a div with an id as #u75. In this example, it is #u75.

    4. it is the identifier that will target you for CSS.

    5. If the CSS, you will need to add following

    6. you can do a right click on the framing box in design and select "Edit HTML" and put the code before the code of renowned as mentioned below

    7. click on show preview and you will get a dotted border.



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    Please see the below mentioned KB doc for the same link:

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    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    1. Add a layer blank and choose a foreground color.

    2. choose the Rectangle tool to draw the image. (mobile dotted)

    3 edit > race about 4 pixels (your call) location: inside

    4. uncheck the box mobile dotted

    4. Add a layer mask and with hard edged brush painting in the back to hide the frame

  • How can I configure something like this?


    I took this screenshot from InDesign. Several months ago a friend created this grid for me. I want to use it to make fake stamps. However, I notice that some of the points are overlapped in places (you may need to zoom to see this).

    I wonder if someone can tell me how I can set up a grid like this on my own. I tried and not had much luck. I want to be able to put images in each 'cell' (you will see boxes that I put there already). Is there an easy way to do this? Do not look exactly like what did my friend, but I would like something similar. Please, can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

    ladyinblack1964 wrote:

    However, I do understand the step and repeat part. While your screenshot is out with no gutter between the boxes, mine did. I do not understand orders from offset box.

    My boxes are 1.25 "x 1.75". I want to only six columns in each row. Not sure how many lines I want yet.

    What I am doing wrong? Thanks v. much.

    compensation must be set to the dimensions of the frames, no room between, you do not want any space, if you use 1.25 for the horizontal shift (and the number of copies to 5 or the number of rows to 6, depending on wheter you selected created as a game grid) and the value of vertical to 1.75 and the number to be determined. If you do not select Create as a grid, the vertical offset set to 0 for the first step, then select the entire row, repeat step and repeat, put the horizontal offset to 0 and make the vertical offset to 1.75 times th number of lines, less one, you need in the field copies.

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    Thanks for advantage.

    I did a quick test. I created a canvas and filled with a color. I created another layer and created a selection with the marquee tool button and a 100px feather (you would have to experiment with the pen). I inverted the selection and filled with black. Then experimented with opacity in the layers panel and blend modes.

  • How can we create ARC of the text as string options in illustrator?


    I read illustrator js doc much time but you could not find any function that is responsible for the CRA the text as.

    Warp options in illustrator object-> deformation-> Make with Warp Envolop.

    Any body can help me, how can we have achieved that.

    Thank you

    Sana Ullah

    Hi Sana, distortion of the envelope is not scriptable.

  • How can I create tabs of the panels using Dreamweaver CM³, similar to the Spry version available in CS6?

    I used Spry tabbed panels in a site. Need to recreate this page on another site using Dreamweaver CC. CC has no Spry component. Can someone suggest a 3rd party method produces or alternative to make similar panels on a page without having to hand code html-css-java?

    Here's a JQuery solution


    or you can copy your Spry of the other site files and change the contents

  • How can you add something (like article) to the home screen. This option seems to have disappeared. So far I've recorded in notes.

    How to record save such an article to the screen in version 10. This option seems to be gone, so for now I save in "notes." Thank you all.


    If you have a box with an arrow at the top of the screen just click on that & follow the prompts.

    See you soon


  • How to find out the width of a character to font to spacing fixed in a given font size? Or more precisely, how can I create a box the size of a character of monospaced fonts?


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    > It of a nice trick, but does not include the space between the characters typed.

    Type two consecutive letters. Then, after you convert the characters in vectorised text, commented on and make sure a line from point to point on the next letter. The length of the line will be the width of your area.

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    There was never a button Delete or uninstall any of these "extensions", which is the main reason why they found themselves on the red list in a first time.

    See if that helps you.

    Also that.


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    Is it possible with this printer, or is there a workaround to avoid the message 'paper mismatch '.

    Thanks for the ay help I can get.

    I'm sorry not to come back earlier.  I stumbled across a work around for this problem.  Use a different print driver for the printer.  I'll link the instructions below.  Again, sorry I don't come back with the workaround as soon as possible.

    How to assign other drivers to print in different Versions of Windows

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