How can I find my model TC?

Now that Apple has dropped support for some older products, including a few Capsules of time, I wanted to check if I got one of these models. I can't find any info on the Time Capsule itself, but the Airport utility shows me a serial number.  Is there a place where I can no longer watch serial number in some other way that I can find more information on what model I have? (I only remember not that long ago, I bought a large, but I'm not even sure how much storage it is on it or is it a 802.11 n, ac or what)  Thank you


Apple has fallen not supported of the any Time Capsule models in terms of software and firmware.

Assuming you have a Mac running a recent operating system such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite or El Capitan...

Open AirPort Utility

Hold down the option on your Mac so you double-click on the icon for Time Capsule

The summary page displays the model you have

Post back with the model that you have, and we can tell you a bit more about this.

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    Kind regards.

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    DP - K

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    Hi Enrique

    It of very simple for this knowledge.
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    Take a look at the bottom of the unit, you can find the model number and serial number
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    You don't need to uninstall the generic Microsoft BT adapter before you install the new driver.

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    If I look into my crystal ball, he tells me that you speak of an Indicator of Caps Lock in the notification area that uses a small blue icon to indicate the status of the caps lock is on.

    If this is the case, then the solution will depend greatly what version of Windows you have, and if the small utility is from your computer manufacturer, a manufacturer of spare keyboard or, possibly, a freeware utility downloaded from the Internet.

    Could you clarify some of these points and provide the version of Windows that you are using as well as the brand / model of the computer in question? Do you use an aftermarket keyboard and mouse and you remember download/installation of utilities for indicating the State of the caps lock?

    In the meantime, you can check the options available in the Keyboad Control Panel applet. Go through the property pages and look for a box that will be re - turn on the caps lock indicator.

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    It would be useful to know a number of facts that you forgot:

    1. Windows version, including service pack
    2. Your HP printer model
    3. The error message that you initially received which led you to try the FixIt
    4. The web address of the FixIt tool you tried (NOT FixIt Center home page, but the page where you downloaded or run the FixIt tool).
    5. The full text of the error message on "registry keys corrupted MSI.

    That being said, it seems that if you have installed and then try to uninstall any software related to the printer.  If this is the case, and the printing software cannot be uninstalled from Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, you can use either the Utility Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup or (free) Revo Uninstaller.

    Truth in advertising: you may notice that the link to the Windows Installer Cleanup utility is not a Microsoft site.  It's because Microsoft has removed it stating that he sometimes 'cleaned' more that she was supposed to.  Personally, I would use it again, but I would back up the registry first of all, with a restore of the system or C:\windows\eruntpoint.

    After that you have uninstalled whatever it is, you have tried to uninstall, see instructions here: Article 1

    Note about screenshots and other attachments.  Anyone who attended one of the Microsoft Answers forums has to do by using a Windows Live ID.  Anyone who has a Windows Live ID also has a SkyDrive which you can download and make publicly available up to 25 GB of files.

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    Truly random errors Stop with various errors usually means a defective hardware.

    Let me start with the RAM.

    On tests of hardware failures often alleged swapping parts by parts checked. If you can not do the test yourself and/or are uncomfortable opening your computer, take the machine to a professional computer repair shop (not your local equivalent of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad). If possible, have all your data backed up before taking the machine into a shop.
    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    The drivers you want are not for Media Player, they are for your laptop until you get all the details of your model and go to the HP website and download the latest drivers especially to render sounds and display adapter.

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    How can I find my tablet on my pc, I use a next book 11 and I can't find my Tablet anywhere

    Original title: find devices


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    have a. you plugged your tablet on a network or with the USB cable?

    b. What is the brand and model number. your computer?

    If the Tablet is connected successfully then the tablet should appear in the window of the computer or in the file Explorer navigation pane. Press the Windows key + E to open the computer window and check for external devices.

    If your tablet is connected via a network, I suggest to see the next procedure and check if you are able to detect your tablet.

    1. Press the Windows key + C, click settings, and then select change PC settings.
    2. Type and click network, and then set the cursor to Find devices and content .

    Additional information:

    Why can't I connect to other computers?

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

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