How can I get an epub in ibooks with os10.11.2

How can I get an ePub in iBooks under OS El Capitan 10.11.2?

I use the caliber. Ideally, I would like to go directly from caliber to iBooks. How?

I had been using Marvin which was an absolutely wonderful reader. Update my review and now give it a 1 because it is unusable.

This should not be difficult and was not before ibooks has been uprooted on iTunes. Now, if you buy it at the Apple store its tortuous to do things.


You can add ePub files, if they are compatible, iBooks on your Mac via file > add to library in iBooks, or by drag-and - drop on iBooks.

If you then connect your iOS device to iTunes on your Mac, they should show in his books for the selection of synchronization to the iBooks app.

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