How can I direct a reference?


I use the DAO (Data Access Object). My goal is both read/write in an Access database.

Everything is good, but I don't know how to return a reference/pointer in Labview.

For example, Delphi code would be:

     curField := recordset.Fields[0].Value := 1;     curField := recordset.Fields[1].Value := 'First record';

The Labview Fileds looks like (Variant ignorw live I tried something only):

I would like to access the fields [x]. Value but I have no ideea how. If I use the invoke node or property I have only 3 methods (add, update, delete) and 1 property (Count).

So the question: How can I access (or view) in Labveiew fields [x]. Value?

Thank you



Hi Paul,.

That's what I use.


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    Best regards

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    Kind regards


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    Kind regards


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    for (var i = 0; i < myRootXMLElement.xmlElements.length; i ++) {}

    var myElement = myRootXMLElement.xmlElements.item (i);

    var myElementsPageItem = * did not find a reference of function / correct documents *.

    var myBounds = myElementsPageItem.visibleBounds;

    addORupdate (myElement, "y1", myBounds [0]);

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    addORupdate (myElement, "y2", myBounds [2]);

    addORupdate (myElement, ' x 2', myBounds [3] ");


    In my example of document all the xml that is created by mapStylesToXMLTags() are history of type.

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    Thank you very much...

    myElement.xmlContent.parentTextFrames was not defined in the xml document that is generated by mapStylesToXMLTags()

    After some research the object model, I found my data in

    myElement.xmlContent.textContainers [0]

    Thank you


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    OMG, you know? Talk with one of my friends, he tried:

    -With ANY HOME installed, create a new ODBC entry with exactly the same name you want to remove...

    -Oddly it will replace the old entry and now, you can remove it!

    OK, boring... I hope this can be useful...

    Kind regards...
    Bruno Araujo

  • How can I make sure that changes in a primary key (in the parent table) would also appear directly in the FOREIGN KEY in the child table?

    Forgive my question. I am very new to Oracle.

    How can I make sure that changes in the key primary supplier_id (concerning the supplier table) would also appear directly in the FOREIGN KEY (supplier_id) in the products table?

    Is that not all the primary key and FOREIGN KEY on?

    My paintings:

    I created 2 tables and connect to apply in the data base referential integrity, as I learned.

    CREATE TABLE - parent provider

    (the numeric (10) of supplier_id not null,)

    supplier_name varchar2 (50) not null,

    Contact_Name varchar2 (50).

    CONSTRAINT supplier_pk PRIMARY KEY (supplier_id)


    CREATE TABLE - child products

    (the numeric (10) of product_id not null,)

    supplier_id numeric (10) not null,

    CONSTRAINT fk_supplier

    FOREIGN KEY (supplier_id)

    REFERENCES beg (supplier_id)


    I inserted the following text:

    INSERT INTO provider

    (supplier_id, supplier_name, contact_name)


    (5000, 'Apple', 'first name');

    I expect that the supplier_id (5000) to the provider of the table also appears in the products table under key supplier_id having the same value which is 5000. But this does not happen.

    How to get there?

    Thanks in advance!


    What is a foreign key in Oracle?

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    What is now the right way to implement referential integrity in your Oracle database that the values of a table must also be included in another table?

    A foreign key referential integrity indeed enfore in ensuring that the value in the child table must have a corresponding parent key (otherwise you will encounter an error, as evidenced by "SomeoneElse"). However, it will never automatically insert a row in the other table.

    If you are looking for a solution that automatically inserts a record in the other table, maybe you should go for triggers:


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