How can I fix a black and white screen on the air from my iPad? I rebooted it and ran the last updated IOS 9.2 on it. It is stuck and won't return to the color. All other functions work except this.

How can I fix a black and white screen on the air from my iPad? I rebooted it and ran the last updated IOS 9.2 on it. It is stuck and won't return to the color. All other functions work except this.

Have you checked the settings > General > accessibility > greyscale > power off.

If this does not work ty settings > General > accessibility > zoom > on. Triple, tap the screen with three fingers. Tap choose filter. Click None. Triple, tap the screen to get rid of the menu zoom. If you have enabled greyscale in zoom you can disable it in zoom.

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  • How can I fix Firefox 18 and 19 to take too long to close when the custom settings for history is used?

    Hello, please read entire post before responding, thanks!

    I had 12. Firefox (FF) something and he used with happiness when I was getting a new hard drive and start over, I decided to upgrade to the latest FF of the moment, 18.something...

    After going through the implementation of all the different Add - ons etc... and reset the options/preferences (not cool how you reset all those whenever it updates!) The opening time and closing went from 2 to 4 seconds each to 78 seconds to open and 48 seconds to close. In the last two days, I tried (except reset) and read all the suggestions on here does not.

    So I read up on how to uninstall completely any trace of Firefox so I could do a clean install, which did not work, either: the freshly reinstalled 18 FF. ? program still opened and closed at the same time, and had all my info despite my deleting files/sub-sub-sub-records said to hold this info. I disabled everything in FF, still no improvement, so still once I tried to find info on how to completely remove the FF and still nothing it is right for current programs.

    Today I looked again for the info on how to remove completely the FF, found something new to me and tried this, including the complete registry search and remove anything with the name of firefox, then reinstalled FF 18. ?
    Yet all my favorites and info was there, and when I raised my help he auto-mis updated to 19.0 without my permission, even when I don't like other decisions for me for "my good"(d'où le nom d'écran) not OK! ".

    So I tried the reset function to 19.0 FF and it's just that and the opening and closing time lag had gone, back to 2-4 seconds each, which seemed great!, but no.

    When I went back to set up my options and restarted, FF went back to the lag, so I eventually removed/reset everything and all was well again, so I started putting/setting things back one at a time, that's when I found and verified the problem, the history settings!!!

    I repeated this 6 times with the same results:
    The value of history to remember, and everything works well, story custom game lag returns without fail.

    My settings in Custom were:

    Accept and remember everything until I close FF
    Clear history the closure of FF.

    In the "Settings" submenu under the closure of FF clear history:
    All 6 boxes are checked for history and no boxes have been checked for data (all default values)

    I watched the process running in the task manager during startup and shutdown FF with these settings, I found that it was not only FF.exe works but also a plugin - container.exe, both eventually stop after about 48 seconds, the plugin container does not appear to run when the story is set on do not forget all the... (I have an incomplete memory on the container of plugin causing problems of this kind in the past, but I can't remember what or exactly when so much...)

    I also tried to leave the setting of history to remember them all and him restarted and tried to erase everything in the menu Tools and FF unresponsive for about 60 seconds and then seemed fine afterwards.

    So, I conclude that there is a problem in the newer versions with the history of compensation in the background while the browser continues to operate, and the likely culprit is the plugin container(again?)...

    So now to the questions...

    Is it possible to set to Custom history and 19.0 FF remain operational during this process and for FF close in a few seconds, as in FF 12. something with the same parameters of the story?
    If yes how can I configure that?

    If no, what is the last version that will work properly with history to remember until FF is closed and then wipe front of re-opening, without waiting for more than a few seconds for everything to happen as it was in my FF12. ? Version?

    Also, How do I remove ALL TRACES of Firefox 18.? and up so that I can do a clean install if I need to, as I said everything that is here or linked to from here up to today, 2/21/2013, was not sufficient.

    Thanks for your time...

    (See attached image) That's what worked for me to 19.0 Firefox, and I was able to verify that cookies have been deleted before restart, thanks again for your timely assistance.

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    Kind regards


  • How can I fix a sudden and drastic increase in memory usage?

    Before we begin, I have slight issues since the middle of last year, but I thought nothing of it. Commissioning using a good part of the memory of Firefox was normal, and I could launch alongside my other programs very well. However, there are about 3 or 4 days Firefox started to peak in the use of memory, to the point where it slows down my entire computer down, will not load pages and it is usually a mess. I always make her close, too, because whenever I close it classically, it is always open in the background. I had the problem of a few months back, but it was never a big problem until lately. I thought, at first, it was the result of some programs that installed as part of another program installation. I had no problem with the installer, considering that it comes from a forum trust for game design official theme, by a veteran member. However, he installed several toolbars and multiple programs. I went through all of the registry of them, my cleared them, uninstalled, everything was gone. However, this problem of memory made its ugly resurgence later. I uninstalled, reinstalled. Did not work. I tried to reset firefox, but it remained open in the background, and I couldn't reset it. I disabled my addons (those that I use it for over a year now), nothing. I tried to open Firefox with all the addons disabled, but it remained open in the background and refused to reopen correctly. I'm actually on another browser right now because Firefox no longer works for much... I also put a few attachments until you see the increase in question. It starts at about 270 000 K (although the screenshot shows approximately 312 000), then after about 4 or 5 minutes on my site, shoots up to more than 1,000,000 and it basically stops working. If anyone has any additional steps they think I could take, I'd appreciate it.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

    Start the computer in Mode safe mode with network support Windows (on the startup screen, press F8) as a test.

    Make a check of malware with several malware scanning of programs on the Windows computer.
    Please scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.
    All of these programs have free versions.

    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy:
  • Kasperky free Security Scan:
  • Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

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    A light 'work around' If you know what the contact to discuss with you...

    Keep a tab of discussion open for them. If there is already a tab open, chat works very well.

    When you click on their name, two tabs will appear - one showing a constant loading "dial". Close that one. Then just keep the other open tab.

    I know it's not practical if you have many contacts who chat with you, but if you have just a couple, it's at least a possibility to discuss with them by E-mail.

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    I have a new Mac Pro with space limited on the internal drive. Therefore, I put my folder/User on an external drive, which of course where the folder of my Sites now. When I try to make a setting up a Dreamweaver Site, my local path is "/ Volumes/DAToptic5 2 TB: user/Sites/RCHome.» When I try to save the installation, I get an error message ': is not a valid character in the path. "

    How can I work around this?

    The sites folder, with three sites, one with a lot of large images, is too big to fit on the internal drive.

    Thank you.

    Hi aaprlore,

    Please see the document below that have details about the strategies to use in Dreamweaver file naming. tml

    Change the name of the reader by selecting the drive, and then clicking the name once to change.


    Click on the drive name > Get Info > change the name in the section "Name & Extension".

    You can also change the name of the disk using disk utility in Applications > Utilities folder.

    Do you launch Dreamweaver and go to manage sites< choose="" the="" site="" that="" you="" have="" issues="">

    1. Double-click the Site name to edit it, or click on the pencil icon.
    2. Click the folder icon and navigate to the folder of the actual location on the disk.
    3. Click on save and then done.
    4. Re-create the Site cache in Dreamweaver by going to the Site< advanced="">< recreate="" site="">

    Let me know if it helps.

    Thank you

    VIANEY Gupta

  • How can I fix an installation and startup problem

    I am running Windows 7. I installed Firefox without difficulty. All other software running, including ZoneAlarm were off. When I tried to start Firefox, I got the error message "Unable to load XRE functions" and was not able to start the program. I uninstalled Firefox, restarted my computer and reinstalled the software. Had the same problem. All of the suggestions.

    This is probably caused by Zone Alarm. Please try out the instructions to disable virtualization in the next issue of support

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    Since my last update of Thunderbird to 31.3 I get a white screen for 3 seconds when starting and until I see my files.
    I use Thunderbird to access and 2 accounts .
    All plugins are disabled.
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    I uninstalled and reinstalled Thunderbird - problem just the same.
    If I boot in safe mode, there is no white screen, it normally loads directly to folders.
    I don't know what to try next any suggestions are welcome.
    See you soon

    OK - I tried to disable addons and themes, I've also uninstalled and reinstalled without addons or themes.

    However - Thunderbird just did an update and the problem seems to be resolved!

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    What operating system do you use?  You can scan with ms-paint?

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