How can I delete messages?

How can I remove messages from my new 6 IPhone?


Michael fromlancaster says:

How can I remove messages from my new 6 IPhone?

wipe from right to left on the message and you will see the Red delete.

Or click edit top-left - click on the message - delete.

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  • How can I delete messages in my Inbox. What is the profile folder

    Messages in my Inbox had a large red cross on them when I delete all of them, but it does not actually delete the message. In the instructions on how to fix this he begins by saying open a profile folder or something. WELL... If I know what they're talking about!
    Please explain how to simply delete messages in my Inbox > please, do not assume I know nothing so please do the simple instructions.
    Thank you. Terry Craig

    It must be something IMAP because there is no option under settings server settings for the account on my pop accounts

    Happy that you guessed it sorted.

  • How can I delete messages from forum readers

    How can I delete player forum emails?

    See How can I stop receiving notifications by e-mail on the Adobe Forums?

  • How can I delete messages to avoid exceeding my quota of mailbox size?

    Original title: "problems of Postmaster mailbox."

    My mailbox size has reached 90% of my quota. I deleted everything I see in the Inbox, Outbox, and box of junk. How I deleted the other messages to avoid exceeding my quota?

    "blondeconnie2x" wrote in message
    News: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *
    > My mailbox size has reached 90% of my quota. I deleted everything
    > I can see in the Inbox, Outbox, and box of junk. How I deleted from others
    > messages to avoid exceeding my quota?
    You seem to have two choices?
    If you want to keep ALL your OLD messages on your e-mail server, and then open a session
    in to your mail provider web portal site and move messages to a folder
    you create?
    Or you can simply go to your e-mail account in Windows Mail and set it to
    delete messages from the server?
    Tools > accounts > select your account > properties button > advanced no more tab
    remove the check mark from 'save a copy of messages on the server', or set a
    reasonable number of days of retention of messages on the server.
    If you have difficulty deciding, or you don't know how to make my first
    option, and then get to this thread and explain your problem, also say us
    the part of your email address, beyond the ONE @.

    Best regards Steve. MS - MVP. MAIL. [DTS] UK.

  • How can I delete messages when I don't want them anymore?

    just tell me the buttons to push

    There are several Delete buttons on different screens in Thunderbird.
    You can right-click on a message and select Remove.
    You can press Delete on your keyboard.

  • How can I delete messages deleted from my computer Windows Vista + Windows Mail

    All old deleted messages are still on my hard drive.   I follow the procedure - deleting e-mail, empty deleted messages.  But all messages that are deleted for the last 2 years by using the 'search' in Windows, all deleted emails - still appear.   I have a used and right click the shred command and it deletes only the body

    and email, including address, remails etc.


    rebuild the search index

  • How can I delete messages from Inbox that I can't open BEFORE they appear on Windows 8?

    Is it possible to delete messages received without having them display when using Windows 8?  I don't always read all my emails and I want the option to delete the e-mail without opening it and display on the screen to the right.  When an email is highlighted it opens automatically.  Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Thanks for responding, Kay,

    I think the problem is that I use the app Windows 8.  Today, I realized I can sign in Outlook online and get the app.

    Thanks again, RWsmn

  • How can I delete messages in my Inbox that I don't have anymore


    I followed a person here, when they gave me help I thought I'd be able to ask another question, but I got about 20 messages that this person answered a question, someone asked if I'm now all of his answers, I of course knew not what to expect lol.

    Is it possible that I can delete messages I've read and that you don't need more please.

    Thanks in advance


    First of all, you can go to messages unread only above for messages. Then use the brand as the "Read" command to hide others - assuming only read the ones you want. In the upper right corner of an Inbox thread is hide a new activity option. Click here to stop old threads appearing in your Inbox for new messages. And unfollow the person!

  • How can I delete message 'expiry of the trial version?

    I bought the CC version that does not include the motives for Lightroom.
    After trying for thirty days, I decided NOT to sign up for this.

    I now want to get rid of the message in the upper part of Lightroom by saying: 'Mobile with Lightroom verion of the trial has expired.
    How can I get rid of this annoying message appear every time.

    Help is greatly appreciated!


    Right-click on the identity plate and change the plate identity selected "Lightroom mobile" to "Lightroom".

  • How can I delete messages in my Inbox in thunderbird?

    New to Thunderbird. I have 200 + messages in my Inbox and cannot find anywhere no deleting individual messages icon. Where is he?

    You can add a delete button to the e-mail toolbar to right-click and select Customize. Find the button Delete in the window that opens and then drag it to the toolbar.
    You can also activate the message pane by pressing F8 and use the button remove the header of the Message pane.

  • How can I delete messages across all devices to iMessage?

    I have all my devices synced on iMessage, all will be send/receive and show conversations, however, when I delete a conversation, this does not sysnc across devices; I have to delete the conversations on all devices by hand?

    Any help would be appreciated, it's driving me crazy!



    This isn't a feature of what Apple called "Sync" in Messages.

    Each device you have essentially has a unique connection to the servers based on the serial number iMessages.

    IMessages servers push the iMessages devices until they accept.

    This is achieved by the iMessages servers effectively 'copy' iMessages until there is a "copy" for each device.

    Then there is no link between any of them.

    Which is received by a single device is unconnected with any receipt by another device.

    It is preferable to consider them as different iMessages even if the content is the same.

    So, once an iMessage left servers it has nothing to do with any "copies" to synchronize in how might a mail server set up.

    It's more like a POP server in mail accessed by multiple devices addressed to "Leave the message on the server" as the IMAP servers.

    There are subtle differences in which iMessages show the "read" or "Delivered" info back to the sending according to the number identifying Apple or iPhone it is sent to.

    That is to say that if your iPhone and your Mac are both set to use the number of the iPhone as a send and receive the option and the iPhone is set to meet with the "Read" option so that iPhone is offline for some reason any Mac will see the iMessages as it syncs to the Mac, but it will not respond with the news of 'Reading'.  The Mac will send a 'Read' option if the iMessages is for the Apple ID.

    To be clear. In this case "Sync" is only "display on all devices.

    20:22 Sunday; 13 December 2015

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (Mavericks) 10.9
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     a few iPhones and an iPad

  • How can I delete messages not sent without sending them at all?

    I created a message and select the file > Send later. Then I changed my mind and decided to not send it at all. But it isn't in my folder or unsent Message in drafts or templates. Yet the option is there to send unsent Messages.

    How to remove just the thing without sending it? I don't want that he be sent accidentally.

    Thank you...

    The Outbox is a default Thunderbird folder. I'd be surprised if you did not have. Have you looked under local folders?

    The Unsent folder sounds like a server folder in an IMAP account.
  • How can I delete messages from PC issues notifications if they disappear once the problem is resolved?

    In the icons hidden in the lower right side of the screen, I have an icon of PC problems. It tells me to insert a CD/DVD to finish a backup.  Backup files that I completed earlier where full and saved and done, but I can't get the message of the icon. There are a total of two questions showing there, but when I check my status of these two questions, what they are up to date and working correctly I just can't erase old notifications


    • What version of Windows are you using?

    I would suggest you to Turn off the safety message and then turn on.

    Here is the link:

  • How can I delete messages in a folder?

    The title is the question

    or filter the messagelist to show a bunch of emails, then CTRL - A to mark all and delete then.

  • How can I delete a message from the community of apple support

    How can I delete a message from the community of apple support

    You can not

    Why do you want?

Maybe you are looking for