How can I delete all the music on my rocket drive using my computer?

How can I delete all the music on my drive using my computer? I printed the user manual, but the statement is vague.

Please help a frustrated old man,

Thank someone who answers this time (even before ayone answers that I tend to forget to say thanks for the help)


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You can (and should) get the free mp3tag:

Install mp3tag.  When you install, let it be added to the context menus (an option during installation).

Open mp3tag and in tools, Options, Tags, Mpeg do option Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are tags favorite rocket, and once make you it by default, whenever you save tags in mp3tag you will get tags Fuze and respectful.

Your albums may not be labeled at all, or may be marked in ID3v1, who will not read the "rocket". So he goes to the title, if there is a title tag or file name if there are no tags.

You can now right click on an album folder and see mp3tag as an option to open it. When you click mp3tag, you'll see the files listed. Put them in order from top to bottom - you can try clicking on the header of the track-number or the name of the header file if they are 01-Track 1. If you can align them up and down, highlight all the and click Dial automatic tools Wizard with the option of leading zeros. Bingo: Track numbers 01, 02, 03, and they will play in the order.

Sometimes people put numbers to track on the file names and they list in alphabetical order by song title - not good. If the "rocket" Impossible to find track numbers and the name of the file is FirstSongTitle-01 (rather than 01-FirstSongTitle), the "rocket" will play them in alphabetical order by name of file: FirstSong, FifthSong, FourthSong, SecondSong, SixthSong, ThirdSong. Then you will have to put in one of the track numbers.

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    Huge wrote:

    Hi, thanks for your response. Yes, I'm looking through windows Explorer. And the USB mode is automatically detect. I don't know what means MTP or MSC?

    but you're right, I don't care if I could see all the files at once.

    The problem is that when you use Auto detect mode the computer chooses what USB mode to connect to the computer. So, if your using WMP it uses MTP mode, but if your use drag and drop will use MSC mode, and when you connect to your computer you can see what has been added in the mode that you are connected to. So if you connect in MSC it is unclear to which has been added to PSG. If you want to add a lot of files with WMP, I'd say he bets on PSG here and let (you can use the drag and drop in PSG too).

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    1 how long have you been faced with this problem?
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    For random selection > hold down the Ctrl key while doing it.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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