How can I get my password for the time a bsod

How can I get my bios password or my password


Hi bigdogsam1.

You try to create the password for the BIOS of your computer? If so, follow the steps provided below:

Restart your computer and press the F2 key for 7 to 10 seconds to access the BIOS Setup.

On the Security menu, press the DOWN ARROW to select set the computer password and press ENTER.

Enter the password in the message box and press ENTER.

Type the same new password to confirm.

If the BIOS password has been forgotten, come back with exactly the model of your computer for further assistance. Look for the model # here:

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    Thanks for your help.


    When you first loaded Windows, just after buying the machine, you have been prompted for an account name and a password. This account is an administrator account. You can now use it for all administrative purposes.

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    The password that gives you access to gmails webmail account using a browser is the same password that Thunderbird needs access to this same server to download e-mail messages.

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    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    original title: wlidcl.dll


    I suggest to follow the steps below and check if the problem persists:

    Not one:

    Uninstall Windows Live essentials followed the procedure described in the link:

    Step b:

    Download and install Windows Live essential from the link:

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    Hi Angela,.

    Please consult this document: print a receipt of payment or invoice for your subscription to creative cloud.



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    Hi Aneumann,

    Welcome to the Forums.

    You just need to right-click on the imported clip in the project Panel, and select new sequence of the clip. You can also go to the file menu > new > sequence and create a sequence, then drag the clips after importation, in the timeline.

    Kind regards


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    Other usb devices work on this PC?

    Is it the same if you try all usb ports?

    You can test the device on another PC?

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    See the section for credit payments & cards for more information about printing a receipt of your subscription order.



  • How can I get a password for my wi - fi?

    I can't find my wifi password. I'm with Verizon Wireless network. I tried asking them for her, but I just get a race. When I renewed my contract last year they sent me a free «ellipsis7 Tablet» I asked on the Wi - Fi, and they said it was included. When I tried several times to connect, I failed. Another officer told me that my tablet is the only hotspot that I needed. But DO SOMEONE could tell me how to get my password!

    my daughter gave me a smart phone to att, so I bought a Smart TV Vizio. My phone keeps asking to guard upward with my TV! But I do not have a password!

    My son helped me to look around in boxes and equipment in signs of a password.

    OK let explain me that I am old, disabled, I have MS and narcolepsy. So I have trouble working on these problems for a while because I fall asleep! It of awful, frustrating, annoying and drives me crazy! But that's my only real contact I have with the outside world. If you have a timer on this conversation, you'll see that it takes me an eternity even write this. Because I keep to nodding off. Sorry!

    What can I do else? I'm not real informed on all this stuff. I'm not stupid either, I'm a former nursery designer and quilt.

    Microsoft is unable to help with this, unfortunately.  Wireless router should have put a password.  If she did not, you should contact the company which built (or take it back to the store that you bought a replacement).

    This is what may look like a typical home wifi router.  You might want to look on the bottom, sometimes the wifi on a sticker on the router password:

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    Hello world

    How can we, iCloud password used for login user account Sierra?

    Kind regards


    Mine got to the last step of the download and request for administrator password I knew, I had. I went through all of the passwords, I've never used (had to hack attempts) and one of them worked after pressing 'Unlock' Have no idea why this worked, but it is now installing.

  • How can I change a password for the local account of a pc that can not be connected remotely?

    Hi all

    I am currently based in London. I have a problem with the laptop of a staff based in Africa. We built the laptop and it shipped to them. As part of the construction, we put on our account standard administrator and then made a local account that they are not connected to our area.

    The user in this Africa Office has changed the local password of its account and now don't remember making it so the unable to connect to PC. I don't want to tell him our administrator password, because it is the same for all our PC in the world. I have studied a lot of things to try to connect to the computer, but it is now possible.

    I tried:

    1 navigation to the machine from another pc on the network using explroer and I see the C drive.

    2. I tried to run this command, but I get just error 1219: net use \\pcname\ipc$ / user: pcname\administrator *.

    3 RDP will not work, it will not just connect.

    4. the PC that I use is 8 Windows Home Edition and none of the business I've noticed is a problem of computer management doesn't have users and groups it seems. The remote pc is Windows 7 Enterprise.

    So for now I just a laptop that is stuck on the login screen.

    I guess I'm doomed then?

    No, you are not condemned. I gave you a recipe to solve your problem. Give the person a password for admin for a few minutes does not compromise the integrity of the machine, as long as you then reset the password in a few minutes.

    If this person can burn a CD repair system on another machine of Windows 7 then it can use to start the machine in Windows Repair Mode. From there it can use system restore to set up Windows to a point before he changed the password. You need to exercise on your own machine to guide him through the process.

  • How can I get a update for the Canon EOS 7 MK II

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    Native support of Lightroom for the D750 has been added in the Lightroom update published 5.7 tonight.

    Version details:

    Lightroom 5.7:

    Camera Raw 5.7: vailable.html

  • How can I reset my password for the password I Sweden previously?

    I have a set of files back, which I've encrypted under my previous password and I am not able to open them now. When I try to change my current password and use the other, Windows says I can't use this password. Is there a solution that that?

    any help much appreciated

    No, by its design once you use a password and then it is changed for one reason or another you are unable to use the previous. Sorry, we don't have that, but we don't have the choice that it just may not be reused.   Hope this helps and if you need any additional aid station and we will be happy to help you.

    The above opinion is mine and mine nothing and does not necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, it's employees, or any other Member of this forum.

    "When we try to take anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."-John Muir

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  • How can I get one bought for, the installed version of PSE13 to open it?

    I installed my purchased version of PSE13 twice.  But it does not open when I click the icon PSE.  How to open?  When I click the icon, it wants to load again.  Thank you.  Marty

    You should ask this thread in the forum of Photoshop Elements.

    Photoshop Elements

    When you post your question there, but of course to detail that you are using the material and what version of operating system.

  • How can I find my password for the user account on the adobe reader software

    Adobe Reader keeps asking for my password that I don't how is it can only know what it is?

    Only you know who. Contact Adobe support.

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