How can I get rid of the message "Run Time Error" in Windows XR home when I open my computer?

When I opened my computer I get the error message "run time error. Your computer wants to close in an unusual way. I clicked and after it appears once again twice more, and I click it every time, he goes and I can use the OK computer.


With the utility 'disk cleanup', & defrag, within a normal time, try

R.clicking my computer, properties, advanced, performance, file, change

button with selected C:, the value to "let the system manage", click on set 2 X, close, restart


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    Hello, axel028!

    If I'm not mistaken, the E:31:00 error code can occur on hard drive camcorders and indicates there is a format error on the hard disk of the camcorder. A kind of data corruption occurred.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Best regards

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    You didn't mention what email program you use. Whatever it is, post in this forum.

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    To remove the error message if still there after the controls above to malware.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista
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    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured so that it starts automatically when
    your system boots and you connect. Autoruns also shows you the complete list of the registry
    and where applications can configure Auto-start for the files settings.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    It would have helped if you had identified what browser including the version that you use.

    If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8, see

    If you use Internet Explorer 6, see

    If you are using another browser, please log in.

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    Just an update with the above problem.
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    As soon as I uninstalled it "demands" that the invasive advertising as went well.
    Thanks again for your help.

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    Make sure that the Search Service is configured to start automatically in the Services Management Console (type Services.msc in the box run from the start menu).


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    You don't have to use the built-in Mail app to access your Hotmail account. Other options include the use of webmail (a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) or program free Microsoft mail, Windows Live Mail available from: .

    If you want to spend the money, then Microsoft Office Outlook is another option.

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    Hi Beverly,.

    What message do you get? "RUNDLL32. "EXE - Entry Point not found" Error Message When you start your computer

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    Message is a botton of my screen

    I assumed that you get this message when you use a link to download the items in Internet Explorer.If I am Correct, then this is quite normal and I don't see anything on here. The open option file downloads the file in a folder all temporary save as option downloads the file in folder defined by the user.

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    1st glance in Control Panel / user accounts if you do not see the option then from the line to run typing Netplwiz.      It will allow you to log on automatically.

    You can make a shortcut on your desktop NetPLwiz, because you will forget the name of the command & one day, you might want to change something quickly.

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