How can I get my scanner HP scanjet 4670 for work with W7?

I have a HP Compaq nx6310 laptop originally supplied with Windows XP. I recently upgraded to W7 OS and now I can't start my HP 4670 scanner. When I look at the driver updates, I find there is no driver for this hardware with W7, but the same scanner model is still on the market. I tried to go back to XP, but the original windows.old folder is no longer there so I told myself that I can't come back. Help!


Sorry, I should have stated that my OS is Win 7 Pro 64-bit.  I have a C4100 and a scanner HP C4400 HP doesn't seem to have any drivers that would work on 64-bit.   I decided to install the virtual XP on my Dell XPS700 with Win7 Pro 64 bit OS.  That worked really well as I can boot normally and then go start the virtual XP and I managed to download the latest version of the software and drivers for XP in this virtual drive.   This allows me to do what I want with a scanner and I use the HP software to control everything.  I'm tired of a program called VueScan that I bought as he said he would work but discovered it was worthless.  So I ended up going the virtual XP mode as a way to continue to communicate with my two scanners.  Works very well.

I will go back and check the HP website and maybe they decided to update their drivers (but I doubt of this kind).  Found the same problem with my card its Creative X - fi.  There is absolutely no driver for Win7 Pro 64-bit.   They have recently released some drivers supporting same Win 8 64 bit, but they don't work well.  Ended up getting a new card SBx creative and it works beautifully.  Businesses do not seem to care about existing systems more! :-(

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