How can I download itunes and quicktime for windows 7 (64 bit)

I'm trying to download the most recent, or any other version of itunes on my PC which has Windows 7 (64-bit).  I don't have Quicktime and looking to download or install Itunes or each, quicktime and itunes, separately (everything is better and market).

The problem is that my PC with Windows 7 is 64-bit and I can't find the right version/s download.

Facts: firstly - I downloaded itunes and received an error that I need to download QuickTime, then I downloaded quicktime with itunes and and received an error message that qtime was for 32 not 64 bit and I need the 64-bit version.  I can't find the combo of the two download requests or quicktime on its own compatible for windows 7 64 bit.

Help, please...


You can find good download here: you want to check the box at the bottom (64-bit) (circle).

iTunes and Quicktime are installed as part of the same package.

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