How can I get a valid xp on computer?

I have a computer than windows xp on it and I've upgraded to windows 7, but then he kept crashing until later, I discovered that my motherboard (Intel D945GCNL) does not support so I have to go back to windows xp but I don't know if she had 32-bit or a 64 bit one? and there is no thumbnail of validation with a code above! so now what I can do to get a resettled version windows xp on the computer as I've already lost money on windows 7. .Please help.. .i need to this computer and run ASAP oh and I have another computer that has xp and it on 7 now... masse I use this key as she not installed on that more?... tyvm if you need more information please ask because I'd like to solve this problem and have not been able to get any help

Intel for Windows 7 device drivers:

J W Stuart:

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