How can I download pix from computer to cell phone?

I am trying to download pix from my computer... on my cell phone.  How can I do this?  Thank you!

I'll assume that you have installed in your computer and Bluetooth phone.

Computer: Control Panel, Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth settings,

Discovery, select Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer (should be disabled when not in use by you if someone else cannot access your computer).

Connections, check both: Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer and warn me when a Bluetooth device wants to connect.

Click on apply, OK, close the other window.

Now you need to pair your phone with your computer. The prosess is slightly different for each phone.

Find and activate Bluetooth on your phone.

Click search and your phone is your computer. You will be asked to pair your phone by entering a code to match of your choice or some phones have this printed on the back. Once you enter this code, your computer will display a popup and ask also for the same code.

Your phone and your computer should now be paired. You should see an icon for your computer.

If this does not work, see the documentation provided with your phone or your phone manufacturer's Web site.

To download photos you've taken with your phone go to your image files, click a picture, and click on send and click Bluetooth.

Click the icon for your computer and your phone send it in your BluetoothExchange folder.

A popup appears on your computer request permission, choose the settings you want and click OK.

The first time, to do this, your computer will create a Bluetooth Exchange folder in your Documents and your photos will be there.

When you want to access these images enable Bluetooth and you should see an icon for your computer. Click the icon and choose Browse files. Files in your Bluetooth Exchange folder will appear on your phone.

Open a folder and click an image (or click on a single image that is not in a folder).

A popup appears on your computer request permission, choose the settings you want and click OK.

The image will be sent to your image file in your phone.

Finally, to upload photos from your computer photo files just copy or move to the Bluetooth Exchange folder. You can also create a folder in the Bluetooth Exchange folder for your photos to the computer.

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