How can I enable the memory remapping in BIOS on the Satellite A100-192

How can I enable the memory remapping in BIOS (5.90) on my laptop?

Thank you.



It seems a problem with the Microsoft 32-bit Windows operating system.

Please check this:

You can find this info:

_Issue: _
I put in the memory 2x2gb in my book * and the BIOS * and the operating system is worth about 3 GB

_Solution: _
This is a limitation of the 32-bit system.
System resources need of addressing which overlaps physical memory below 4 GB.
These requirements can reduce available addressable memory space to and reported by the operating system

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  • Satellite A100-529: How can I enable the wireless network adapter

    Hi all!

    I'm new here, but I want to know how can I activate the wireless network device. On my Toshiba Satellite A100-529 keyboard is a Fn key that must be pressed with the F8 key to turn on the wireless network device. I did, but it does not work.

    What can I do to turn on my wireless device?
    Thank you!

    You are right. The FN + F8 key combination should be used to switch to the WLan card.

    But look, man. Have you checked if your laptop supports wireless network card?
    I think it does not support the minPCI wireless network card and the card does not exist!

    That's why the WLan card cannot be activated :) you know ;)

  • How can I prevent the Satellite to sleep when the lid is closed?


    I connected my Toshiba with an external HDMI monitor.
    The problem is that when I close the lid (I chose the monitors in dual options) instead of sending output to the screen external, portable sleeps.

    How can I stop the laptop to sleep when the lid is closed?

    Thank you for your time.


    Go to control panel-> power options control
    Now on the left you will see the option called choose the closing cover

    Here you choose do nothing


  • How to use the recovery on the Satellite A100-192 with 2 partitions CD

    I have a satellite a100-192 with 100 GB hard drive.
    When I bought it I used magic norton 8.0 partion to divide the disk into two partitions, c drive (used for files of program and other things; 20 GB) and d ' drive that I use for all my documents, music, videos and similar stuff...

    and now, because of a few bad shots, I made (the software bad... lol) I want to reinstall windows. and honestly, I have no idea how to proceed. what I mean, I don't know what cd to use (I have two CD when I bought the computer), in fact I guess that's the one with ms a note on it, but how to do it safely without losing all my data on the d drive?

    The problem is that I did a lot of relocations on desktop computers when you hava clean facilities and then I know what I'm doing, but I have no experience with bundled windows installations.


    Usually, Toshiba laptops are supplied with a Toshiba restore CD.
    On this CD, you will find the image of Toshiba which contains all Toshiba drivers and utilities.

    The question is what CD image you received.
    Some people here in the forum suggested that, since January 2006 the Toshiba Recovery CD supports another recovery procedure. The new recovery CD does not support the ghost but the surface RECO and it s not possible to choose the partition for the installation of the OS.
    In this case the whole HARD disk will be deleted and you will lose all your partitions.

    I have only one old recovery CD and so I can't say if it is possible to choose the right partition. It was possible on the old recovery cd by selecting the expert mode.

    In my view, that should make a backup of you all important files before you begin the recovery procedure.

  • Can what software I use to edit HD video using the Satellite A100-192


    I bought a new HD video camera and I wonder if I can edit the video with first 2 on my laptop Satellite A100-192 with 2 GB of ram.
    If not, is there another program that will be faster but professional as Prime Minister to do you work?

    Thank you


    Personally, I have no experience in using authoring software, but one of my friends use this program and it is not bad.
    I use Nero for editing and creation of film... Nero burning rom supports plug-ins extra which are really useful.

    Of course, there are 1 million other programs and products on the market. For example, a film of WinDVD Creator isn't bad.

    But in my opinion you should google a little and have read a few articles related to these applications...

    Welcome them

  • How can I enable the memory remapping?

    I want to know the steps I must follow to enable the memory remapping. what I should I look for in the search bar of windows, the run menu, etc..


    -What is the operating system installed on your computer?
    To enable the memory remapping, I suggest you enable in the BIOS and check if it helps.
    BIOS - how to enter the BIOS?
    Each computer is different, when you turn on the computer, it should tell you what button to push to get into the BIOS. This is usually one of the following values, and you have to push it in the first 5 seconds: F1 F2 F10 F12 ESC LED
    Once in the BIOS find the menu with the remapping of memory, it is different on each computer.
    Enable memory remapping feature
    Check the BIOS settings to see if the memory remapping feature is enabled. Remapping memory access Windows for more memory. You can enable the memory remapping feature in the BIOS by starting the configuration of the system. See the Guide to your computer for instructions on starting the installation of the system on your computer. The name of the memory remapping feature may be different for different hardware vendors. This may be listed as remapping memory, memory expansion, or something similar. Don't forget that your computer can not supported the memory remapping feature.

    Note: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    For reference:
    Usable memory may be less than the memory installed on Windows 7 computers:
    Hope this information helps.
  • How can I update to extension memory on the Satellite A100-192

    Please I need help because I can not remove the cover to install the extension of memory. Thanks in advance.


    I put t know why you are not able to remove this cover, but it should be fixed with one screw only and after the withdrawal of this screw, you must simply remove this cover that was placed in the middle of the lower part.

    All that s. There is no magic key.

  • How can I enable the "Run as Administrator" install a program in Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium


    I am trying to install a backup program on my computer. I am the administrator and the only user of this computer. When I right click to install the program I do not get the "run as Administrator" option, but install. (For this program only all others I get "Run as Administrator".) After changing the UAC I still could not install. I then installed 'Take Ownership' in the menu, but still can not install the program because that supposedly, I do not have the necessary privileges. Then I contacted the manufacturer of the program and told me...

    Based on the problem that you are experiencing, it is a possible solution, we have tried before.
    I need you to delete a file (ctd.db - it can be represented by ctd right on your machine depending on settings)
    Go here:

    The path to this program on my pc is not not than stated previously. I could not remove him. I tried other methods without success. Attempted to create another account as administrator, but was not allowed to do.

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Hi Andre,

    I'll take what you wrote into account; However, I think I may have found my answer. Here is a link to what I intend to try. Perhaps you and others may find this useful.

    I'll get back to everyone in a near future to let you know if it worked.

    Thank you.

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  • How can I enable the Apple mobile service in windows 7

    How to turn on the device mobile apple in windows 7 64 bit


    See the article Apple knowledge base and follow the steps.
    How to restart the Apple Mobile Device (AMDS) on Windows Service
  • How can I add more memory card video graphics integrated on Satellite L30

    I want to allocate more memory to my chart.

    How can I do this?

    I use Vista Home OS.

    Thank you very much.

    It will be interesting to know what model of laptop you have.
    Either you have a defined memory or with shared memory graphics card.
    The shared memory card also uses RAM for video operations.

    You can upgrade RAM to the maximum level and then your graphics card can use more RAM for clean operations.

  • How can I open the Satellite A30?

    Well a little accident that caused part of the cooler under the laptop broke so I need to install a new one, but I can't open the computer... I removed all the screws, also the battery and 2 screws behind the laptop that are covered by a black dot, but the laptop still doesn't open, depending on whether I found a screw under the screen that I can't get TP , so I tried to remove the screen but it does not work, but I still don't know if that one is Mei live looking mayb if one of you can tell me how I can open the Satellite A30 ~.

    BTW don't start telling me I should call support because I no longer live in the country I buyd the laptop

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    As far as I know you must remove the battery, HARD drive, optical drive, keyboard and displays first Assembly. After that, you must remove 20 screw on the underside (about 15 black screws, two black screws in the mea optics and bays of battery and four silver screws for the video monitor port and the parallel port).

    After this, return the unit and remove the five screws black. Before you lift the top cover of the computer s chassis, remove the following cables:
    -FPC TouchPad cable
    LED/button cable FFC
    -Speaker cable

    Sorry but I can't give you more information. This time, I did it for a long time.

    Good luck and be careful

  • Re: Fan out and how to change on the Satellite A100-309?


    My fan no longer works.
    Is that someone has already changed? Is how easy it?
    I can't find the model of fan of the product specifications. Where can I find the template?

    Thanks a lot for your help


    It of a bit more difficult to change the fan on laptops and on that. I think this should be done by a technician laptop because you should remove it many screws.

    In your case I would visit the closest authorized service provider. They can order a new fan and Exchange.
    It would be the easiest way for you.

    Welcome them

  • Recovery disk installs but says can't install the satellite A100 - 02L

    Hi, I'm new to this so any help greatly appreciated.

    I have an Equium A100 02 L model PSAAQE OOPOOKAV
    The hard drive failed completely, so I bought a new hard drive and installed, then used the Toshiba Windows Vista recovery Disc... all good so far!

    Once the installation is completed without error along the way, the laptop restarts and starts windows during the initial installation of windows I get an error message saying 'installation of windows could not configure windows to run on a hardware on this computer "...

    I tried to reinstall in case it was a problem but same thing every time... all the advice and help please

    Have you used the recovery disc right out for the Equium A100 PSAAQE?
    Make sure that you have used the right disc because the image on the disc also contains the drivers and if the pilots would be not compatible with the laptop, the system would crash.

Maybe you are looking for