How can I find setting up key for player blue ray Toshiba as an Extender

Just bought a blue ray Toshiba BDX5300KB player. When I try to add extender for windows media Center, it asks the figure 8 set up key shown on the TV screen - my TV screen shows nothing! Where can I find this key?

depends on your TV, if it supports play at, you have a few options. But
without an Xbox 360, which is the only Extender, you will not be able to stream
live. some recorded tv CAN run using play.
MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
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    Can I get a configuration of single language somewhere? How can I find the license key for my installation.

    Hi Mohammed'metwally,.

    Please answer this question to get more clarity on this issue.

    • The application or program that you use the partition of the drive?

    This problem may occur if the partition table is damaged or altered. As a result, the recovery partition does not work. I'm sorry to know that you are facing this problem.

    You will not get the unique language anywhere to download setting. You have an OEM computer that comes with the product key integrated into the BIOS. The product key of Windows 8 on new machines is now integrated in the machine. It uses the Secure Boot technology. When you perform a new installation of Windows 8, the installation program ask a product key and will be automatically get it from your system and proceed with the installation.

    As Windows 8 came pre-installed, you must contact the manufacturer of the computer with this problem for more help.

    Dell technical support:

    Thank you.

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    The network key or WEP/WPA key, you should be able to find on your router or access point.  Open your browser and type the IP address of your router to access wireless and search of WEP security or the protection of the network area.  Quite a few routers/access points are configured as, that intellectual property then give it a shot in your browser by default.  If it is by default, the name of user/pass is always likely admin/admin or admin and then empty password.

    I hope this helps!
  • How can I find the product key for microsoft office which is preloaded on my HP TouchSmart PC?

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    When you request support, please provide the number of name and/or product of comprehensive model of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq made thousands of computer models which are all different. Without this information, it can be difficult, even impossible to help you solve your problem.

    As a general rule, the Microsoft Office product comes with most HP computers is a trial version or reduced functionality. Unless you paid extra for a version full of Office, it is unlikely that you have or that you will find a valid product key for Office.

    Please send Bravo

  • How can I find the product key for a specific OEM drive?

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    I want to reinstall Windows XP on my Dell computer.  I have the oem disc, but it is mixed with the other two provided with two other computers Dell oem disks that were purchased at the same time.  The sticker on my computer displays a product key.  When I do a search for product key on the computer using a program key finder, sometimes with a different product key.  Which should I use and is at - there a way to find the product key on the disc?  Thanks for any help.

    PS. the unattend.txt to disk file is NOT the correct product key.

    If the drive of a Dell computer with the same edition of the OS, then you can use the disc - I think that each of them will have the same key as the one that is currently installed (and that on your sticker)

    Computers, which are built by large manufacturers provided with pre-installed Windows are supplied with 2 two product keys:

    (A) OEM SLP: this key comes pre-installed in Windows, when it comes to the factory. This key is designed to work with Bios OEM flag only on the hardware of this manufacturer. Then, when Windows was installed using the OEM SLP (in factory) Windows key leans on the motherboard and he sees the flag proper Bios OEM (for the manufacturer and the version of Windows) and activates.

    (B) SLP COA: it's the product key that you see on the sticker on the side, bottom or (for some laptops) in the compartment of the battery from your computer. It's a valid product key, but it should be used only in certain situations (for example, when the OEM SLP key stops automatic activation for a reason any). The key must be activated by phone.

  • How can I find the product key for a copy of Windows Vista, which has since been upgraded to Windows 7?

    Get a product key lost

    I have Vista Ultimate, upgraded to Windows 7 Home.

    Unfortunately, I lost the product key for Vista installation underlying.
    I used the Belarc, but this shows that the key to upgrade (which I have NOT lost!)
    Is all the same to recover the underlying key to Vista? I bought Vista Home MS directly and they sent the key to a few years back, unfortunately, I have more e-mail either. MS draw their email or pick up the transaction?
    I wan to do a fresh install / clean to a new SSD and this issue is currently prevents me to do.
    see you soon


    Unfortunately, the answer does not address the issue.

    Fortunately, MS were able to trace the original transaction and provide me with the key. (The original key has been provided directly by MS by e-mail.)


  • How can I find the product key for Windows 7 Home Premium (preinstalled) as sticker has worn through.

    Someone knows if the product key is stored in any file on windows.  Or does anyone know if Microsoft will have kept no record of the product key and can send information.

    The short answer is no.

    Even if a product key is stored in Windows and can be retrieved by various utilities third keyfinder, when Windows was preinstalled, this key is a special key used by the manufacturer of the computer to automatically activate Windows when, for example, you use the manufacturer method to restore the computer to its factory condition.

    This key can be used if you want to reinstall using a Windows CD/DVD installation that you have purchased.  To do this, you use the key on the COA label on your machine.

    If you need this key, your most likely solution is to use a bright light and a magnifying glass.  If it is completely unreadable, it is possible - though unlikely - that the manufacturer of the computer (non-Microsoft) can be useful.

    No key will be useful if you want to install Windows on another computer.  OEM (preinstalled) Microsoft software product keys are valid only for the computer on which the software was first installed.

  • How can I find my product key Windows Vista if the sticker is missing on my laptop?


    I had to reinstall Windows Vista after that my laptop crashed due to a virus and windows said now that your version of windows I have is not authentic and that I must activate Windows now and for that I need my product key and I cannot read above the bottom of my laptop as the sticker is removed.


    If you reinstalled vista and it is not yet activated and the product key is dissipated the tile we can not help you

    manucfacturer recovery disks normally do not require a product key of the owner of the computer input

    Contact the manufacturer of your computer

  • I had a hard drive crash and had to move all the data again. Now, I get an error saying that my Visa is not an authorized version. How can I find the product key to reactivate?

    Vista Product Code question

    I had a hard drive crash and had to move all the data again.  Now, I get an error saying that my Visa is not an authorized version.  How can I find the product key to reactivate?  I don't have the sticker on the back and the software I have does not have the code?  I bought this laptop DELL at Best Buy a little more than a year.

    Thank you.


    This problem may occur if you make a significant hardware change. See the link provided below.

    Error message when you start Windows Vista: "your activation period has expired".

    If the OS came preinstalled Dell you may need to contact Dell technical support for assistance.

  • How can I find the product ID for windows 7 can I ask for

    How can I find the product ID for windows 7 can I ask for

    Click Start, right click on computer
    Click on properties
    Scroll down

    and you will see your product key

    Please do not post it here for others to see. Andre Da Costa

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    Hi pjc123,

    In addition to the information above, I think the running Belarc Advisor will show you the product key.

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    You still have the Windows CD?

    Follow these steps how add or remove games in Windows XP

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