How can I get my xp computer that relates to the time capsule hard airport to connect to the internet

My time capsule airport works to my iMac and my Sony laptop win7.

I also have a windows xp computer that needs to connect to the internet while the airport time capsule hard cable . However, that xp computer seems not to recognize that the capsule exists and cannot connect to the internet. Can someone help me do this work? I'm not fluent in technical aspects of networks and connections. On the Sony, I just had to select the wireless network and put the password and everything was good. With the XP, nothing but problems.


Can your computer XP connect to Internet from other networks or simply not yours? From the description of your problem, looks like a configuration issue with your Windows XP computer and NOT the airport Time Capsule.

Note: You do now that Microsoft does support Windows XP and that she would run as a potential security risk, especially when accessing Internet with it?

However, if you still wish to pursue this, you can try the following to help you get started. You can post to a forum of Microsoft support for troubleshooting of networking with Windows XP problems.

Step 1. Check your network configuration.

To check the settings of network configuration for the correct IP address information, you can do the following:

  • In the command prompt window, type ipconfig/alland then press ENTER.
  • The results of this command will display a list of IPv4 default gateway addresses (this should be your Time Capsule) and DNS settings for all of your network interfaces (Ethernet, wireless, etc.) By default, your IPv4 address should be something like: 10.0.1.n.; the default gateway address should be: The DNS addresses must match what your ISP provides you.
  • If you get an IPv4 address that begins with 169.n.n.n, then go to step 2 below.

Step 2. Try to repair the connection.
Network connection repair feature to renew the IPv4 network connection setting to try to correct the configuration on your Windows XP device issues. To access repair network connection, follow these steps:

  • Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click network connections.
  • Right click on the connection that you want to repair and then click Repair. Repair function will perform a number of steps automatically to try to fix the poorly configured settings for your network connection.

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