How can I delete all emails read without highlighting each one and delete it

Original title: how to remove the old E-mail

How can I delete all emails read without highlighting each one and remove it.  You want to remove them all at once.  I use Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail 2011

To remove all the: select one and Ctrl + A will highlight all. -Delete.

To delete a section: highlight the first one you want to remove. Scroll to last and click while holding down the SHIFT key. -Delete.

To delete several messages that alternate: hold down the CTRL key while you click each message in order to highlight. -Delete.

To empty the remove items, click on it and there will be an X to the right.

SHIFT + DELETE bypasses the deleted items folder.

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    Thank you
    James Terlecki

    The menu bar, select View-Threads-All.

    No menu bar display? Press the ALT key.

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    Hi all

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    Thank you

    It is not equivalent iPad command + A. The best we can do is select Edit at the bottom of the sidebar, and then just keep tapping once on each email and remove them in batches.

    Or do it on the computer that sync you it with.

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    I would recommend to use IMAP instead of POP3, however if it were to be POP3:

    1. file
    2. Options
    3. e-mail accounts
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    @mikeh95269662 - Yes, you can store files in Active CC but have not in your creation Cloud Files folder on your computer.

    Creative application Cloud Desktop open the Preferences and move from the general to the creative cloud tab tab. Then, under the creative cloud Apps tab switch to the files and sync on / off select disabled. This means that no files will be synchronized.

    You can access your files from for downloading and uploading.

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    You cannot send mailing lists.

    You can export the content of a mailing list in a file and send the file to someone else. They should use the contact information in the file to import it into their address book, and then create a mailing list.

    The export command is under tools in the address book window. Find out what kind of file, customer email receivers can work with and send them this type of file.

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    According to the song, you can select all the Flickr photos - a. control then right click and choose make available offline. Moreover, it is better to download in small batches.

    However, it would be better to copy your iTunes folder full of the old pc to the new pc. Also look at this How to move your iTunes library to a new computer - Apple Support


  • How can I empty all waste in file instead of one at a time as deleat all empty junk e-mail folder

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    I'd rather manage my mail by mail junk select all empty how do I


    There are two ways to achieve this.

    1. Select the folder you want to empty.

    Right-click and select Folder Options on the toolbar at the bottom.

    Click empty folder .

    2. Select the folder you want to empty.

    Press on Ctrl + A to select all messages.

    Press the delete key.


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    Generalize for now...

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    CTRL + A

    Have you tried?

    Please let us know if it works for you. If not, more details please.

    Thank you.


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