How can I get my favorites appears on the personal bar? The bookmarks toolbar is just empty, even though it lists all my favorites below him when I open my favorites.

I used the toolbar bookmarks for awhile. I was using Firefox last night, when I noticed it was empty. I went to view > toolbars > toolbar bookmarks and checked and unchecked it happens several times, but just what is a toolbar is empty. I also opened to the top of my favorites and all my favorites saved as Favorites bar are still there, and the links seem to work. I also stopped and restarted my computer, but the Favorites bar is always empty and I don't know what to do.

Make sure you always have the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" on the personal bar

  • Make sure you have the 'personal bar' visible: "view > toolbars".
  • Check in "view > toolbars > customize" "Bookmarks Toolbar items" are on the personal bar
  • If the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then get it back from the window Customize on the bookmarks toolbar
  • If you do not see the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" then click on the button "Restore Default Set"

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    Thank you.

    If the site is not available as a choice in the menu on the left of your files tab, you need to reset the site.

    Go to Site > new Site

    Give it a name and http address if you want to

    Click twice next,

    Navigate to the folder on your desktop computer that has all the site files and press next

    Enter your FTP info and click Next

    Click done.

  • How can I display icons and text in the bookmarks toolbar. If I roll over the icon I can see the text. I want the icon and the text are always visible.

    Previously, the name of the link and the icon icon was visible in the bookmarks toolbar. I did something to cause the name disappear and cannot find a way to get it back.
    The only visible, at least I have the cursor on the icon, the icon itself.

    Hmm, I can't imagine an integrated way to display only the icons. Is it possible that one of your modules has changed the display style? You have "Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar"?

    You can view your extensions on the addons page and when they have an Options button, change their behavior. Or turn them off. I suggest starting your investigation with those:

    Open the page modules using either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Something seems relevant to the bookmarks toolbar?

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    Thank you

    Just update again. I finally found what I had previously. This is the homepage of .
    Thanks for all the help, but this has now been resolved.

  • How can I get my favorites to show up on top of the actual bookmarks bar, even if they still exist in the bookmark toolbar menu drop-down?

    So I accidentally deleted the bookmarks bar, but when I enabled it again, my favorites have disappeared. However, they are still in the menu bookmark under "bookmarks bar". How can I get show them upward on the toolbar real? I restarted Firefox, restore the default values in Firefox, tried doing drag their doping on the toolbar, & just hard add sites, but nothing has worked. How can I fix? Thanks in advance!

    I see a button star bookmark in the bar '3' list of menu of Firefox as the last icon down button.

    This button has the ToolTip of the Bookmarks Toolbar items?

    Try clicking the default button in the window customize.

  • How can I get my favorites is always visible on the side of the main page of Firefox

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    View > sidebar, click Favorites to place a check mark.

  • How can I get FireFox to work on the first Google ChromeBook addition? He repeats to me upgrade and when I do it says does not support?

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    What do I do now or how do I get it to work? And if it just simply won't work on a CHromeBook then they need to have that riht out in the open.


    I had a peek in this and was informed that Firefox does not work on Chrome OS.

    It is designed and done a little differently from the likes of Windows and Linux and will not support another browser being installed.

  • notification area: How can I get my internet connection and the life of the battery and its return in the notification area

    How can I get my internet connection and the life of the battery and its return in the notification area

    on the bottom right of my screen?

    I tried the properties and to add notifications but it net let me add them...


    1 Please reboot nothing so interfere with this process.

    Click with the right button on Taskbar - Properties - tab Notification area - check box Volume - if it is grayed out
    Then, use this link. (The battery is the same method.)

    How to enable or disable the system tray in Vista icons (there are several methods
    and you can to use them all).

    If necessary: a Mr Fixit

    System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 until you
    Restart the computer

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    When you add the new category?
    If added to the event entry so it is an addition of time.
    You go to Options-calendar-categories and add is there to be a permanent choice. There is also a button to delete it.

  • How can I get my account number of the device Apple Watch and iPhone 5?

    How can I get my account number of the device Apple Watch and iPhone 5?

    Try this below - it can help you!

    In the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, under My Watch > booklet & Apple pay > [your specific credit card]

  • How can I get my scanner to scan the original documents identical?


    I just install the printer/scanner (series HP photosmart premium C310 / CN503-64001). I did 2 tests. On the 2nd scan the sides intersect.  I repeated the analysis a few times, but the problem remains. On the touch screen, it shows the document correctly. I had the scan open preview (I use a Macbook Pro, Mac Os version 10.6.8).

    How can I get my scanner to scan the same original documents?

    Thank you for helping me!


    Hello, Birgit

    How the printer is connected to the computer? You mention the touch screen are you scan from the front of the printer? What happens if you try to scan from the HP software?

    In Mac OS X scan with the HP software

    Also could you check which printer you are using? Photosmart C310 is the series and I couldn't find a printer with the CN503 64001. Usually, the model number on Photosmarts are located under the lid of the printer where the ink cartridges are. Help, find the follow-up model number below.

    How can I find my model number?

  • My screen suddenly upside down. How can I get that back right to the top?

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    High graphics most of range, the cards are equipped with display rotation built in and adjustable via display properties or via the display properties of the display icon in the Notification area (to the left of the system clock).  It is a nice feature if you want to read things more like a book on your laptop, etc.

    Some examples would be ATI, NVIDIA, Intel, Matrox, S3, XGI...  These adapters can be integrated into your system, and not always his own card.

    This phenomenon of rotation screen sometimes inadvertently some keystrokes (the cat walked on my keyboard).

    Pressing on the keys Ctrl-Alt top/arrow down arrow rotates screen 90 degrees at a time for some graphics (like NVIDIA) cards

    If this does not work, we will need to know your system brand and model and see if we can look at the rotating screen for you shortcut keys.

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I decided to implement the points for a new puppy instead of a pony!

  • How can I get mini rear deck after the update to PS CC 2015?

    How can I get mini rear deck after the update to PS CC 2015?

    You can not. Mini Bridge used Flash and Flash is no longer supported in Photoshop.

  • How can I get my document to save the last used rotated view?

    How can I get my document to save the last used rotated view?

    Possible with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader No.

  • How can I get rid off "Download" in the action menu

    Dear all,

    In an interactive report, how can I get rid off "Download" in the action menu.

    Thanks in advance,

    In the reports of the attributes, the attributes of the search bar page, uncheck the box download.

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