How can I customize the toolbar when you use the browser of the attribute

In CVI 2012, changes in the toolbar depending on the environment, for example, it is different to the source window and the user interface editor. The toolbar can be customized using the Options menu / toolbar...

Unfortunately, when you use the browser of the attribute of the user interface editor, another toolbar is displayed, i.e. not the UI Editor toolbar... I would have assumed that the browser of the attribute belongs to the user interface editor, obviously this isn't... So, how can I customize the toolbar when you use the browser of the attribute?


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    Is it possible to replace Oracle form while in use by another user?

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    I searched the Forum, but able to get the answer to this topic, I will be grateful if you could provide no alternative to do this.


    Windows Server 2008 R2

    WebLogic Server 10.3.5

    Oracle form & report 11.1.2


    For Production environment, it will be handled with tactics that led to minor maintenance work as well.

    You must have two physical directories (real and temporary) including the same fmx/plx/pll/mmx, files etc.

    and a file reference of in the FORMS_PATH in default.env, who have the latest version of the source.

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    You can do this by adding Og tags for Facebook share and favicon.

    To apply a favicon in Muse, please go to file > Site Properties > Content and apply the favicon.

    Adding images to Facebook Share, please see a similar thread below.

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    Kind regards


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  • How can I change the attributes read-only or system files?

    How can I change the attributes read-only or system files?

    To view or to remove the read-only or system attributes, use the Attrib command at a command prompt:

    1. click the Start button, type cmd in the search box and press ENTER.

    2. to view the syntax for the Attrib command, Type attrib------? at the command prompt.

    WARNING: If you remove the read-only or a file system attribute, it may seem like a regular folder and some customizations may be lost. For example, Windows customizes the Fonts folder and provides a special folder view that allows you to hide variations, such as bold and italics. It also allows you to change the display settings of the file in a way that is specific to fonts. If you remove the read-only attributes and the Fonts folder system, these custom display settings not available. For folders that you have customized by using the tab, customize the folder properties dialog box, the folder icon and other other customizations may be lost when you remove the read-only attribute.

    If a program cannot save files to a folder with read-only, such as My Documents, change the read-only to the system attribute by using the Attrib command at a command prompt.

    To remove the read-only attribute and to set the system attribute, use the following command:

    attrib - r + s drive:------------.

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    attrib - r-s c:\test

  • How can I customize the toolbar to display the Cancel button?

    Y at - it an equivalent of DW to the 'standard toolbar' in CFB2, because I'm looking for a way to put the most basic commands of the Undo/Redo/copy/paste editing and don't see a way to add them to a visible toolbar.  What I see is that I have to click on the Edit menu, and then select the order I want.  I'll be really disappointed if I can't include the basic like this on a toolbar commands.  Please don't tell me about shortcuts keyboard, I know they are there, but I would like to have the Visual buttons on my toolbar, too.  Record everything and Word Wrap would be another order I current have a toolbar of DW, but cannot see how to customize it in CFB2.  Am I missing something?

    I have news for you, some good, some bad, and somewhere, you can still help your cause.

    First of all, I note that I have raised this issue for you to RIAcon this weekend, when Hemant (Director of engineering for the CF and the BFC) spoke on CFB2. He agreed that the addition of the extra buttons for people who prefer what could be useful.

    I must admit, though, that I could not remember which key it was and thought it was a "BOLD". Someone pointed out that there is actually a bar of buttons for such things HTML (even if behind a tab, you have to notice and open). I think that may have then deflected the concern of Hemant for this.

    So I added here as a CC (don't know if he is a member of this forum. BTW, Hemant, if you're not, then no answer is not getting to the group, but if you add me in manually ([email protected]), I'll forward your answer if I do not appear in the forum.)

    And as I have noted, DCwebGuy - why don't people use first names in these forums? -you could and should at least raise this as a feature request. There may be others who are with you. The bugbase does support vote, and you could answer this note with your bug id to give it more publicity.

    Go (and not to be in a bad mood, but on the contrary speaking sincerely) when you say that you are a coder pure and hard, I think that there must be 'designer-like' features of DW that you like (well beyond this problem of click of a button) enough to bring you to prefer to stay here and not take advantage of many features in CFB who are NOT in DW. If this is not so, then maybe you don't see enough of what WMC can do for you.

    I'll tell you this: some features (like some elements of the fantastic code help) work only if you go the extra steps to log in to a server and things like that. If you don't do this, you will not see and enjoy these new and unique features has NOT of DW. Do you have at least seen demos or read the guides to fully appreciate what you give up? It is not "just another editor".

    But again, DW has certainly something that isn't the CFB (and may never), so she really different races for different people.

    Finally, if it was truly about shortcuts keyboard vs mouse clicks, I'll suggest that, at least with cancellations, ctrl-z is used in almost all applications out there, is not as if it was a burden to learn and use. It's a terrible way to end, I'm sure it sounds in a bad mood. Again, I don't want to say it. I'm just saying that I'm sure some reading of that would think, so if you went to answer feel free to do it for them - but please take a breath first, if it got up your blood pressure. And please do not shoot the Messenger.


  • How can I customize the Thunderbird message columns to show the raw sender address (not the full name) and e-mail address "received for" which was used to reach me?

    I find more and more important to be able to see the actual email address of the sender rather than just displaying the name, because they do not usually show a company name - a domain would always be. Is it possible to customize the settings/write a file of script/tweak to add columns of name email & domain raw? When dealing with a number of people from the same company, it is difficult to order or nod thanks to a list of emails to find. I know also that 2 people with the same name to different companies and it is impossible to distinguish.

    Secondly, as an addition of associated column, since a number of e-mail aliases join it would be useful to have a column to display the "received for" part of the source of the message that reveals the real enamel used in the To/CC/BCC, which led to me. Once again can it be twisted or scripted?

    I have programming experience but did not Add ons, and would be open to a proposal which is to create a custom module if adding columns with custom values is possible like this.

    Best regards


    This module help you?

  • How can I customize the new firefox so I can see all of the HTML "title tag"? Its sky partially obscured in this new version.

    I am a webmaster/work in site development and need to see the FULL "title tag" or the browser title to each of the pages I visit. It is now partially hidden and I have to "view source" (the source html code) in order to see the FULL title tag. Before it was completely visible; now, I see only a small part of it. How should I do if I can see the whole thing? I can't drag the tab bar to make it bigger.

    I don't speak of this < title > ask a Question | Support Mozilla < /title >; some some pages title tags are much longer and obscured now in this new version of Mozilla. I need to see the full thing! Help, please!

    Method 1

    Simply hover the mouse over the tab until the ToolTip appears.

    Method 2

    1. Right-click on a zone empty of the tab bar and select Customize.
    2. Click the button on the title bar in the lower left corner to activate the title bar.
    3. Click the Customize output button when finished.
  • How can I customize the twelve browsers preferred?

    New tab shows 9 favorite browsers. How to set these browsers or delete the ones I don't want.

    See this article on the page tab (topic: newtab):

    You can change the order of the boxes on the subject: newtab page and drag an item to another location in PIN in this position or you can remove a Web site by clicking on the close X to block this URL.

    You can drag a bookmark or history item and drop them into a slot on the topic: newtab page to pin them and have your own sites showing favorites.

    Changes manually on the subject: newtab page are stored in the browser.newtabpage.pinned (default = [null]) and pref browser.newtabpage.blocked you can check/change on the about: config page.

  • How can I fix error 1935 when you try to download Adobe Acrobat?

    I had Adobe Acrobat is installed on my computer for a long time and was getting periodic updates through version 9. ? as they became available.  When the new version 10. ?? (with an X in the name of the file) has been made available, it would not load into my computer.  Since then I tried to download Adobe and I get the error code 1935. I looked at possible ways to fix it, and the first is to go to the "command prompt" and type in a certain order.  When I tried to do that, it tells me that I need to be logged in as an administrator.  How can I connect as administrator (I am an administrator on this computer - this is my PC at home)?  If this does not resolve the problem, which should try after that?  Thank you very much for your help!


    Right-click guest, and then click run as administrator.

  • How can I get full screen when you run qbasic on Windows 7 starter?

    When I run Qbasic (Version 1.1) with Windows 95, I get a view full-screen. When I run Qbasic (Version 1.1) with Window 7 Starter I get a partial screen display. How can I get a display full screen when running Qbasic (Version 1.1) using Windows 7 Starter?

    Hello Joseph,.

    Sorry for the late reply. It seems that you cannot run Qbasic (Version 1.1) on your computer in Windows 7.

    You can uninstall the program and install it in compatibility mode. Here's how:

    1. Right-click on the configuration file (program).
    2. Go to Properties. Click on the compatibility tab.
    3. Place a check on the option run this program in compatibility mode for and in the drop-down list, choose the operating system on which it was working fine.
    4. Place a check on run as administrator under the level of privileges and click on apply , then OK.
    5. Now, double-click the setup file to start the installation.

    Do not respond if you have more related questions. We will be happy to help you. Thank you.

  • How to get out a window, when you use the main screen?

    When I'm in the MBR to 8 window and I opened a program like IE, how to close to return to the main screen. Some other icons are the same thing. I'm looking for a way to close it and return.

    I know that I can go to the lower left window, but did close these windows? Hope this makes since. I think that if I click on music it does the same thing. I can't end this one. I can find a break and other things.

    Maybe I'm not dragging my slider on the right side?

    Thanks, Bruce

    Bring your cursor to the top of the standby screen until you see the hand and then click and drag it to the bottom of the screen... Who's going to close an application and take back you to the start screen.

    Press windows + C which will open the charms of the right side

    Press windows + key X that will open a menu of useful type administration programs

    I hope that helps


  • How can I customize the 'grid '.

    I want to make the grid simplified in different situations, for example, one with the grid lines showing all the 1/4 inch and the slightly heavier lines every inch. How to make choices like this to change the appearance of the grid. By default, the grid is too thin slices and what I need is a most basic page layout and then be able to add more later by adding lines of 1/8th of an inch but keeping heavier lines at intervals of 1 inch.

    Is there a way to make changes to the grid easily?



    You can customize the grid preferences:

    Edit-> preferences-> guides and grid

Maybe you are looking for