How can I fix the .msi file extension?

Related to: Windows 8.1 how to define and restore file associations.

A year or two before, I tried to open an .msi file in the Windows Explorer (on object for reasons that I don't care). Although I can use 'Open with' dialog box to specify "Windows Installer" as a temporary workaround, I'm having difficulty to change to open with the default Windows installation program. Here is what does not work:

  • In "default programs", Windows Installer is not listed.
  • In "set associations", .msi is not listed.
  • On the context menu of the .msi files, 'open with' is an option, not a submenu. However, in the 'Open with' dialog box "always use the selected program..." is gray.

With the situation that I am, I think I have to change the registry to fix this file association. I am very familiar with the registry editor and have no problem with a fix in such a manner.


See if this tutorial help

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    Not having no not this error in my notes (in other words, I've not seen at least 2 times), I Googled it and first fell on a MS KB article:

    This article includes this statement:

    Contact Microsoft Technical Support to help heal the corruption in the registry.

    I think that is where you are right now, so let's see what is the response of the Microsoft Support Engineer, now that there is more information.  I always love to see what they have to offer first.

    Why and how did you change the system restore to create restore Points 3 a day for 30 days (FYI - that is not the same as a backup).

    If you were to solve some problem at the time, what was the question?

    The question was preceded by a loss of power, aborted reboot or abnormal termination?  (this includes the plug pulling, buttons power, remove the battery, etc.)

    In the meantime, I would run a chkdsk /r on your volume XP since XP Recovery Console.

    If you are not sure of the SP2 CD you have is an XP bootable installation CD authentic and not some kind of restore CD for the Dell system to 100%, I would recommend this (that I've seen more than 2 times):

    If you have no XP bootable media (or aren't sure you have) create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console and don't forget (no support for XP not necessary).

    This is not the same as recovery disks that might have come with the acquisition of the system store.

    You can make a bootable Recovery Console CD by downloading an ISO file and burn it to a CD.

    The ISO bootable image file you need to download is called:

    xp_rec_con. ISO

    Download the ISO from here:

    Use a new CD and this simple and free program to burn your ISO file and create your bootable CD (do not install UniBlue or the Ask Toolbar - never!):

    Here are some instructions for ImgBurn:

    It would be a good idea to test your bootable CD on a computer running.

    You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot instead of the hard drive.  These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load.  If you miss it, you will need to restart the system again.

    When you start on the CD, follow the instructions:

    Press any key to boot from CD...

    Installing Windows... going to pronounce.

    Press 'R' to enter the Recovery Console.

    Select the installation that you want to access (usually 1: C:\WINDOWS)

    You may be asked to enter the password (usually empty).

    You should be in the folder C:\WINDOWS.  It's the same as the

    C:\Windows folder that you see in Solution Explorer.

    The Recovery Console allows base as file commands: copy, rename, replace, delete, chkdsk, fixboot, fixmbr, cd, etc.

    For a list of the commands in the Recovery Console, type help at the prompt of commands or read on here XP Recovery Console:

    A good idea before you start things must first verify the integrity of your file system by using the chkdsk command.

    In the command prompt window, run the chkdsk command on the drive where Windows is installed to try to fix any problems on the afflicted player.

    Running chkdsk is fine, even if he finds no problem.  It won't hurt anything to run it.

    Assuming your boot drive is C, run the following command:

    CHKDSK C: /r

    Let chkdsk finish to correct the problems, he could find.

    It may take a long time for chkdsk complete or they seem to be "stuck".  Be patient.  If the HARD drive led blinks always, chkdsk is something.  Keep an eye on the amount of the percentage to be sure that it is still making progress.  It may even seem to go back sometime.

    You must run chkdsk/r again until it finds no error to correct.

    Remove the CD, and then type "exit" to exit the RC and restart the computer.

    You have not to set the BIOS to boot the disk HARD since the CD won't be.

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    Assuming that you are referring to the reader, uninstall all the versions of it using the control panel > add or remove programs.  Then either

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    • What were the changes made before the problem occurred?
    You can check this link:


    When you see this error message?

    IF its all in trying to make an update, then:

    Make sure that the following services are listed and started. in "search programs and files" type "services" (without the quotes). In the results, click on 'services' and the services window should open.

    Make sure that the following is listed and started:

    Background Intelligent Transfer Service

    The base filtering engine

    Cryptography Service

    DCOM Process Launcher service

    Remote procedure call (RPC)

    RPC end point mapper

    Windows Modules Installer

    Windows Update

    IF it's trying to make an update and the foregoing is listed and running, then try this fixit - to see if it helps.

    PS - if one of the services above are not listed, or is listed but not start, then see if you can update your antivirus program and run a scan full to see if it detects malicious software. Then, run the fixit above.

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    How can I fix the "drag and drop" feature in Windows 7?  It used to work, but now does not work, for no apparent reason!

    What happens when you try?  Make sure you drag the icon image and not the text of the name.

    If it still doesn't work there are some registry changes that can try to alleviate the problem.  But because the changes to the registry are tedious and dangerous, I recommend to leave the system to repair it for you.  Here's how:
    1. Type of restore in the search box of the start menu to find and open to restore system files and settings from a restore point.
    2. Click Next, choose a date before the problem started, then click Next once more.
    • This process only takes around 2 minutes and only restores your system files/settings: it will not affect any of your files, documents, photos, emails, or anything else.
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    What is the model of computer? Why don't u try to install the driver of fingerprints once?

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    It is not possible to synchronize files from the computer to your phone.

    Then I suggest you to download and install the Application Photoshop (Photoshop Mix, or Photoshop Fix) on your phone.

    Kind regards


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    You cannot use the old panels of database server & PHP on ordinary HTML files.  They need to be saved as .php files to analyze the code on the server side.

    If your remote & local test server uses PHP 5.5 or higher, I do not recommend using panels of database server & deprecated.  The code is incompatible, obsolete & non-secure.

    Further, you should be manually coding with (improved) MySQLi or PDO.

    Nancy O.

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    Hi [email protected],

    You can download the Adobe Reader DC msi from the link below:


  • How can I fix the bottom of the cover of my book that did not convert correctly?

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    Hi chipmanlane,

    You have landed in the forum, but it is unclear that you have converted from or to. Did you use ExportPDF to convert a PDF to another format or use Acrobat or Adobe PDF Pack to convert a file to PDF?

    Please fill in some blanks for me, and I'll help you get to the bottom of things.



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