How can I get rid of the chevron which appears on photo icons?

Recently, after a computer failure, everytime I open a file that has pictures, each icon has a blue chevron.  I had this once before and told me how to removed.  I can't find this information more.  Can anyone help.

Right click on one of the files > select 'Open with' and then click on "Choose default program" > select your graphical utility in the list that more... :-)

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    Set this page as your home page, which is what Firefox 3.6 and earlier versions had for the default home page. He has Previous Session Restore button/link.

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    View menu > clear Guides, or if you want to keep the guides, view > show > and uncheck the Guides

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    Oh sorry, the link to locate the profile folder (designating the user.js file) is in the article profiles - where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data .

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    . What exactly happens when you try to connect to a Normal mode?

    Please follow the steps and the link:

    Method 1:

    To completely turn off Safe Mode and return to the Normal Mode:

    a. click on the Start button in the lower left corner in Mode safe mode, and then select turn off computer, select restart from the context menu.

    b. place your finger on the key F8 as the computer stops and restarts. As soon as it starts to boot the system, start pressing F8 repeatedly.

    c. stop pressing F8 when you see a menu of options appear on the screen. This is the start menu. Select the Normal Mode in the start menu either hit the number next to the Normal Mode or by using the arrow keys to select Normal Mode and then pressing "Enter".

    d. waiting for start in Normal Mode.

    Method 2:

    a. close all running programs and open windows if you are back on the desktop.

    b. click on the Start button.

    (c) in the search box of the Start Menu, type in msconfig and press enter on your keyboard.

    d. the System Configuration utility will open and click on the Startup tab.

    e. you will now boot options. UNCHECK the box labeled Start secure

    f. press the apply button and then press the OK button.

    g. will now present you a prompt indicating that you must restart the computer to apply the change.

    Click the restart button to restart your computer and check the current status of the issue.

    I hope this helps.

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    Do you mean the automatic scrolling of the page button?

    • Tools > Options > advanced > general: "use autoscrolling".

    You get this automatic scroll button when you click with the scroll wheel of the mouse on a web page.

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    Hi all!

    I hope you can help me solve this problem: when I create a PDF file with Acrobat Pro from Word (latest version), I get sharps that appear in the PDF file. I looked in my Word file to see if I could highlight some 'ghost' pound sign, but found nothing.

    You know the reason for this, and how can I solve this problem?

    THANKS in advance to those who respond.


    Hi Bill,

    I came this morning with a fresh perspective to the problem and have solved the problem: I realized that the text was in Cambria, so I changed it to the reliable Times New Roman. I created the PDF and book NO signs appeared scattered in the PDF file.

    Aye, fonts!

    Thanks for the reply and have a great day!

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    Make sure that you have installed the support of East Asian language.

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    -What is it?

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    The different sections of this Yahoo help section help you return to a blank message body or go to a model you like best?

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    So, you want to delete this Web site. That's right?
    If so, you can make trought accessing the website 'admin panel' or 'FTP '.

    An administration panel (or "administration panel") is a site that your host/domain provides to you, where you can change everything you want - even is for 'FTP', 'FTP' is a server where you access your Web site and change what you want, and that includes delete the current Web site.

    Questions please ask.

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    Fix. If you think there may be a problem, follow these instructions;

    Take uninstaller from here:
    Uninstall Flash Player | Windows
    Uninstall Flash Player | Mac
    Reinstall the latest version.

    Flash Player Version

    Shockwave Director Version

    Opps, Sorry, wrong instructions.

    Remove the two programs. Then install the current.

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    How can I get rid of the pesky "what's new in Pages '?

    Unless there is a check box on that, what's new dialogue to prevent future events, and then create and save a Pages document. In both cases, who must still remove the instances of that message. There is no preferences, or the menu setting.

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