How can I get rear switchable graphics?

I recently downloaded an update of the AMD driver. He removed the switchable graphics option and I spent hours searching the Internet on how to get it back. I can't find any drivers or anything to get it back. Also, after I did my Sony Vegas will not open. I have a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC, Windows 7 64 bit. Are there drivers, or anything I can download to return graphic switchable? Help would be very appreciated. Thank you



Try to use Recovery Manager to reinstall your graphics driver original AMD - the procedure package to use the Recovery Manager to reinstall the drivers and software is detailed in the document in question on the link below.

Recovery Manager - Windows 8.

Recovery Manager - Windows 7

After reinstalling, restart the laptop.

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • I have upgraded to Windows 8. How can I get the switchable graphics to work?

    Windows 8 was released a little over a month and several users have had the desire to upgrade their laptop for Windows 8.

    However, the laptop doesn't have any Windows 8 at HP software, because it is not yet approved for Windows 8.

    This usually results in video cards being turned on so only used Intel graphics card.  Some symptoms of this is the laptop is running more hot than usual and the battery life is significantly short due to these two cards being fed at the same time.

    This isn't an official solution to this problem, but it worked for me and others.

    1. install the HP software framework found here.

    Credit for finding this link goes to CherylG.

    2. then, uninstall all ATI/AMD software through programs and features.

    3. go to and select Support and drivers at the top.

    4. Select software downloads and the pilot, then enter your product model or product number.

    5. Select the most recent operating system corresponding to your installation of Windows 8 bit architecture.  For example, Windows 7 64 bit for 64-bit Windows 8.

    6 download the ATI graphics card driver.

    7. run the file once it is finished downloading.

    8. let the finished extraction process, but cancel the installation when you are prompted to continue after extraction.  Note where this is extracted to.  By default, this should be c:\swsetup\.

    9. here, there should be a setup.exe to install the ATI driver.  Right-click it and select troubleshoot compatibility.

    10 follow the troulbeshooter of compatibility and select the suggested fixes.  On one screen, there will be a button of test program.  Click here to begin the installation.

    11. follow the installation and it must successfully complete.

    12. Once completed, right click on the desktop to check that configures it with the switchable graphics option is listed.

    Once this done, switchable graphics should work fine on most systems.  This translates into reduced heat and charge the battery lasting longer.

    While this may not work for everyone, he worked for many users.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Paul

    paultryan wrote:

    I could get set the frequency of sampling and to give a regular change of output, but im looking to get this long-term data acquisition. For example, the graph changes everything but 1 - 5 get 30 minutes of data.

    I used the DAQ assistant and labview is completely new to me, if im not sure where it take it from here.


    Then you should use a chart - not a graphic. A graph has a story. You must set this. Right click and select "Chart History Length".

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    See use themes to change the appearance of Firefox and (light theme)

  • How can I get IDLE to use Tk 8.6?

    I just downloaded and installed Python 3.5.  So far, I have had problems using it the Terminal. However, the installation creates a folder in the Applications folder, and it contains among others:


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    Before and after I installed Tk 8.6, I get this warning when I open the market to SLOW:

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    Visit for more information.

    I intrigued about this for a bit, googled around only to find that others had the same concern, however, no answers had been provided. I finally watched the dropdown on IDLE and window graphics bit, for me, to show that IDLE is still using Tk 8.5 rather 8.6.   So, how can I get the INACTIVE application to move with TK 8.6?

    Hello danuke,

    It seems that with all positions, open up a bigger and bigger can-o-worms.

    All these software are designed for a world of Linux. The user just goes ' yum... something...» ' or 'apt - get... .quelquechose else... "to install the software or update a version provided by the system. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, the user must go back and install a more recent, or longer, version of Ubuntu/Centos etc for all workers.

    There is a way of 'old school' more - you can install the software from source. Somehow really old-school, people used to actually install test built more recent versions, but in custom locations just to test. Few people do that. Few people know even how to build more.

    But if you want to use this software on a Mac, you need one of these strategies. You can go on the road with MacPorts package manager, Fink or now Homebrew and simply type «... BREW something...» ». OS X won't let you replace the versions of the system, so that option is on the table. But it's fine because who would break probably of stuff. But you can always install from source and select exactly what versions of the software you want to build with. Don't get me wrong - it is not easy. In fact, it is very difficult. Each project has a different construction system. Each is designed for Linux, with Mac users in a shot at best, but more often a nonthought. In the end, it's not so much software building as creatively hacking. I did this at work. It took me two weeks to get the entire system built GDAL, with postreSQL, a custom Python, etc. Ideally, you should do this for any software open-source that you build on the Mac. Never use Apple system software provided for what it is, unless you have no option. Apple IS NOT test such things. Apple crowd from all the trials and it is your job, not theirs. Apple will pick a untested development branch, of any package open source code and release it to 800 million customers in less than 3 weeks. I know because I've seen them do. He broke one of my apps.

    But there is no easy solution. Every project is different. You'll have to each project and how to control where it generates from search. I can help if it's something that I've built lately. But I did not intend to disturb with a daredevil Python3 or relive the 80s with Tcl/Tk. I would say than ever in the company polished, because Python is just overly fancy, but it *. This is a joke compared to Perl. But I'm a pragmatic man, so I know that Perl will not get anyone, including me, decent work. So I'll use Python junk instead because he pays the Bills. That's how the software works today.

  • Satellite Pro U400 - How can I get the native screen resolution for external monitor?

    I have a samsung syncmaster external screen connected to a Satellite Pro U400.

    The resolution of the screen goes up to 1280 etc. but the minimum samsung is 1440 x 920 (ish I forgot).
    How can I get the samsung to display full screen expanded to save my eyes of the realativively small screen internal?


    Have you tried to update the display on your laptop driver? Check the Toshiba site for an update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    In addition, it would be interesting to know if you are running the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?
    And what operating system are you using? Have you installed all Windows updates?

    For external LCD, monitors, you must set the screen refresh rate of 60 Hz.
    And if you want to change the resolution of the screen, you must select the second monitor in the graphics options on Windows.

    Good bye

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    I'm reading the pulse signal of USB-Quad08 with Dasylab V10, but every time I got the error message "this Committee has no meter 9513.

    I have configured the jury with Instacal and the test hardware is ok. I used the module 'Entry meter' (Modules--> inputs / outputs--> MCC - DAQ--> Counter Input) to read the signal of the channel meter. "Entry 9513 counter" displayed and I na not change settings. After connecting a graphic recorder module I run the application. The error message appeared.

    I noticed that USB-Quad08 Council has counter 9513. But why the error occurs?  How can I get his channel encoder signal?

    PS. I can get with Dasylab DIO signals, but I can't any signal with TracerDAQ, even I can't find USB-Quad08 in his list of DAQ devices.

    Please contact Measurement Computing.

  • How can I get the data view to display the same amount of time I save?

    I use the Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite.  In the data view, I display a graph of time, the power spectrum, the Color Map and the waterfall.  I am also showing strength in numbers group for several bands and doing cutting-edge research.  I record 100 ms of the transient wave.  In the data view, why the temporal plots show several seconds of data?  What determines how much time will appear in the data view?  More important, the power spectrum reflects the power for the entire of several seconds of data displayed?  Same question for power in the values of band and cutting-edge research.  I want to just this data displayed for 100 ms of the wave that I record.  So, how can I get the data displayed (waveforms) and power numbers come only 100 ms of the recorded wave?

    Finally, what is the best way to make account concisely the recorded data?  By slide numbers on the Documentation tab is not concise, because it comes with graphics, etc..  I tried save as ASCII/LVM, but I get a bunch of stuff intermiated I don't care.  Help?

    Hi TimRsandiego,

    SignalExpress is programmed to display graphs with default scales based on the type of action, it's reading. These scales and settings can be changed by right-clicking on the graph, and then select Properties.

    If you are interested to learn more about how to use SignalExpress, I would recommend checking out some demonstrations/tutorials on You can find some of these demos at the following location:

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Kind regards

  • When zoomed in on a waveform graph, how can I get all of the data points that is currently displayed on the graph?

    I use X-zoom tool on the graphic palette. In this chart, the x-axis are time. Thus, for example, if I have 30 seconds displayed on the x-axis of the complete graph, and I want to zoom in on the Middle 10 seconds, how can I get the axis y data points that correspond to this average 10 seconds?

    Similar to Cory's suggestion, could you use the X - Scale-> range-> the Min and Max properties to retrieve the appropriate data?

    Maybe even link your sweater of data for the range of scale change event?

Maybe you are looking for