How can I get a screen with only nested handlers for scrolling?

I have a single screen with only nested boxes that does not scroll. No fields or buttons, just displaying data.

The funny thing is, the screen does not scroll at all.

I tried a combination of:

                | Manager.NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR
                | Manager.NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL);

Any thoughts on why the screen is not Ahmed with only the data displayed?


The screen does not scroll because he has no reason to scroll. BlackBerry auto-parchemins the field to receive the focus (or, more specifically, the focus of the field - field text rectangle has this rectangle around their position of slider, for example). There is no other mechanism of scrolling integrated for non touchscreen devices.

If you have no Focus field, you can scroll through your Manager / screen programmatically with setHorizontalScroll() / setVerticalScroll(). Decide in what way is more acceptable to you.

If you want to display some text (help screen?), put it in one (descendant of) TextField, FOCUSABLE and READONLY and let the user navigate through the text with the cursor. Remember - even if you can't change RichTextField, you can make it active and allow the user it work very well.

Good luck!

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