How can I download illustrate artists albums

Would like to download (cover) illustrations of albums, but I can't remember how to...

If someone help me...

Thank you



My French is pretty bad (the is not used since our 25 anniversary trip in Paris), but it depends on what pictures you're trying to change.

(1) If you want to say that the work that music Apple and iTunes displays when you look at the list of artists - you cannot select what is displayed. iTunes and Apple music kind of selects him. Based in part on the last album that you added by this artist, but not always.

(2) If you mean the ALBUM art, is the question that Apple music displays the bad work? Probably means that at least one of the tracks was wrong with Apple music. You can download a different version of the work of Google (this is what I do) and then change album by double-clicking on the album art and if you select Get Info. Go to the tab of the work, and then drag the photo you want to use. BTW - the downloaded version must be in JPEG format for iTunes to recognize it as an image file.

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    Apple TV displays a screen saver when it remains inactive for a predefined number of minutes.

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    Thank you

    There is no version for OSX.

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    It is usual, but not absolutely necessary, for the emails to download from the server to the TB Inbox e-mail account and then delete them from the server.

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