How can I get all the bbm contacts pin


How can I get all my my contact bbm pin? help please

Sorry for the previous post. It's for pim contacts not bbm pin

Thank you & best regards

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    I have recently installed Windows 8 on a used laptop that I bought and I'm trying to clean it up, but he always tells me I'm not allowed to watch even some files. How can I get all the PERMISSIONS ADMINISTRATOR?

    You must use the run as administrator command. So if you run a program or a file, just click and click on run as administrator. If you delete something, you must have an administrator account.

  • I use LRM6 with Win7.  Cannot display all of the subfolders on external drive with photos.  Can't see most recent used folders.  How can I get all the records to display in the tree when the library module?

    I use LRM6 with Win7.  Cannot display all of the subfolders on external drive with photos.  Can't see most recent used folders.  How can I get all the records to display in the tree when the library module?

    Syrup72 wrote:

    Why I see pictures when I click on the tab all the photos above, which do not show in the tree on the G: drive?

    DSC_2429 is in the shown locaton and present in all the Photos, but there is no folder "Tulsa"... "in the tree.

    The left pane is a "choose one". "All photos" are just that. 'G' is a different option.

    Lightroom is not a file Explorer. He knows only the drives and files that you have imported the photos of. If LR shows not all of the photos that are on your hard drive, it is because you did not import all photos.

    If LR shows you a photo in "all photos" but do not show it in the folder you think he is in, go to "all photos", select the image, right click "view in the library folder. This will show you where LR think the picture is.

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    How can I get all the options for the creation of new titles? I'm stuck on a Board where it does not color or width/size options

    If you have not all panels in the Titler then go and reset the current workspace that is located under the window.

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    My SQL statement is the same throughout, but only changing the literals, and therefore the SQL ID, i.e. SQL ID change also. How can I get all the SQL ID this SQL?



    .. and after all, you can join these views as described with DBA_HIST_SQLTEXT, if necessary.

    DBA_HIST_SQLTEXT displays the text of SQL statements belonging to shared SQL cursors captured in the repository of the workload. This perspective captures information from V$ SQL and is used with the DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT view.



    P.S.: AWR is only based on the captured of course SQLs.

  • Why my dads account Windows Live Mail have much more FONTS, (including the one I have want - old English) than mine? And how can I get all the other FONTS? Thank you.

    My father and I have a very similar computer (his has a little more memory, until I bought a thing of 1000 mb storage) we have almost the same e-mail program, but it flows from Telus, I run Hotmail. There are many more fonts included in its ability to e-mail. How can I get all those other fonts, I change the fonts almost all the letters that I write. Thank you for your help, and I hope that I have explained myself enough.

    A computer has a folder of fonts.  Some fonts come with the computer, some are added by installed programs, and some can be added by the user.

    When you do anything on the computer, in the folder fonts fonts are used.

    When you create an html e-mail, or the word document, the font is a part of the information stored by email or document.

    Fonts do not attach to e-mail or in this document.

    When another computer displays the e-mail or document, the police does not exist on this computer.  Another font will be used.

    The only way to have your email look exactly as you created it is to send a photo of the enamel.

  • How can I get all the values of a set of DBMS?

    Hi all
    I use this «dbms_output.put_line (DBMS_DB_VERSION.» VERSION | '.' || DBMS_DB_VERSION. THE SHOW); "to display the version. But how do I get all the DBMS_DB_VERSION values? Is there a common way?

    Thank you.



    Don't think it's possible. Even if that were the case, you would be able to use/display BOOLEAN type in SQL.

    If you aim just to see what they are, you could do something like that

    select text
      from all_source
     where owner = 'SYS'
       and name = 'DBMS_DB_VERSION'
       and type = 'PACKAGE';

    Or even

    select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('PACKAGE', 'DBMS_DB_VERSION', 'SYS') from dual;

    My version is:

    SQL> select * from v$version where rownum = 1;
    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
    1 row selected

    11 g, you also have [PL/SCOPE |] that might help you even more.


  • How can I get all the instruments that the GB ios?

    Hello everyone, as the title, I bought mainstage 3, due to the limited space, ssd, I can't download all the content in my macbook!

    Do you know what content packages that include all the data tools for ios, I need to download?  so I can make music in parallel (ios and mac).

    Thank you!

    If you download the GarageBand 2.1 application to your Mac as described in this tip to the user: How to get iOS GB loops in GarageBand for Mac.

    and then find the library of instruments inside as described here:

    You can see a list of files .cst for sounds used by GarageBand software instruments:

    Library/Track\ settings/software support/Instrument\ of GarageBand\ 2.1/Payload/\

    I see these fixes in GarageBand 2.1:

    Keyboard / to THE Keyboard.cst

    Drummer/great room GB.cst

    GB.cst drummer/Bluebird

    Drummer/Crate Digger GB.cst

    Drummer/Deep Tech GB.cst

    Drummer/Pile Driver GB.cst

    Drummer/Retro Rock GB.cst

    Drummer/Roots GB.cst

    GB.cst drummer / SoCal

    Drummer/Trap Door GB.cst

    Battery/Big Room.cst


    Battery/Classic drum Machine.cst

    Battery/Classic Studio Kit.cst

    Battery/case Digger.cst

    Battery/Deep Tech.cst

    Battery/Hip Hop drum Machine.cst

    Home/drums drum Machine.cst

    Battery/Live Rock Kit.cst

    Battery Driver.cst

    Battery/Retro Rock.cst



    Battery/trap Door.cst

    Battery/Vintage Kit.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Click.cst

    Metronomes/metronome HiHat.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Sidestick.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Visual Only.cst

    Metronomes/metronome Woodblock.cst


    Smart Bass/Exoplanet.cst

    Smart Bass/Light Cycle.cst

    Smart Bass/Liverpool.cst

    Smart Bass/Muted.cst

    Smart Bass.cst/P-Bass

    Smart Bass/Picked.cst

    Smart Bass.cst Bass/Retro

    Sequence/Bass smart Bass.cst

    Smart Bass/Upright.cst

    Battery smart/Classic drum Machine.cst

    Battery Classic/intelligent Studio Kit.cst

    Battery smart/Hip Hop drum Machine.cst

    Home/battery smart drum Machine.cst

    Battery smart/Live Rock Kit.cst

    Battery smart/Vintage Kit.cst

    Smart Guitar/Acoustic.cst

    Smart Clean.cst guitar/Classic

    Smart Rock.cst guitar/hard

    Smart Rock.cst guitar/Roots

    Keyboard Smart/Classic Rock Organ.cst

    Piano.CST Smart Keyboard/Electric

    Piano.CST Smart Keyboard/large

    Smart Keyboard/Helix.cst

    Language.CST Smart keyboard/Machine

    Smart Keyboard/Polarize.cst

    Clav.CST Smart Keyboard/smooth

    Sailer.CST Smart Keyboard/solaire

    Smart Strings/Cinematic.cst

    Smart Strings/Modern.cst

    Smart Strings/Pop.cst

    Smart Strings/Romantic.cst

  • How can I get all the new sites to open it in a new tab rather tnan replacing the site in existing tab?

    When I click on most, if not all of my favorites, the new site opens in the tab where I was open. I want the new site to open in a new tab (unless I have type the name where the address was. How can I get this done.
    Jerry Kersten

    Sorry, the setting for this preference has been removed a few years ago.

    You can try using TabMix Plus extension to add this feature to Firefox. I heard that TMP include a pref for this action.

    But TMP is a very complex extension and has been problematic from time to time. My advice is to get used to manual bookmarks open in a tab by using one of the three ways that I mentioned.

  • How can I get all the connections on a windows 2008 r2 through a VPN server?

    How can I route all internet connections on a Windows 2008 Standard r2 through a VPN server?

    When I try to run just on an account administrator through regular networking, it hits the vpn in offline mode when someone else that the administrator is trying to distance in.

    I have to use a vpn, because I'm on a school network and have permission to use the server, but I have to do my own static IP address.  My solution for the static IP address, he ran through a VPN with data unlimited which ended with a dedicated static IP address.

    Everything on the server works when comes the administrator will connect.  Site Internet/game/file Services/Ect.

    Post in the Windows Server Forums:

  • How can I get all the file in a directory name?


    Try to get all the file in a directory name.

    My code:

    FileConnection fconn = (fileDirectory) (FileConnection);
    Listing files = fconn.list ();
    Listing files = fconn.list ("*", true); Try
    _SCREEN.updateDisplay (files); txt shows unreadable.
    String filename = fconn.getName ();
    _SCREEN.updateDisplay1 (fileName); Show WMMS.

    Try using fileconnection.getName (). -->, But fail.

    Could someone give a tip to solve the problem?

    Thank you for your attention,

    You cannot print just an enumeration.
    It is a collection that contains objects, in this case of strings, as you can see on

    You can use a while construct to browse the enum, as:
    While (files.hasMoreElements ()) {}
    System.out.println (files. NextElement());
    (do not know if you do not cast explicitly to a string for sysout, iirc)

  • How can I get all the tabs I had last time?

    When I closed my browser and all tabs, then open the browser, it didn't restore my session or give the ability to restore, I restore the tabs from last time checked. I really need to restore this session, he had very important tabs that I remember no addresses for, and they aren't in the story because I do not charge some of them for a long time. Is it possible to restore?

    Hi bncase, how long were you watching the important tabs open? You may well have some backups of sessionstore.js and/or sessionstore.bak containing at least some of the tabs. You might be able to restore to another location and take a look inside.

    Another possibility is to try the "Previous Versions" feature See: when you do a right click either sessionstore.bak or sessionstore.js and click the previous Versions tab are available in format properties you can find. Since I find the system restore to be a tad bit reliable, it's probably a good idea to save all the current files that you can load it again before restoring previous versions. As always, make sure that Firefox is closed before you restore or your changes are likely to be replaced soon.

  • How can I get all the files from the hard drive in the non-working Compaq Presario CQ62-411NR

    Ice tea seep keyboard laptop, and after drying it feeds on. If I try a hard reboot, it is stated that I would lose all the info in the memory and I can't afford to lose my mother pictures that are on the hard drive. Is it possible to get the hard drive to work in some other way so that I can get my photos and other files.

    You can remove the hard drive and put it in a USB Enclosure.Plug USB port, another machine, where you should be able to go through it and copy your photos off on the hard drive of the host computer.

    Example: & catid = 2783

  • I'm downloading 22 videos on a dvd and only 18 streams overview shows up for the menu once the dvd has downloaded. How can I get all the components of 22 to show?

    I'm downloading 22 videos on a DVD in windows DVD maker.  When it's finished download it shows all the "behind the scenes" in the preview pane options.  How can I add another page of preview panes or add more components per page?  There are still 6 per page and only 3 pages that give me only 18 scenes.

    Thank you


    You will need to combine a few clips or create a second DVD.

    Windows DVD Maker has a limit of 18 scenes (chapters) hard-coded.

    Take a look at the following article... read the article:
    "How scenes are created for my DVD?

    Windows Vista-
    Video DVD burning:
    Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get all the control in one place in 3.6.16 buttons, as they did in previous versions? Have the refresh and stop between address buttons and windows search and the home button on the far right is terrible.

    In 3.6.16, the buttons are all over the place. In previous versions, forward, back, refresh, stop and home buttons were all together. In this version, the refresh and stop buttons are between the address and search windows and the home button on the far right.

    I'd love to have them all together as they used to be - much easier to use that way. I tried to install other themes, but the coding of this version too roll themes.

    All the buttons can be moved to the toolbar by right-clicking anywhere that isn't a button or the address bar on the toolbar and choosing Customize...

    You can then drag the buttons around the toolbar to position them toy our taste. When you click Customize... Favorites and Refresh buttons will temporarily turn into regular buttons that you can move around. If you place them to the right of the address bar, they will merge with it. If you move them somewhere else, they will become the normal buttons. You can use this to move a button on the toolbar anywhere you want.

    Themes do not set the order of the toolbar buttons and so will not replace it.

    See the images below for reference:

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