How can I get my audio to work on PE4?

I have a new computer and PE 4 was installed on it, but I hear the audio.  I do not in my imported videos, audio files or on my calendar.  Anyone know how to get the audio to work?

First of all, do you not hear Audio in other programs on the computer?

If so, head down this response. If not, then you will want to ensure that your Audio settings in the operating system and possibly console the sound card are properly first.

If you have Audio, look at the toolbar at the top of the EP and click on modify. Here, go to Preferences > Audio Hardware.and choose settings ASIO. This will bring up a dialog box and you must place check marks in your list of DirectSound Audio output Port cards and the list of ports of entry.

Reference in sync, the DirectSound input option button must be set (right part of the box), and map Options, Full Duplex controlled.

While you're there, check as to what your Audio card is, where we have need more problems. She also pays get the latest driver (it can change each week) for your particular card.

Good luck


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