How can I cut the internal of my Satellite L670-1JP louspeakers?

How can I disable the internal of my Satellite L670-1JP louspeakers, without inhibition of output?



Try * Fn + ESC. *

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    How can I disable the touchpad on my Satellite L500?
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    You can do this by using the FN + F9 key combination.

    Check it out.

  • How can I clear the CMOS/BIOS on Satellite L10 password

    HOW can I clear the CMOS/BIOS password?


    Sorry to say this, but it of not possible to remove the BIOS password without help from the Toshiba authorised service provider.
    The special procedure is required to remove this password.

    Therefore, you have only one way out. Contact the ASP in your country and request removal of the BIOS

  • How can I activate the internal Microphone?

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    You should consult the documentation for your computer's system or contact Dell.  It is not a Windows problem.

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    Hi eastar2090,

    You can do this by using the crop tool in Acrobat DC Acrobat help. Crop pages PDF, no other option available.

    Kind regards

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    Thanks a lot for your answer. Who did it!

  • How can I get the internal speakers to work on a hpvs15 screen



    Try a reset of the monitor. Unplug the power cord from the monitor and hold the power button of the monitor for 30 to 60 seconds. Plug the monitor back in and it lights up.  Does that help?

    Consult this Manual.  Go into the on-screen display-->> volume and turn up to max all the sounds?

    Don't forget that you have a green audio cable plugged into the monitor and audio output on your PC port. Don't forget to unplug the headphones.

    Try a PC speaker separated in order to eliminate the PC as the problem.  You can also try the monitor and cable on another PC.

  • How can I disable the internal mouse pad when you use a USB external mouse

    I want to disable the internal mousepad on my Dell laptop and use a mouse USB - external connected instead, because tapping the heat of my hands seems to move the cursor, if the letters and words are mixed.

    Hi Martyn,

    Most laptops have a function key (FN) which can be used in combination with other keys for example FN + F2 or FN + F7 to disable or enable the touchpad.

    If you are not able to disable using the function keys, then try the following steps.

    To disable the touchpad in Device Manager, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start.
    2. In the start search box type devmgmt.msc, and then on enter.
    3. In Device Manager, expand mice and other pointing devices and locate the touchpad.
    4. Right click on the touchpad and click on the disable option.

    Following the steps above should help you disable the touchpad.

  • How can I move the internal hard drive containing the LR catalog to become external hard drive?

    I'm upgrading to a new computer.  With this approach, I took the hard drive 1 TB "internal" hard with my LR catalog and pictures from my old computer and hooked up as a hard drive on the new computer.   My next step is to load CC Lightroom on the internal drive of the new computer and remove the software from the old hard drive, which is now just a disk storage external photo. 

    Then, the tricky part where I need help.  How LR to recognize the existing catalog on what is now the external hard drive?

    Thank you

    As DJ says, double-click the catalog on the external hard drive.

    Or, in the menu of LR, / file/open/and navigate on the external drive.

    Whatever it is, after the opening of the catalog, you will need to go to the library, Panel folders module and 'find missing' on each top-level to tell LR you folders, move the folders on the external drive.

  • How can I know the model of my Satellite M100 series?

    just my last thought. How can I tell which model I use, it's satellite m100 series, but I still don't know what specific it is...

    Thanks for the help

    Hi Enrique

    It of very simple for this knowledge.
    At the bottom of the unit, you will find the label that provides all these useful information.
    You should also find the number start with the PSM.

    This number is important to identify your model of laptop for example
    to download driver.

  • How can I access the recovery on my Satellite L500D-00F partition?

    Hi, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L500D-00F delivered with Windows 7 Home Premium and my OS is not working properly so I need to boot from the recovery partition, but I can't find a way to do...


    The first startup launched the hidden restore partition and I followed the procedure to install the OS of the computer.

    At one point he asked me if I wanted to 32-bit or the 64 bit version of Windows 7, so I choose the default option (32 bit) because I couldn't find anywhere in the specifications of L500D of the merchant that is was a 64-bit processor.

    After the installation of the computer, it started Windows 7 properly and I could hear the startup sound, see my office for a second and the screen went black, nothing worked at all and I discovered that my computer was actually a unit of 64-bit, so that is probably why the video driver does not work properly, I guess. Whenever I start my laptop, I see my desktop for a second then it goes black and crashes like this.


    In any case... I want to restart this recovery partition and reinstall my operating system using the 64-bit version.

    How can I boot from the recovery partition on my L500D-00F... AND PLEASE don't tell me to hit F8 during the startup, I already tried this and NO I don't have a "Repair" option The first is 'Safe mode' and there is no option 'Fix' or 'retrieve '.

    Also, in Windows Disk Manager (that I can use in some way when I boot in safe mode) I see two hidden partitions, a 10 GB and a 1.5 GB, so I KNOW they are there, I did not delete them and they should be intact.

    Any help is appreciated, but don't tell me to hit F8 when starting, this has already been tried: P

    Thanks for the comments.
    On this forum, that we have already talked about this and of course access to the data recovery is not the same for all models of laptop. F8 method is for example for models Europeans and several people from the Australia or even Canada reported on the use of the 0 button.

    In any case, I'm happy to know that everything is going well.

    Good bye

  • How can I reinstall the cd/dvd player - Satellite P100 PSPAD


    I have the Satellite P100 (PSPAD) and my cd/dvd drive (I do not know how or when) suddenly disappeard, it does not appear in my computer or Device Manager.
    I tried this but coul not found the lowerfilters so I delite the upperfilter and restart the computer, but it does not work.
    So I can reinstall it somehow and how can I do?

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    Be careful it can be many instances of the registry subkey that is mentioned in step 2.
    You must ensure that you are in the appropriate registry subkey before modifying the UpperFilters and LowerFilters values.
    To verify that you are in the appropriate registry subkey, make sure that the default data value is the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and the class data value is CDROM.
    3. in the right pane, click UpperFilters, and then click on remove.
    4. click on Yes to confirm the deletion of the UpperFilters registry entry.
    5. in the right pane, click LowerFilters, and then click on remove.
    6. click on Yes to confirm the deletion of the LowerFilters registry entry.
    7. exit the registry editor and then restart the computer.

    And what operating system are you using?

  • How can I recover the OS on my Satellite L40 (PSL48E)?

    I ve recently received this laptop with the data and configs of previous users. And I have an urgent need to get Vista back to the original. When I'm trying to use the recovery on the HARD drive partition, the program asks me to use the RecoverDVD.

    But I have one! How can I get this drive or can make this disc of BONE? What should I do?
    Guess the ISO of the DVD to recover is somewhere on the NET, is I not?


    Recovery image is not downloadable, and if you can't install OS HARD drive partition you must order the original Toshiba Recovery DVD.
    You can do so under the

    BTW: have you tried to install the OS using F8 option at startup?

  • How can I get the driver for Toshiba satellite pro M40X VGA

    My venus of toshiba with a Xp operating system I now changed to Windows 7.

    After you install the new windows, I found out today that my VGA is not driven. PLs, how can we drived by my VGA & were I can find it.

    The graphics card in your laptop is an Intel® Extreme Graphics 2, which is not supported by Intel for use with Windows 7. There is nothing you can do to change.

    The best operating system for your laptop is Windows XP...

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