How can I find an agent I chatted with that? The email with a link that he sent said my e-mail address is not in the folder, and my computer doesn't have internet access once it has access to my office.

I had the technical support to help me access the internet.  It was slow in response and doesn't seem to understand what I needed.  Invited access to my office, and at that time, I was tired of him saying the same thing over and over again, so I went offshore.  Then I found that my computer doesn't have internet access either.  I tried to find him, found the email that he sent but when I clicked on the link and put in my email address as requested, the answer says that my email is not in the folder (!)

Question: is there a live person I can talk to about it?
My question: 1) my internet access definition had been changed, folder 2) microsoft says my email address is not registered.  The service ID was 1158399549ID SRX.  I think it is ridiculous that a SRX is sent to my email address and then says that it is not in the folder.  (3) when I asked for help and put in my product ID, message indicates the product is not taken in charge in the country, USA.  What is going on?  Where the product is supported then?
Can someone please help and explain that to me?


I'm sorry but this is not Microsoft

These are public Forums, hosted by Microsoft

We are mainly users of vista companions giving free help in our own free time

I suggest that you raise your point of contact with Microsoft

Owners of OEMs (Dell, HP, etc.) are not eligible for free Microsoft Support

If the above is you, this is why your product ID is not working

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    I have Windows XP Home... and all of a sudden I get no internet access.  When I do ipconfig... it does not show a default gateway.  I did everything update driver LAN, resetting the router, restart, by specifying the IP address (from the automatic ip configuration) and is still not available.  I know that the router is that I can access it from another computer.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

    original title: default gateway problem

    Is the connection wired or wireless?

    What version of XP, including service pack? (do right click my computer and select properties for info)

    It happened just before this problem occurred (failure, virus infection, etc.)?

    If this is a wired connection (which, I suppose, since you mention the 'LAN' pilot), have you tried to connect the Ethernet cable into a different socket on the router, (b) using an Ethernet cable from verified (maybe the computer that works), or (c) confirming that the Green LED next to the computer's Ethernet Jack lights up when the cable is connected?

    Given that you know about ipconfig, it would have helped if you had provided the results of the ipconfig command.  Here's a way to do it, but first configure the card to obtain an IP address automatically

    • Open a command prompt window
    • Type the following lines and press ENTER after each line

    ipconfig/all > "% userprofile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    Notepad '% userprofile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt '.

    • Copy and paste the contents of the Notepad document in your response.  Close the command prompt window and the window of Notepad and remove ipinfo.txt from your desktop.
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    Hi Amy,

    I think that either you have use shift + delete to remove the folder or used to empty the trash after you delete the folder.

    If you have one of this method then it is not possible to recover your data easily.

    You perform a search on Google for Data Recovery Software to recover your data.

    Hope this will help you.

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    How can I find a video or picture to open the case of notebook dv7-1130 ea pavilin to clean the fan?


    Google for results

    or download and read the manual for it

    or try the HP support

    or ask in the forums to Support HP

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    Select * from ad_bugs where numero_de_bogue = '';


  • How can I get my Hp officejet 6700 to print the date and time on the fax confirmation page

    How can I configure my officejet 6700 premium to print the date and time on the fax confirmation page?


    As long as the date and time is set, it should automatically appear on the print.

    Is the date and time set correctly on the printer?

  • 1 computer think network doesn't have internet access when it does

    I have a modem ActionTec with AT & T service and a LinkSys Router. My roommate's computer and my work computer can connect to it wirelessly and have internet, no problem. My computer connects to my network, but then said that my network has 'no Internet' which is obviously untrue as 2 other computers can use internet on this network. I have disconnected, turned off, turned on, you call it. I also know that my computer can still connect wirelessly because it works on a public wireless network. Possibly associated, turn on my computer, a RunDLL error message about how he doesn't get DisplayOnlineTray. Everything worked fine with these 3 devices (modem, router and my computer) to the AT & T had service problems last week. When the internet came back, my roommate's computer and my work computer were fine, but my computer can't see the connection to the Internet. Why my computer is blind in this regard and how can I fix this problem?

    Please provide the following diagnostic information from your "personal computer":

    What version of XP, including service pack (click right my computer and select Properties, if you do not know)?

    • Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    • In the black command prompt window, type each of the following lines and press ENTER after each one

    ipconfig/all > "% userprofile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    ping > '% userprofile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt '.
    ping > '% userprofile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt '.
    Notepad '% userprofile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt '.

    Please note that there is a > in the first line and two > in the second and third lines

    • Copy and paste the contents of the Notepad window in your answer here
    • You can close the command prompt window and the window of Notepad and remove ipinfo.txt from your desktop.
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    Hi, how can I find number EMEI of my stolen iPad that I erased remotely

    Conny, check down here. It's the only way.

    Find the serial number or IMEI on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • How can I find my product key Windows Vista if the sticker is missing on my laptop?


    I had to reinstall Windows Vista after that my laptop crashed due to a virus and windows said now that your version of windows I have is not authentic and that I must activate Windows now and for that I need my product key and I cannot read above the bottom of my laptop as the sticker is removed.


    If you reinstalled vista and it is not yet activated and the product key is dissipated the tile we can not help you

    manucfacturer recovery disks normally do not require a product key of the owner of the computer input

    Contact the manufacturer of your computer

  • Installed New Netgear Wireless Range extender but new network doesn't have internet access.

    I just installed a machine net universal range extender for WiFi and the signal over the Wan is very strong, but when I connect to him he says that have no internet access. What should I change? I post what I'm on the Ext network.but when I try to access other sites, it won't let me.

    I had the same problem as you and searched everywhere for a positive response and have not had a. I was about to return the netgear Extender when I, fortunately, has found a way around this strange problem.
    In fact, it's really simple, and I encourage really all those who eventually get this problem complain to netgear not having their detailed in the guide installation process that they shipped with the product.

    In my case, I have a WEP encrypted network.

    If you can't access the web interface of the Extender, you need to reset the device by inserting a paper clip in the small hole next to the WPS button (if you don't know already).

    When you are prompted for the encryption key and password for the network existing (the original one), you MUST WRITE THE PAST ON THE INPUT FIELD KEY word select and not the field the password. You can choose one of the 4 input key fields, but you MUST write the password on one of them and leave the field blank password (I think it's just for the WEP encryption, which is my case).

    I also changed the encryption type for the new network "_EXT" from WEP to WPA/TKIP but kept the same password.

    After the connection is complete the Extender successfully verified updates and all the IP addresses are assigned automatically via DHCP.

    I hope that I answered in the time before returning the Extender because I don't have a kind of complained after doing this.

    Good luck

  • Customer WRVS4400N wireless doesn't have internet access, unless first connected via a cable

    Hi all

    I recently bought a security WRVS4400N router and have a strange problem with it. I have set up as my main router and two computers (a desktop and a server) by using DHCP. Both work very well, internet is as quick as it should be, no problem.

    However, when I set up the Wifi SSID (some security options I use, even with open/wpa/wpa2) and connect to my laptop. It is assigned an IP address and windows said that there is an internet connection. As soon as I try to do something good, I fell. Try to ping an external server, failure and dropped. Open IE, failure and dropped. I can't access my local server connected by wire to the router.

    If I connect to the laptop via a cable to the router everything works, and he continues to work when I unplug it. So that means that right now, I walk on to the router and connect my laptop for 3 seconds before you unplug the unit and then use the wifi for a couple of hours with no problems. But as soon as I try to turn on my wireless Logitech SqueezeBox or the wireless printer, they fail and take my cell phone with it...

    I have:

    reset the router, used the two firmware and and did a factory reset.

    Tried moving the router near the laptop, no difference.

    Does anyone have an idea on what could be my problem?


    If you have received if from NewEgg as a refurbished.  Call Cisco Technical Support and open a ticket for her. Mine is returned to them for the same kinds of questions.

    Expect to be without it for a while, they told me within 24 hours of receipt, my replacedment would be sent.  They had for 3 days and counting... learned to love the tracking information.

  • What is the meaning of 'temporary internet file' and how can I find particular cookie or file belongs to the particular website?

    Please answer


    Thanks for the display of the query to the Microsoft Community. I will certainly help you to find the answer to your query.

    The folder Temporary Internet Files (or cache) is used by Windows Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer to store the contents of the Web page on the hard drive of the computer for a quick consultation. This cache permits Internet Explorer or MSN Explorer download only content that has changed since you last time a Web page, rather than download all content of every time that the page is displayed.

    You can also read the article and check if it helps. Here is another article on the temporary internet files.

    Hope that information was useful and let us know if you need help in the future about Windows. We will be happy to help you.

  • How can I find what I need at startup of the computer programs, I went to the System Configuration, but do not know what to uncheck to stop running when the computer is started

    I ran a report on my computer, in case of problems.  It detected that I needed to verify in the Configuration of the system on the programs that were running at the start of the computer.  I have several here I will list who is here, and maybe someone can tell me that I don't need at start-up.

    1 Microsoft Security by Microsoft

    2 updater Java (TM) Platform SE Auto by Sun Microsystems

    3 Localnet Express 3.0 - propel Software Corp. (Localnet is my provider and this express is supposed to help my computer go to websites faster)

    4 Roc_Roc_NT_unknown-AVG safe search (I was told I didn't need AVG antivirus, so I deleted it out)

    5. default manager by Microsoft

    6 adobe Acrobat from Adobe Systems

    7 adobe Reader by Adobe Systems

    8 AVG Tray-unknown

    I hope someone can help me with this takes 15 min for a loading site approx. 30 to load the game after I finally get it, then the game is frozen and won't do anything.  Even for all other sites, I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do.  I have dial up and Windows 7.  Just started having problems after getting this new service provider.

    Hello Wanda.

    One command, but lets see what we can do to whittle the list down. First, dial-up internet connection is slow, so keep that in mind that we work here.

    Second, almost all your startup programs are valid and advised to load at startup of Windows. Some possible changes:

    (1) If you need not a specific to Java, such as might have the game that you are trying to play, so you don't need to have it is launched at startup.

    (2) regarding the Adobe programs, why do you have Acrobat on your computer? Do you need to create PDF files? Adobe Reader which has many freeware alternatives that are faster, used to read PDF files. So if you need only to read PDF files, you can stop Acrobat from loading at startup.

    (3) other startup programs are all legitimate. And remember, just because you do not start a program at startup, does not mean that you cannot start later if you find that you don't need it.

    (4) the problems you encounter to "all sites that you visit" could be a function of malware. You don't have AVG Antivirus running on your computer just? I recommend do you a scan in depth and then put in quarantine and remove any infections it finds.

    (5) after you run the virus scan, I suggest that you try to download and run these two scanners. First MalwareBytes' Antimalware, here:  Secondly, SUPERAntiSpyware, here: Quarantine and remove all infections they find.

    (6) after doing this, restart your computer and see how it works. Please post your results here, and if you have any questions during this process, post here and I'll help you. Let me know how you fare.

    Kind regards


  • where can I find firefox for Windows 10 who support the JavaScript and Norton

    I had problems all this Sunday can not enter in the emails. bankAccounts or facebook because allways firefox41 tell me I need to install and activate JavaScript. I have Windows installed 10. My laptop is 1 year old HP. I also prefer to use Norton. What can I do? Can Andy I find an older version of Firefox in Norwegian?
    Thanks for listening.
    Michele your

    Firefox's JavaScript should be enabled by default. Can you provide more information about the messages that you have found on this subject?

    At the same time, to examine the question of Norton and your language:

    Norton has been a big topic of communication of updates for Firefox via LiveUpdate a few days before each new version of Firefox is available. But that changed with Firefox 41. Due to the change in Firefox (which was originally going to be in 40 Firefox but was delayed at the request of Norton and maybe a few other companies), the toolbar needs major changes and they are still not available yet. Norton issued a statement on this subject:

    If you want to use an updated version of Firefox that allows to run the current Norton Toolbar, there are another option. You might consider a different variant of Firefox called the Extended Support Release (ESR) for the moment. ESR is designed for businesses that require a cycle time longer between changes to the features, but anyone can run it.

    ESR is currently based on Firefox 38. It will get updates of security over the coming months, but not to get new features, so changes in Firefox 41 concerning the compatibility of the add-on will not be out for a good time.

    Norton is likely to continue to support the ESR until the new update of toolbar. After that, I don't know what they will do because normally they don't take over a small range of versions.

    If you decide to try it, here's how I suggest to install:

    Clean reinstall it

    We use this name, but it isn't about deleting your settings, this is to ensure that the program, files are clean (not incompatible, corrupt or exotic code files). As described below, this process does not disrupt your existing settings. Don't uninstall NOT Firefox, that does not need.

    (A) download a fresh Installer for Firefox 38.3.0esr of in an ideal location. (Scroll down your preferred language).

    (B) the release of Firefox (if any).

    (C) to rename the program folder, either:

    (Windows 64-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files (x86)\Fx41

    (Windows 32-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files\Fx41

    (D) run the installer downloaded to (A). It should automatically connect to your existing settings.


    Note: Some plugins can only exist in the old folder. If it is missing something essential, present in these files:

    • \Fx41\Plugins
    • \Fx41\browser\plugins
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